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Adorable Baby Gifts and Fashions for Fall

baby1Get ready to say, “Aww” when you see these adorable baby outfits for fall. Lemon Loves Layette is the adorable baby line from the popular Lemon Loves Lime designers. These baby fashions are sweeter than sweet and will make the perfect baby gift for the holidays or fall baby showers.

Lemon Loves Layette Spicy Orange Fox Pocket Romper

What does the fox say? While your little one may not know the popular fox Youtube song, they can still look adorable in the Lemon Loves Layette Spicy Orange Fox Pocket Romper . What makes this baby romper even cuter is the matching hat with fox ears – Lemon Loves Layette Spicy Orange Zig Zag Hat . Available in sizes 3-6 M to 12-18M.


Lemon Loves Layette Vivid Blue Raccoon Pocket Romper

Usually raccoons are annoying pests, but the raccoon on the Lemon Loves Layette Vivid Blue Raccoon Pocket Romper is too cute to pass up. Don’t forget to order the matching Lemon Loves Layette Vivid Blue Striped Hat . Available in sizes 3-6 M to 12-18M.

babylayetteLemon Loves Layette Cabaret Olivia One Piece

Lemon Loves Layette doesn’t just make adorable animal rompers, they also design adorable baby girl clothes. The Lemon Loves Layette Cabaret Olivia One Piece is a gorgeous piece for little girls this fall. It is nice and cozy with darling ruffles. Dress your little pumpkin in this fall favorite for sweet pictures. Available in sizes 3-6M to 12-18M.

For a similar look, the Lemon Loves Layette Cabaret Jenna Gown is the same design but in a cute gown cut instead.

Lemon Loves Layette Eggnog Jada Dress

For a delicate ruffled dress, the Lemon Loves Layette Eggnog Jada Dress is a perfect choice. Such a sweet fall dress for baby girls and toddlers. It comes in the pretty eggnog color, as well as bright pink, Lemon Loves Layette Cararet Jada Dress and light pink, Lemon Loves Layette Rose Shadow Jada Dress . All dresses come in sizes 0-3M to 12-18M.

When you need the perfect baby outfit or baby gift, then Lemon Loves Layette is a great designer to shop. Their baby outfits are soft and sweet for all little ones.

Joyfolie’s Gorgeous Fall Boots for Girls

lacebootsWhen it comes to the fall season, boots are a must. They are so fashionable and look amazing when paired with skinnies and a coat. Joyfolie has amazing fall boots for the 2014 season. Not only are these boots super stylish, but with each purchase of Joyfolie boots, Joyfolie gives a portion of their profits to Giving Children Hope, a non-profit charity.

Joyfolie Rose Lacey Boots

The Joyfolie Rose Lacey Boots are a gorgeous pair of boots that go beautifully with so many fashions. The lace is such a sophisticated style for all girls. Pair them with the Joyfolie Silver Sequin Leggings for a stunning fall look. Available in sizes 10 to 5Y.


Joyfolie Tan Lacey Boots

These classic boots look nice with jeans and pettiskirts. They are made of imported Italian suede and accentuated with a white lace bow top. Pair  them with the Miss Me Girls Denim Brand M Skinny Jeans for an irresistible back to school look. Available in sizes 10 to 6Y.

Joyfolie Sloan Grey Bootssloanboots

These lovely Joyfolie Sloan Grey Boots have a military-inspired look to them with a high fashion finish. These grey boots would go beautifully with skirts and dresses, as well as winter coats. Pair these fall beauties with the Joyfolie Spencer Oat Jacket . Available in sizes 10 to 3Y.

Joyfolie Cabria Gold Bow Bootscabriaingold5

For fancy boots that can be paired with special occasion look no further than the Joyfolie Cabria Gold Bow Boots . These gold bow boots are absolutely gorgeous and luxurious. The base of these boots are a soft, imported Italian suede. These boots are available in sizes 8 to 2Y and are a pre-order, shipping out in September.

Boots are a staple for the fall season. Joyfolie has gorgeous girl boots that will compliment any trendy girls clothes outfit. Go back to school on the right foot with these picks.

Tutu du Monde – Luxury Designer Clothes for Fall

Everything But The Prindresscess just got upgraded to first class with some amazing luxury designer fashions from Tutu du Monde. Tutu du Monde is a delicate and divine girl’s fashion line that designs dresses and girl fashions that look like they have come off the pages of a fairytale book. It is such an honor to have these gorgeous girl clothes in our online boutique because they are hard to find elsewhere! Pre-order your favorite designs for stunning holiday dresses for girls that wow.

Tutu Du Monde Flights of Fancy Nude Swan Queen Tutu Dress

Get the gorgeous look of this luxury tutu dress from Tutu du Monde. The Tutu Du Monde Flights of Fancy Nude Swan Queen Tutu Dress is a stunning dress with its cascading pink feathers and feathered neckline. You will fall in love with this dress! It is the perfect look for fancy occasions and glamorous pictures. Available in sizes 4/5 to 10/11.dress2

Tutu Du Monde Flights of Fancy Nude Sunkisses Tutu Dress

The Tutu Du Monde Flights of Fancy Nude Sunkisses Tutu Dress is a beautiful dress that will make your princess look like she came straight from a magical wonderland. The sequin embroidered bodice is so delicate and intricate looking. What a gorgeous design! This tutu dress then has soft, layered ruffles with a satin bow to complete the look. Available in sizes 4/5 – 10/11.

dress3Tutu Du Monde Flights of Fancy Mist Poison Arrow Tutu Dress

The Tutu Du Monte Flights of Fancy Mist Poison Arrow Tutu Dress features a beautiful sequin arrow on the bodice which then flows into soft, cascading ruffles. This is definitely a dress a princess would wear. Available in sizes 6/7-10/11.

The model is wearing it with the Tutu Du Monde Flights of Fancy Milk Cloud Capelet. We love the look of the capelet rather than a jacket because it keeps the delicacy and girliness of the outfit. Available in sizes 2/4 – 10/11.  Your little princess will be able to wear her capelet for about two years (or two sizes) and can pair it with many other fun fashions for girls.

And if you would love to see more luxury designer lines, you are in luck. We will be featuring some more gorgeous, luxury European designers in 2015, such as Jottum’s pre-spring  line and other amazing Italian designer lines. All of Tutu Du Monde’s back to school fashions will be ready to ship this month through September.

Appaman Fall Fashion – Dashing Styles for Boys

appamanHello, Handsome! Appaman is back this fall with dashing boy styles for the season. Appaman will keep your little man fashionable and suave. These fall essentials are perfect for dressing up for fancy occasions or for looking extra nice every day.

Appaman Black Printed Velvet Tailored Vest

The Appaman Black Printed Velvet Tailored Vest is a great piece for every guy to have in their closet. Pair it with the Appaman The White Standard Shirt and Appaman Black Satin Bow Tie for special occasions or Sundays. Or you can pair the vest with a casual shirt and jeans for a cool weekend look. Available in sizes 4T-14.appaman1

Appaman Maroon Mod Suit

The Appaman Maroon Mod Suit is a groovy look any young hipster can rock. This maroon suit is definitely a fashion that would be seen on the red carpet. We love how the model is wearing this suit a bit casual with some sneakers. It is a cool look for cool guys. Don’t forget the Appaman Maroon Velvet Bow Tie, which can be worn with the mod suit or with a dress shirt and jeans. Suit available in sizes 2-14.

appaman2Appaman Navy Mod Suit

Classic is always in style, and that statement could not be any truer when you look at the stunning Appaman Navy Mod Suit. Sleek cut and rich color make this boy’s suit look like a million bucks. Wear the two pieces together for special occasions and pair them separately for more casual-cool events. What makes a cool suit for guys look even cooler? A statement belt like the Appaman Vintage Black Canvas Belt or a stylish vintage tie like the Appaman Vintage Black Monkey Tie. Suit available in sizes 2-12.

Who says suits have to be stuffy and for business meetings? Appaman brings a fresh twist on the classic suit making them a cool fashion for all guys. All their pieces are wardrobe essentials and can be mixed and matched with other pieces for a suave look.