Kids Shoes: Finding the Right Size and Caring for Them


Moms, can you relate to this: you buy your child a pair of adorable shoes only to realize they don’t fit the next week!? I’m sure all mamas can relate. Our little ones are growing way too quickly, and it is not okay! We are still looking into making a potion to keep our little cuties young forever, but until then, we have some good tips for you on how to ensure you get the right size shoe for your child.

First, let’s start off with measuring…

Measuring your child’s foot may seem like a simple concept, but sometimes it is hard to get an accurate reading on wiggle toes. Even more surprising is that many of us have put our child in the wrong sized shoes, which can cause skeletal issues in the long run. Getting the right shoe size is an important matter.

Try measuring your child’s foot once in the morning, two days in a row. This can help ensure that your measurements are accurate. If your little ones won’t stay still, here is a fun trick to try: play dough. Just roll out their can of play dough and have them step in it. Then measure the imprint. Hopefully your little one will be so delighted to stick their foot on play dough that they will not be too squirmy.

ImageNow, time to look up size charts…

Unfortunately not all kid shoes and designers are the same. This means that your child’s foot can be two completely different sizes in two different kid designers. It is wise to check out the size chart for each kid designer you are going to purchase from for the best fit. For example, Livie & Luca shoes have different soles, which measure a little bit differently between certain designs. They have a wonderful Size Chart to help you find the right pair for your child.

What do you do if you are in between sizes?Image

If your child is in between sizes, then the best thing to do is to buy the next size up. This is the best advice for any kids shoe designer. This will ensure that your child has enough wiggle room for their toes, and you can avoid buying shoes that are too small.

The cleaning and caring for shoes

All of Everything But The Princess’ shoes are made of high quality. However, it is hard to ignore the fact that kids are messy and hard on their fashions. To keep your child’s shoes in their best condition, we recommend spot cleaning them frequently. Of course, the type of cleaner you use will vary depending on the shoe material. For leather shoes, it is great to have special leather cleaner and conditioner to keep them in tiptop shape. For fabric shoes, you can use mild dish soap and little water to spot clean.

And since it is summer, there is a good chance that your little one’s shoes will become soaked at one point or another. Don’t throw them in the dryer! They might shrink or get ruined even on the delicate cycle. Instead, stuff them with newspaper to keep the shoes the shape and size they need to be. Switch out newspaper as it gets wet.

Shoes and growing feet can be a tricky subject. Everything But The Princess is here for you. Have a question about shoe sizing for one of our designers, just ask! We are happy to help.

Thanks to Livie & Luca for helpful shoe sizing advice.

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