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Best Holiday Dresses for Girls

thumbnail-1.jpgLittle girls love to dress up and the holidays are always among the best time to wear everyone’s best dress. When it comes to Christmas dresses, going for the traditional holiday colors such as red, especially, is the safest bet. Your fashionable little girl should look adorable in whatever piece they choose to go for this Christmas but here are among our top choices as holiday dresses for girls:

Isobella and Chloe Ruby Kiss Red Velvet and Ruffles Dress

This cute ensemble is an all-red long sleeved upper and a layered and ruffled bottom rolled into one. The dress also features a flower detail on the sash in the waist area. It can be worn with any shoe color although a silver or black one looks best. Your little girl will look sweet and extremely adorable with this very fashionable piece.

Having a hard time finding the perfect red shoe to go with this dazzling red dress? The Joyfolie Red Vivian Bow Mary Jane are perfect! P.S. Joyfolie’s adorable shoes rarely go on sale, but these are! They are almost half off at Everything But The Princess.

thumbnail-2.jpgBiscotti Holiday Luminous Lace Gold Drop Waist Tulle Dress

If going dainty and classy is the look you want your daughter to achieve then this is the best holiday dress for them. The dress comes with a gold drop lace bodice and a tulle skirt that meets at the waist area with a huge silver ribbon. It is great worn with white stockings and a pair of silver shoes.

The Joyfolie Champagne Winnie Luxe Shoes would also look amazing with this dress.

thumbnailOoh La La Couture Red Lace Wow Emma Dress

This Emma dress will make your daughter look like she just came out of a fairy tale book! The red dress comes with a pixie-like ruffle skirt and a lacey strappy bodice that has an ivory bow accent across it. Little girls will love twirling round and round in this classy dress.

Match this deep red dress with these sophisticated flats: Pazitos Girls Champagne Silk Rose Euro Ballet Flats for the holiday season.

thumbnail-1.jpgOoh La La Couture Red Lace Wow Dream Dress

The dress is a more tamed and version of the Emma dress with its skirt of ruffled layers. It will make them look like they have just traveled through time with this classic dress that comes with a large satin bow right at the waist area. Truly fashionable!

Pair with the Joyfolie Silver Gemma Mary Jane for a special occasion look or dress this gorgeous dress down with some cute cowboy boots.

Ooh La La Couture Red Ruffle Shrug

This cute red ruffle shrug looks extremely fashionable and high class when worn over any type of sleeveless dress. Pretty sure, your little girl will become a head turner anywhere she goes. Just think Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

The holidays are the perfect time for your little girls to dress up and be the person they dream of becoming. Make your child’s dream come true with these high-quality fashionable dresses.

Celebrate the 4th of July in Style

yqelmcw88dmqs6m55zfbiaru6w1qb8rydkvjbcdrdku_thumbnailGet the cutest fashions for your little firecracker. We love Ooh! La, La! Couture’s, Lipstik’s, and Love U Lots’  4th of July lines for girls. These cute dresses allow your daughter to show her American pride in style. These patriotic dresses for girls are perfect for watching the fireworks, marching in a local parade, or cute photo opps.

Ooh! La, La! Couture 4th Of July Sequin Stripe Dress

The Ooh! La, La! Couture 4th Of July Sequin Stripe Dress with sequin stripes and endless ruffles will make any girl feel fantastic! The knit bodice has a drop-waist and v-neck. It has wide red and white glittery stripes. The sleeveless style is perfect for a hot summer day. The navy trim around the neck and sleeves coordinate perfectly with the adorable navy tutu skirt. The skirt is lined for comfort and practicality. A girl wearing this dress will be ready to celebrate the 4th of July or any festive fun in style! 4thjulydolldress_thumbnail

Don’t forget your daughter’s favorite doll! The Ooh! La, La! Couture 4th Of July Sequin Star Dress- DOLL DRESS matches perfectly, and your daughter will love watching the fireworks with her little best friend by her side.

Lipstik Red White And Blue Striped Bubble Dress With Ruffles

lip-stick-red-white-blue-stars-onesie-snap-crotch_thumbnailWhat little girl wouldn’t want to show off this adorably sweet bubble dress with ruffles? The red and white striped bodice on the Lipstik Red White And Blue Striped Bubble Dress With Ruffles is cut in tank style. The narrow stripes of the bodice make it look crisp and clean. Three fluffy ruffles are made from lightweight, starry blue, and starry red fabrics. Just think how cute those ruffles will look rippling in a warm summer wind. Staying cool on a hot summer day will be a breeze in this comfortable bubble dress.


Peaches & Cream Red/Navy/Aqua Drop Waist Dress

The Peaches & Cream Red/Navy/Aqua Drop Waist Dress will be one of your girl’s favorite for summer. The drop waist and tank top style has a fun, red and white striped bodice. The bodice also has a navy and lace flower that gives it a pretty touch. The skirt has gathered swirling navy and aqua sections. Ruffled white lace, and red and white ruffles, finish off the bottom of the skirt in style. This knee-length dress is perfect for any girl to enjoy all the summertime activities, and feel dressed up at the same time.

vhjjkledit_thumbnailPeaches and Cream Red/Navy/Aqua Dress With Bloomers & Headband 2 Pc Set

Don’t forget about your cute baby girl when you shop this 4th of July. The Peaches and Cream Red/Navy/Aqua Dress With Bloomers & Headband 2 Pc Set is a sweet patriotic outfit for baby. The red stripe yoke in tank style is great for summer. The swirling navy and aqua print skirt is trimmed with a beautiful white lace and red stripe ruffle on the bottom. A delightful, large red flower adorns the yoke of the dress. An identical flower is attached to the white headband that is included. The bloomers are made in a gorgeous aqua fabric. Your little one will be ready to celebrate all of the summertime fun.

Love U Lots Navy & White Tank Stripe Maxi Dress4th-of-july-striped-maxi-dress-girls_thumbnail

The Love U Lots Navy & White Tank Stripe Maxi Dress is a summer necessity. The horizontal navy and white stripes on the skirt is accented by the diagonal-striped bodice and ruffle. An additional ruffle is along the bottom of the skirt. A frilly red flower on the shoulder is an additional feature. This popular maxi-dress style and unique design are perfect for a patriotic celebration or other summer activity. Your girl will feel cool on the hottest summer days.

Get your favorite 4th of July fashions for girls before it is too late. Don’t forget to wear these cute patriotic styles for Memorial Day and Labor Day too!

Ooh! La, La! Couture and Disney Star Bella Thorne Co-Host 3rd Annual Tutus4Tots to Benefit K.I.D.S.

Bella Thorne in Ooh! La, La! Couture WOW! Dream Dress

Bella Thorne in Ooh! La, La! Couture WOW! Dream Dress

by Janet Muniz

Mar 08, 2012 -Sat. Mar. 3rd-Boyle Heights, Los Angeles- Ooh! La, La! Couture and Disney star Bella Thorne invited young Hollywood to distribute over 300 new dresses to underprivileged girls, making this 3rd Annual “Tutus4Tots” event a huge success! Benefiting Kids In Distressed Situations, Ooh! La, La! Couture continues their mission to provide dresses to girls in need. Coordinating with K.I.D.S, the Volunteers of America Los Angeles focused on inviting girls from their Strengthening Families Program, which assists families that are either homeless or at risk for becoming homeless.

The room was filled with poufy tutus and huge smiles as surprised families were treated to fun fashions, sparkly shoes, headbands, and cupcakes! Enthusiastic young Hollywood celebs escorted little girls through racks of colorful dresses, signed autographs, and posed for photos. The little girls couldn’t wait to change into their carefully chosen dresses and run around the party together. The kids were excited to hang out with their favorite celebrities, pose on the “pink” carpet, and were even treated to an impromptu dance lesson lead by Dancing With The Stars’ newest cast member Roshon Fegan!

Ooh! La, La! Couture WOW! Shimmy Dress

Ooh! La, La! Couture is proud to continue partnering with Disney star Bella Thorne, bringing attention to the importance of donating to children in need. She was joined by fellow “Shake It Up” cast members Roshon Fegan, Caroline Sunshine, and Kenton Duty; Kelli Berglund (Disney’s Lab Rats); Dylan Riley Snyder (Disney’s Kickin’ It); Alli Simpson (model Pastry Shoes); Skai Jackson (Disney’s Jessie); Allisyn Arm and Audrey Whitby (Disney’s So Random); Jadin Gould (upcoming release “Man of Steel”); Kathryn McNamara (New Year’s Eve); Pia Mia Perez (Recording Artist); Ava Allan (model Justice); Alexis and Natalia (Hollywood Teenzine) as well as other hot stars Billy Unger, Morgan Lily, Jadin Gould, Kathryn Newton, Pia Mia Perez, Kaitlyn Maher, Elsie Fischer, Ashlee Keating, Daphne Blunt, Emily Grace Reaves, Avalon and Alexis and Natalia.

Co-owners Ann Dugourd and Jennifer Rotunno founded Ooh! La, La! Couture in 2004. Thankful for their success, Ooh! La, La! Couture regularly gives back by donating clothing to children in need.  Since 2007, Ooh! La, La! Couture has donated over $400,000 worth of new dresses to K.I.D.S. China Doll Shoes generously donated a new pair of shoes for every girl in the room. Additional donations that helped make this event special include: Penelope Wildberry, Pastry Shoes, Pink Pewter, Tate’s Bake Shop, Ooh La La Candy, Penelope Wildberry, Top Trenz, Gaby! Be Gorgeous, Be Happy! and Bracelets by Miss Caley.

Bella Thorne in Ooh! La La! Couture's Varsity Dress

Bella Thorne in Ooh! La La! Couture's Varsity Dress


Looking for these fun fashions?  Of course you can find them at our very own Everything But The Princess.  Join the party!  Follow the excitement with a few video clips from the Tutus4Tots show below.

How to measure girls for special occasion dresses

With Spring and Summer come all the very special occasions that mark milestones in our lives.  Weddings, Communion, Baptisms, Graduations, Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations and all manner of parties dot our calendars.  And of course you want the entire family to look their absolute best!  Getting a proper fit is so important, for comfort and appearance, and it only takes a little effort to ensure a great fitting dress. Measuring children for clothing

Special Occasion dresses are fully constructed garments and may fit differently from casual clothing.  Additionally, most are made of beautiful, traditional fabrics that stretch very little, if at all, so a good fit is important for comfort.  Everyone looks better in clothes that fit!  If you are ordering online, it pays to have your girl’s measurements in hand when comparing with size charts and guides.  A size chart is different from a size guide in that a size chart is a measure of the garment itself, while a size guide is a general guideline of sizing based on height and weight or general measurements of the child.  If you are using a size chart, you will add ½-1 inch to the measurement of the child to get the measurement of the dress.

ImageMeasuring can be tedious for some children, and they will want to squirm and play around while you are trying to get a good measurement.  Be prepared with your measuring tape and paper & pencil to write down the numbers so that you can be as efficient as possible.  If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, you can simply take the measurement with a string and then measure the string next to a yardstick.  It’s also a good idea to take each measurement twice to ensure accuracy.  If the child is slouching, sucking in her tummy or moving, you may not get a good measurement.  Make sure to place the tape gently and not pull it tightly around or leave it loose.

To start, the child should be dressed in undergarments or tight-fitting clothing and standing straight.  If she is old enough to wear a bra, make sure it is unpadded.  If she will be wearing a padded or specialty brassiere with the dress, then ideally measure her while wearing the item.  But keep in mind that her measurements will be different without it.  Bulky clothing will cause inaccuracies in your measurements, so if she must be dressed, tight-fitting clothing is best.  (Imagine if you were trying on clothes while already fully dressed!)  She should also remove her shoes if a length, inseam or outseam measurement will be taken.

The following is a list of measurements to have on hand, starting with the basics, and last a few additional measurements that may be useful.Size Charts & Guides for fitting flower girl dresses

  1. Chest/Bust:  The bust measurement is the distance around her chest right under the armpits and around the shoulder blades, parallel to the floor.
  2. Waist:  The waist measurement should be taken around her middle at the natural waist, or where she would comfortably wear a belt.  For most children, this is right at the navel, or the smallest point of her waist and just above the hip bones.  Many younger children have a “chocolate milk tummy,” so make sure you get the largest point around her middle if she has a poochy belly.
  3. Hips:  Measure the child around the widest part of her hips & bottom.  It’s important to have enough room here for comfortable movement.  Many dresses will have a full skirt, so some may not need this measurement.

Additional measurements that may be useful for particular types of dresses, pants or other clothing:

  1. Inseam:  The inseam is measured from the crotch (where the seams of her pants would come together) to the bottom of the ankle.  Inseam  measurement is usually rounded to the next half inch.  If the child can’t sit still for this one, you can also measure a pair of pants that fit her well.
  2. Outseam/Leg:  Measure from the waist to the bottom of the ankle.
  3. Arm:  There are several arm measurements:  upper arm/biceps and wrist circumference, and arm length from the top of the shoulder, down to the bent elbow bone, and then to the wrist bone.
  4. Shoulder Width:  Measure the widest part of the girls shoulders, straight across the back.
  5. Torso/Back:  Start measuring at the seventh vertebra (the most prominent bone at the base of the neck) and continue down the spine to the top of the hip bones.
  6. Alternate Torso Measurement:  For swimwear or leotards, a diagonal measurement is taken starting at the top of the shoulder, down the front over the largest part of the bust and through the crotch and then back around to the top of the shoulder.
  7. Dress Length:  Measure from the top of the shoulder to the ankle (or other hem length).
how to measure for a dress fitting

Ballet Length

Special considerations for body type

For the tall girl:  If your girl is tall and slender, probably size charts won’t show any combination that will fit her.  Choose a style that looks good on a thin girl from a manufacturer with a more slender fit.  Brands differ, and your dress shop or retailer should be able to make recommendations.  Styles that have mid-length (such as tea length or ballet length), fuller skirts are more forgiving, since the only part of the dress that is fitted right to the body is the bodice.  These middle lengths won’t be too short in the smaller sizes.  A shorter dress or floor-length dress should be ordered based on her height and altered to fit her chest and waist.

For the big girl:  If your girl is a little bit big, you will have similar problems with size charts not representing her.  Choose a style that will flatter her body type.  Bodices with a little stretch (such as smocking, bias cut fabric or slightly stretchy fabric) will give her room to move, but beware bodices that look “stretched” or tight.  Longer bodice styles may be too long in the torso.   The chest is the most important measurement, since she will feel uncomfortable if the back is tight and you may have trouble with the zipper.  Choose your size based on the chest measurement and have the skirt hemmed to the desired length and waist altered if necessary.

Armed with her measurements, you are ready to shop!  Always allow plenty of time for delivery and read item descriptions and delivery times carefully.  When in doubt, call customer service for advice.  A good dress shop will cheerfully answer your questions.  Starting out with the right size and ending with enough time to make any needed alterations will ensure a beautifully fitting dress on your special day.

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Thanksgiving Sale

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Finding the Perfect Pageant Gown

Finding the perfect pageant gown can be a stressful task. The perfect gown will play up your girl’s natural beauty and catch the eye of the judges. A flashy gown will be too over the top and gain the judges attention in a negative way. On the other hand, a plain gown will make your beauty queen easy to forget.

Maci's Designs Ruffle Pageant Dress

The perfect pageant gown will catch the judges' eye.

This Maci’s Designs Formal Beaded Gown is absolutely gorgeous. The swirled fabric on the top resembles elegant roses. This gown has a little bit of sparkle for that attention-grabbing detail that is far from being gaudy. The feathering detail of the skirt is breathtaking as well. The layers also help create movement and will move gracefully when your child walks. All three colors will work for a formal pageant.

Joan Calabrese's Rose Princess Gown

This gown is very pretty and dainty.

Another great pageant dress choice is Joan Calabrese’s Rose Princess Gown  This gown is very pretty and dainty. It will be remembered by the judges when your daughter does her final curtsy.

Or how about Joan Calabrese’s Champange Satin Gown With Beaded Neckline?  It’s always a precious choice. Champagne is a flattering color on all skin tones. The blue bow adds a touch of color and the neckline adds just the right amount of sparkle. This dress is a good choice for toddlers and shorter girls because of it its tea-length hem. Younger girls will not trip on this pretty dress and shorter girls will appear taller because the dress shows a few inches of leg.

Joan Calabrese Champagne Satin Gown, also called the Mon Cherie Dress

The Joan Calabrese Champagne Satin Gown is also called the Mon Cherie Dress.

The Joan Calabrese Heather Rosette Gown is a beautiful iridescent purple. The layering and rose detail are a perfect touch to please the judges.

Joan Calabrese Heather Rosette Gown

Iridescent hues give this stylish dress light and shine.

Add a little drama to the competition with the Joan Calabrese Ivory With Black Lace Gown. This elegant gown will take all the drama out of dress buying, but take center stage of the competition. The stark contrast between the beautiful white satin and the black lace creates a stunning effect. The Joan Calabrese Black Lace Gown has a similar effect.

Joan Calabrese Black Lace Gowns

Add some drama!

Want to show off your daughter’s fun personality? Try Joan Calabrese’s Satin & Bows Special Occasion Gown. The pink satin is played up with a colorful sash and several small bows on the hem. This gown offers a delicate balance between fun and sophisticated.

Joan Calabrese Satin & Bows Special Occasion Gown

The Satin & Bows gown is a sophisticated and unique dress.

All these dresses are the perfect choice for your next pageant. Not only are each of these dresses beautiful, but they can add that extra edge to your competition.

Beauty Pageant Dresses for Girls

Finding the perfect pageant gown can be a stressful task. The perfect gown will play up your daughter’s natural beauty and catch the eye of the judges. A flashy gown will be too over the top and gain the judges attention in a negative way. On the other hand, a plain gown will make your beauty queen easy to forget.