10 Reasons to Love Everything But The Princess This Season

10 Reasons to Love Everything But The Princess

Fun: Girls want to express themselves and just have fun! Princess: What girl doesn’t love to let her imagination go? Even the tomboys have a fantasy side. Color: Bright and cheerful – with a broad palette of gorgeous colors, she can create infinite combinations. Special Delivery: Each package is lovingly wrapped and delivered worldwide – quickly and at a reasonable cost. Shoes: From everyday to amazing, unique footwear makes her mark. Service: Shopping with Everything But The Princess is like having your own stylist and personal assistant. Glitz: Glitter, glamor and glitz – sparkling outfits and accessories accent the twinkle in her eye. Formal: Exquisitely beautiful, or elegantly simple – find your perfect dress. Wonder: Explore worlds of color, pattern and design that will enchant your hungry eyes. Unique: She can step ahead of the crowd in unique and unusual ensembles that are guaranteed to set her apart.

Special thanks to Mandy Lynne for her beautiful mailbox image used in our collage. You can view her portfolio and visit her Etsy shop at mandylynn.com.


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