American Folk Tale: Denim

American Folk Tale:  Denim for Girls

Denim is the staple of our wardrobes.  Literally the fabric of our lives.  Whether we choose it for durability, for style, for simplicity:  denim is the American favorite.  More than ever, denim is inserting itself into every corner of fashion, juxtaposed against chiffon and silk, paired with soft florals, studded, shredded, ruffled.  We love our denim.

There are so many new ways to wear denim, you can put anything together – if there’s denim in there, it’s an outfit!  No longer just the companion to tees and work shirts, denim blends with twills and canvas, finding itself ruffled, torn and twisted and in all the colors of the rainbow.  Or create a soft country look with a floral print.  Or toughen it up with studs and grommets.  Or glam it out with wide seams and crystals.  The key is to create contrast – denim is the grunge side.  The flip side highlights denim’s durability by being feminine, fragile and sweet.  Or highlights its practicality by being outrageous, rebellious and loud.

Wear it ruffled:

Lipstik Chocolate Distressed Denim Jacket & Skirt


Wear it with tights:

Desigual Denim Boca Shorts


Wear it shabby chic:

Truly Me Denim Shorts

Truly Me by Hannah Banana

Wear it dressy:

Ooh! La, La! Couture Denim Jacket

Ooh! La, La! Couture

Wear it colorful (POP!):

Jean Bourget Kid Rock Fuchsia Skinny Jeans

Jean Bourget

Wear it larger-than-life:

Persnickety Double Ruffle Jeans


Wear it glam:

Miss Me Stars Rhinestone Jeans

Miss Me

Wear it short & black:

3 Pommes Black Denim Skirt

3 Pommes

Wear it preppy:

Eliane et Lena Gray Bonnie Jeans

Eliane et Lena

Wear it traditional:

7 for All Mankind Roxanne Dark Rinse Skinny Jeans

7 for All Mankind

And denim will always be there for you to wear with your tees and hoodies.  Denim is the true American look.

Visit for these looks and more variations on the denim theme.  EBTP offers more than 80 designer brands, and nearly all of them include denim for girls.


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