Persnickety Fashions: Styles That Give Back

Many times we are asked what makes our designer girl clothes superior to the clothes that moms and dads can find in their local box stores. Besides the high quality, design, and ethics behind our star designer girl clothes, many of our designers give back to the needy in a real and personal way. Any big company can write a check, but little girl clothes designer Persnickety gives back in a unique and generous way. Their program, “Buying is Giving” meets so many needs for those in need.

For every outfit bought, Persnickety gives back to those in need. They have been able to provide sewing jobs to many women in Nicaragua. One woman went from peeling 300lbs of shrimp a week for $25 to sewing uniforms for Persnickety for $400 a month. This in turn allowed her to provide for her five children, even allowing her extra money to buy a mattress for her children to replace their sleep sacks.

Clothing children in need is also a high priority of Persnickety. In 2012, Persnickety distributed over 8,000 school uniforms to children in Nicaragua and Honduras. They also were able to pass out many dresses and uniforms in 2013 too. They visit the children and families and provide for them in a very personal way. So when you dress your little princess in one of the gorgeous styles of Persnickety, you can know that your money is going even further.

Take a look at what Persnickety’s current styles and try not to drool over these gorgeous girl fashions.

persnickety-254-apple-blossom-macie-jane-dress_thumbnailGorgeous Dresses

Little girl dresses should be one part magical to one part adorable. Persnickety captures these elements in their persnickety-ellie-dress-2_thumbnailsweet girl dresses.

The charming Persnickety Apple Blossom Macie Jane Dress is just one of our favorite Persnickety dresses for the season. The earthy hues of this dress make for subtle glamor. The mixed pattern rows of ruffles make for a stunning design, and the peter pan collar is a cute touch. Available in sizes 4-7 still.

The Persnickety Bo Peep Ellie Dress is a layered dress of coral and mint hues. The side cinch is adjustable, allowing you to reveal the gorgeous layers underneath.

persnickety-312-fannie-top-live-apple-blossom_thumbnailToo Cute Tops

What’s not to love about the Persnickety Apple Blossom Red Dot Fannie Top . This cake decal top mixes several different patterns for a whimsical look. The coral polka dot background and ruffled sleeves give this top a nice feminine look. Pair it with a girly skirt or casual jeans.persnickety-376-lou-lou-peplum-apple-blossom_thumbnail

Persnickety embraces the peplum fashion trend in the Persnickety Apple Blossom Lou Lou Peplum Top. This peplum top looks so girly with ruffled bib and flower buttons. It looks swell paired with leggings or a skirt.


7076-27-yellow-sunshine-necklace_thumbnailThe Best Accessories

Because an outfit is not truly complete without the right accessories! Persnickety added several fun accessories to their line this season. We love the chunky and bright necklaces for girls. They add a pop of color to every outfit and are fun persnickety-violet-thumb_thumbnailfor little girls to accessorize with. Just look at the Persnickety Sail Away Sunshine Necklace in its gorgeous yellow hue. Perfect for pairing with dark blue and other trendy kid fashions. Don’t miss out on the Persnickety Apple Blossom Rose Petals Necklace, which adds a little bit of shine to an outfit.

The Persnickety Sail Away “Violet” Cropped Jacket is also a unique accessory since it can change up the look of a beloved outfit. Just look how it gives the Persnickety Sail Away Corset Dress a more sophisticated look. This is the perfect dainty jacket for layering.

7054-25-white-blossoms-headband-2_thumbnailSome times the best accessories are for the hair. Persnickety always has gorgeous hair accessories that brighten up the whole outfit. The Persnickety Sail Away White Blossoms Headband is a stunning white rose headband. It will make any baby girl look like a model!

Another fun hair piece is the Persnickety Garden Party Darby Headband with its darling yellow and green flower and fun pom pom fringe. It is garden party perfect!

Gorgeous does not even begin to describe the fashions of Persnickety. We are constantly amazed at the new styles they roll out each season. When we think they cannot come up with kids clothes that are any cuter, they surprise us. More importantly than their too die for fashions is their kind and giving heart behind the designs. We are so proud to be a chosen retailer for Persnickety.




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