How to Coordinate Outfits for Your Family Photos


Photo Cred: Ashley Sommer Photography

Family photos have come a long way from the traditional sit in a photo studio with the whole family wearing black look. Family photos are now bright and fun. The easiest way to ensure a perfect family photo is with coordinating outfits that add a special element to your photo.

Tips for Choosing What to Wear in Family Photos

You want to basically create a beautiful piece of art with your family and their outfits. Follow these tips for the best clothing choices:

  • Don’t Go Overboard with White and Black: Both are great background colors, but they shouldn’t be your main color.
  • Stay Classy: These are the photos you might want to hang on the wall and look at for many years to come, so pick classic outfits.
  • No Characters: Sorry to tell you, but Queen Elsa is not welcomed on picture day. Avoid all character and graphic clothing.
  • Coordinate with the Location: Think about how your colors will work with your location. If you plan on having a stunning desert landscape as your location, browns or greys might not pop out enough in the picture.
  • Limit Patterns: Don’t overdo patterns, for example, not everyone should be wearing a plaid shirt or damask pettidresses. However, a pattern can add a fun touch to the photograph, so allow one child’s outfit to showcase a pattern while still matching the rest of the family.
  • Add Texture: Add some depth to the picture by choosing outfits with texture. This means layering belts and shrugs over a plain tee, adding a flower headband, or choosing a ruffled shirt or dress for your daughter.

Photo Cred: Shine On Photography

Fun Poses for Family Pictures

When you talk with your photographer about poses, be sure to include a few standard poses with fun poses. Poses like the one above where the family is walking in a line is a fun idea, and we love the parents kissing over the grossed out kids. These fun photos capture your family’s personality and fun-loving side.

Some other great pose ideas are of your family looking at themselves in a big puddle for a cool reflection shot or snuggled up in bed or lying on a blanket in a field. Have fun with your kids in the picture and let your family’s love shine through.


Outfit Ideas

thumbnail.aspNeed some inspiration for your next photo shoot? We love pairing pinks and grey together. The Dolly Baby Pink/Pink/Fuchsia Sweet Pea Fairy Dress is one gorgeous dress that is not too fancy for a photo shoot. This teedress comes in sizes 6-18M to 5-7Y. For boys, you can pair this dress with the Mini Shatsu White and Grey Printed Blazer Tee. This grey tee matches the casual but nice look of the pink dress. Available in sizes 2T-12. Pair with jeans or dress pants.

Another great color combination for photos is brown and blue hues. The Isobella & Chloe Reese Mocha Drop Waist Dress is a gorgeous dress12 13that will pair amazingly with light blues, darker browns, and denim. It is available in sizes 4-12.

The dress pairs wonderfully with the boy’s outfit. You can get a similar look with the Blueberry Hill Brown Cooper Tweed Driving Cap , Appaman Blue Standard Shirt, and a brown tie and jeans. Mom and dad can wear jeans and brown or blue tops to match their kids.

Family photos are such a wonderful keepsake, but it can be hard to coordinate everyone’s outfit. Combine similar hues and don’t be afraid of color. Avoid looking to matchy and instead go for outfits that compliment each other.

Shop Everything But The Princess‘ gorgeous selections for boys and girls. You will find many trendy kids clothes from infant sizes to teenager sizes. Don’t forget to complete the look with beautiful headbands, pretty boots and shoes, and fun ties and boy hats.





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