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Super Sale: Up to 75% Store-Wide Savings!

Right now you can head over to your favorite online girls boutique Everything But The Princess and find all of the great products and looks you and your little princess love marked down up to 75% off. Find all of your favorite designer labels at incredible markdowns including 3 Pommes, Catimini, Kaiya Eve, Lemon Loves Lime, Little Wings, 7 For All Mankind, Angela Frost, and so much more! Take advantage of this great sale to get some last minute shopping done, or stock up on next year’s wardrobe changes! Worried about getting the right size or look? Sale items can be exchanged or returned for store credit! We love our customers and want them to be completely satisfied with their shopping choices; therefore we would not penalize you on a great deal. Unlike most stores we will allow you to return a sale item, now you do not need to be afraid to take advantage of this great sale now!

7 For All Mankind Girls Roxanne Dark Rinse Skinny Jean Does your little princess adore blue jeans? Is she looking for those incredibly cool dark skinny jeans that everyone will envy? Look no further. Check out 7 For All Mankind Girls Roxanne Dark Rinse Skinny Jean now on sale for only $39.99 a regularly priced pair costs $89.99!

Catimini Urban Purple Puffer Coat This Catimini Urban Purple Puffer Coat is a huge favorite, but at $130.00 you may have overlooked it this season. Right now you can find it for only $69.99!! Your little princess will love the look, you will love the warmth and the price!

Halabaloo Navy with Silver Foil Dot Print Dress Even your littlest princess deserves some amazing bling this holiday season. She will light up the world with this great Halabaloo Navy with Silver Foil Dot Print Dress. Normally $84.00 you can get it now for only $49.99!!

Kaiya Eve Plum Wildflower Ruffled Diaper CoverPick up some gorgeous Kaiya Eve Diaper Covers for your littlest princess too. Pick from great looks like this Kaiya Eve Plum Wildflower Ruffled Diaper Cover regularly $26.99 now only $9.99!!

No matter what you are looking for you can find it now at Everything But The Princess. Hurry in now and take advantage of the biggest sale of the year!

Thanksgiving Sale!!

Thanksgiving Sale

While many will be camping out looking for the best deals this black Friday you can get a head start on all that fantastic holiday shopping without ever leaving your nice warm home, or even getting up early! Simply check out the amazing deals and styles available now at Everything But The Princess. You can buy more and save more at the same time. Do you want your little princess to look her best this holiday season? Look no further than the great Thanksgiving Sale. Find great styles from Kaiya Eve, 3 Pommes, Angela Frost, Baby Sara, Baby’s in Bloom, Barbara Farber and SO many more.

Look for deals of up to:

25% off on orders of $100 coupon code: Coupon SAVE25

30% off on orders of $200 coupon code: Coupon SAVE30

35% off on orders of $300 coupon code: Coupon SAVE35

40% off on orders $401 and UP! Coupon code: Coupon SAVE40

BKARO Black Striped Tee with BowRight now you can look at over 29 pages of incredible designer boutique styles for your little girl that will wow her all year long. No need to stand in long lines just to get a chance to rifle through some clothes that have already been tried on by dozens of little girls and tossed on the ground as refuse. Your little princess deserves much better than that, so why not peruse the incredible looks of BKARO and pick her out an incredible complete look including a BKARO Gray Pleated Skirt, BKARO Black Striped tee with Bow, BKARO Black Stretch Leggings, and a BKARO Gray Cable Knit Hat? Now your princess has a look that will work all winter long with boots or flats at a great steal of a deal price. And you never even left that turkey alone in the kitchen! You can find deals like these and more at Everything But The Princess now. No lines, no rush, and no tent required. Hurry in, or go make a coffee and lounge with your blanket while you scan the site anytime this week. Sounds pretty good huh? BKARO Gray Pleated Skirt

Belle Ballerine: Beautiful Ballerina Halloween looks

Are you looking for a beautiful and fun idea for your little princess this Halloween? Now at Everything But The Princess you can find many different adorable ballerina looks that double not only as amazing outfits but also as incredible, and original Halloween costumes. Your little princess will love trick-or-treating in these great looks, and she can enjoy them for long after halloween both as clothes and adorable dress up looks.

Kaiya Eve Black with Silver Bow BLING Tank *Preorder*Kaiya Eve Black with Silver Bow BLING Tank *Preorder*: This adorable Kaiya Eve Black with Silver Bow BLING Tank has all the bling a little princess will ever need. The Black Tank is adorned with a silver bow and lots of sequins for an incredible bling effect! Pair it with the Kaiya Eve Bella Shorts, Pettiskirts, and New 4 Layer Skirts and Leggings.

Kaiya Eve Bright Multi Colored 4 Layer Celebration Skirt *Preorder*Kaiya Eve Bright Multi Colored 4 Layer Celebration Skirt *Preorder*: This precious 4 Layer bright Multi Colored Skirt is absolutely adorable with its full tulle skirt. It can be paired with any of the great Kaiya Eve looks for an incredible ballerina look this year. This Skirt has Full Separate Colored Layers of Gathered Tulle.

Kaiya Eve Black/Red/White 4 Layer Festive Skirt *Preorder*Kaiya Eve Black/Red/White 4 Layer Festive Skirt *Preorder*: This is also a great ballerina look. The Black/Red/White 4 Layer Festive Skirt looks fantastic with the black silver bow bling tank creating an unforgettable look.

Kaiya Eve Red Glitter Ruffle Top *Preorder*Kaiya Eve Red Glitter Ruffle Top *Preorder*: This adorable ruffled top is available in an assortment of colors including red, pink, white, black, and raspberry. Your little princess can wear it under her tank or dress for added warmth or for a little more ruffle and bling.

Doll Clothing: Our Little Girls Best Friends

This holiday season lists will be written, toys will be requested, and dolls will be expected. Every little girl has at least one doll, and sometimes that one doll is the most important person in their life. So of course they would want their dolls to be beautifully dressed this holiday season. Many little girls will love the chance to dress just like their best friends this holiday season and Everything But The Princess has the looks that will work for both your little princess and her best friend. Thanks to designers like Kaiya Eve and Ooh! La La Couture your little princess and her best friend can dress alike this season and they will both be seen in the best looks fashion has to offer. And all of these outfits fit an 18″ inch doll, including American Girl and My Twinn.

Ooh! La La Couture Red/Black Floral Doll Dress: in this gorgeous red/black floral dress your little princess’ doll can dress just like her twin. Now they can tea party it up in style, attend a friend’s party with class, or put on a fantastic fashion show.

Ooh! La La Couture Black/ Hot Pink Football Jersey with Star Doll Dress: Now your little girl and her best friend can be ready for the big game with style. Is the family having a super bowl party? It certainly will be super with these great looks. Now the party has it’s own personal cheerleaders.

Kaiya Eve Doll Pettiskirt – Pink: This gorgeous ruffled Pettiskirt is the perfect thing for your little princess and her best friend. Pettiskirts are fun and fashionable for little girls and now that their best friends can wear a matching look they will want to wear them all year long. Available in an assortment of colors including pink, green, raspberry, and red.

Kaiya Eve Doll Ruffle Top – Pink: The perfect top to the Pettiskirt. The ruffles match the Pettiskirt exactly and add that extra over the top beauty to complete the fun look. Pair with the same color or get a little funky and mix and match. No matter what your little princess and her best friend will love them!

Get a Leg up on Spring’s Hottest Leggings

Spring is a time of enchantment, things come to life in spring, the flowers awaken, birds come out to sing, and little girls get to enjoy the new world around them. Little girls can be very busy in the springtime with all the new wonderful activities available to them, and picking an outfit each morning may be on the backburner for them. Most days they want to look great and have fun, but having fun becomes the most important part of the day. That is why leggings can be a girl’s favorite spring style of choice. They can be worn under dresses or skirts, or worn alone with a great tee or tunic. They can rush into their closet or dresser drawers and pull out a fantastic outfit with minimal effort, and voila a masterpiece is born. At Everything But The Princess we have all the greatest legging styles that a little girl could ever imagine, she might where leggings everyday but she will never wear the same style twice with these great options.

Red Pomponner leggings by eliane et LenaEliane et Lena Red Pomponner Leggings: These great leggings go great with anything. Pair them with a skirt for a fun and girly look or top with a great tee for an easy day full of fun and comfort. The adorable red ruched leggings are detailed with tiny red ruffles at the end of each leg. Your little girl will love wearing these bright leggings and will love how easy they are for great days in the beautiful spring weather.

Seafoam and white Frilly leggingsFrillys White with Seafoam and White Polka dots Ruffled Leggings: Made of the softest material they are the perfect leggings for those special days when you want to feel like a diva. The beautiful sea foam frills make any girl feel special and dressed for a day of outrageous fun. It pairs great with a Frilly’s top but looks even more amazing with a fun pettiskirt for those super frilly days that make us girls feel like princesses.

Black Frost icing leggings Angela Frost Black Icing With The Sprinkles leggings: These leggings are embellished with the sweetest pink flowers and leaves. They look like a delectable cake covered in the most delicate of iced flowers, and will make your little girl feel even sweeter than she does on her best day. Capped off with delicate lace on the end of each leg your daughter will feel supremely sweet and girly in this simple yet elegant pair of leggings.

Wildflower pink Leggings by Kaiya EveKaiya Eve Pink Wildflower Leggings: Flowers are the perfect theme for a spring full of fun. Let her wear these tights with anything, skirts, pettiskirts, dresses, or a sweet tee and she will love getting dressed each morning. The vibrant colors pair well with any Kaiya Eve Pettiskirt and she will love dressing up to go play with her friends.

Striped Deux Par Deux leggingsDeux Par Deux Irresistible Black and White Striped Leggings: Black and white stripes are always fashionable, fun, and playful. She can wear them with a sweet black and white top for that European Parisian look, or pair them with a funky tee for a little flair. No matter what she will always look good!

Check out our great leggings now, you and your little girl will be thrilled with the choices.



Girls Just Want to Have Fun: In Pettiskirts!

Yes we all know it; life can be a lot more fun dressed up. Forgive me for admitting this, but even grown women love to play dress up. Some women even prefer to do their housecleaning with a tiara. So of course little girls will love dressing up. So why not give your little girl something that will brighten her day and make even the most mundane daily activities and chores her favorite things to do? How you may ask, simply put her in a pettiskirt. Here at Everything But The Princess we have one of the most amazing pettiskirt selections available, and we just love how fun they are.

Belle Ame Pettidress in Pink Belle Ame Pink Pettidress: This gorgeous pink pettidress will make anything fun. Do you have trouble getting your little girl to clean her room each day? Is making her bed far too boring for her to attempt the task? Well everything seems more fun in this pettidress. The pink feathery frills in the pettidress will give her immense joy each time she wears it. She will love dressing up in this dress so much that she will want to wear it at every opportunity, and you can use that opportunity to get her room cleaned! Let her clean and play in this fun dress all day long.

Kaiya Eve Lavender Rainbow Pettiskirt: How do you make a pettiskirt even more fun and attractive to a little girl? Make it a rainbow. Now your little girl can dress up and pretend to be a fairy that floats high above the world up high near the rainbows. Let her imagine the different worlds she can travel to as she runs around the yard in this gorgeous petti flying amongst the rainbows that have colored her skirts and her world with incredible color and magic.

Kaiya Eve Vintage Floral & Stripe Dress 12m-6y: Tea-time is not complete without the perfect Tea dress. This Pettidress is the perfect addition to any dress-up box and tea party set. Let your daughter dress up her parties with this beautiful rose floral print vintage pettidress. She will feel like royalty at her next tea party with thisfrock on. Let he do up her tea party big, you supply the dress and tea, and she will provide the accents, fun, and imagination. And maybe a cookie or two.

Let your daughter imagine all the possibilities some pettiskirts will do for her when she plays dress up in them on a daily basis. After all, everything is more fun in a pettiskirt!


Hot Looks For Spring Break

Winter is winding down and kids all over the country have begun their spring break countdown. School may not be out quite yet but your little girl is already prepared for a great break. Help her get ready to shake off that winter funk and enjoy the new spring. Everything But The Princess has some amazing new outfits and accessories to help make her spring break bright, cheery, and tons of fun.

Flirty Skirts and Petticoats:

One Kid Teal skirtOne Kid Teal & Prints Tiered Skirt: This cute little skirt will definitely help shake off those winter blues this spring break. Your little girl will enjoy the bright hues, but she will LOVE the short length that will finally set her free after a long winter of long skirts, leggings, and pants. Let her kick her legs in this sweet skirt.

Kaiya Eve Pink With Raspberry Tiered Ruffle Pettiskirt: Little girls love to dress up, so this spring why not indulge her fancy and fun nature by letting her go crazy with some fun pettiskirts. She can twirl to her heart’s content, and walk around town like the princess that she is. This Kaiya Eve pettiskirt is the perfect choice; the vibrant colors and the perfect pouf make for a day of fun no matter what your girl is up to.


Paper Wings Red and Pink Stripe Dip Dyed Ruffle Swing Dress: This is the perfect casual spring break dress. For those days when your girl wants to look cute but doesn’t want to make a fuss getting ready. She can throw this on and rush out the door with her friends and still look like she is runway ready. This frock is hand dyed for that perfect spring break carefree look.

Isobella & Chloe Lt. Pink Halter Dress: This beautiful halter dress is perfect for a spring night. Does your daughter have a big party to go to for Spring Break? Her first big birthday party? Family friend getting married? This dress will make her the light of the night. The delicate pink ruffles around the neck and bodice have that sweet romantic look that will make her swoon from the beauty. She will love getting dressed up for that big event and will not fight you on what she should wear. Isobella Pink Halter Dress


L’amour Shoes & Sandals White Tiny Flowers Sandal: Spring Break is the perfect time to break out these cute sandals that she has not been allowed to wear all winter. Let her toes be free in these adorable sandals.

Lelli Kelly Pink Rose flip FlopsLelli Kelly Rosa Pink Rose Flip Flop With Heart Charm *Preorder*: These gorgeous flip flops are available for preorder and will definitely make her spring break a hit. The sweet rose graphics on the shoes are absolutely adorable and will go perfectly with a sweet skirt or even some fun shorts. The wedge heel will make her feel grown up and mature and she will be thrilled to show them off to her friends.

Swim Wear:

Angela Frost Cool Swim Silver Asymmetric 1pc: She will feel like a movie star on vacation in a tropic climate when she wears this suit at the pool this spring break. The silver suit will shine brilliantly in the sun and make her look like the star she is!Blue & Red Heart 1pc. Monokini

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Blue & Heart 1pc: Add some groovy style to her wardrobe this spring break. This funky cutout 1 piece monokini will show off her fun side this spring. The bright orange, reds, and blues will show off her flair and let her crazy fun personality be displayed with one look.

Check back here next week for some more spring break looks. Everything But The Princess has the looks that will make your girl the spring break princess she wants to be.


Be My Valentine: Sweet Gifts for Your Sweet Girl

Everyone loves to be spoiled just a little. So why not show your affection for your sweet little girl this Valentine’s Day with a cute little Valentine’s themed tank. Everything But The Princess has several sassy little tees and tanks for sale this month that will make your little girl smile.

This month Haven Girl has the perfect tank. This Haven Girl Pink Love sequin Tank highlights the mood of February with it’s “I love you” in several different languages. Teach your little girl the different ways to say I love you with this pink and black tank. Is it still a little chilly for your little princess to go out in her new tank? Check out the Elaine et Lena White Banfou Bolero, this cute white ruffled bolero will keep your little princess stylish and warm on Valentine’s Day.

Is your little princess a little more stylish and sassy? Check out this Kaiya Eve Pink, Red & Raspberry Tie Back Tank. The red and raspberry frills on this darling tank are a precious addition to the month of love. The bow in the back adds a unique flair that truly dresses up this tank. It will make your little girl feel special and outrageously gorgeous this month. It has the perfect amount of playfulness and charm to enhance any Valentine’s Day look.

Need some cute bottoms to go with your darling’s new tanks? Check out these skirts and leggings. This Haven Girl *Amore* Black Net Chloe Skort will look great with the Love sequin Tank. Want to add some more pink? Try the Ooh! La La Hot Pink Leggings, these will add an extra pop of color to your little girl’s perfect ensemble. Check out the Kaiya Eve Pink Raspberry Tiered Ruffle Pettiskirt to your daughter’s Kaiya Eve Pink, Red & Raspberry Tie Back Tank. She will be the spunkiest girl at school this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget that even your little girls love to be spoiled just a little this Valentine’s Day. So check out all the Everything But The Princess has to offer. Your little princess just might be surprised how special she can feel!

Kaiya Eve Preorder

Kaiya Eve is known for their graceful and sweet pettiskirts. Their styles are feminine and perfect for any girly-girl. With more child celebrities donning their fluffy fashions, Kaiya Eve is introducing an edgier line this year.

One new thing Kaiya Eve is trying this year is jackets – just check out the Kaiya Eve Black & Red Tuxedo Jacket. This is a high fashion jacket that goes perfectly with their famous pettiskirts. It goes perfectly with the Kaiya Eve Red Rainbow Pettiskirt. The whole ensemble is a good choice for the talent section of a child pageant. This outfit is also perfect for special performances.

Every time I look at the Kaiya Eve Tulip Truffle Rainbow Pettiskirt, I cannot help but think of Neapolitan ice cream. This tri-colored outfit is just too yummy!

Kaiya Eve has many other bright and vivid colors ready for next season, as well. Check out their silver, tulip pink, and deep royal blue. All these colors are so rich!

Get in the holiday season with the Kaiya Eve Snowman top and Vintage Floral Mini Pettiskirt.This fluffy snowman shirt is fun and can be worn with any bottoms. The mini pettiskirt’s material will look great all year round if worn with a plain top or the black ruffle top.

Kaiya Eve also tries their hand at dresses. The Kaiya Eve Vintage Floral & Stripe Dress is perfect for for fall and Thanksgiving. This outfit is adorable with all the small details. The stripes look lovely with the floral skirt and the colors are tied in well with the red ruffles that line the striped top.

Now almost everyone can own a Kaiya Eve. Kaiya Eve has expanded their sizes for tweens and teens. Sizes 10-12 are equivalent to woman sizes 6-8 – so even grown woman can wear these adorable styles, if they so wish.

Now it is your turn to weigh in. What do you think of Kaiya Eve’s new line? Would you wear one of these styles if it came in your size?

Sale! – 21 Under $21

Everything But The Princess welcomes you to enjoy 20-50% off of several adorable items throughout the store. Here are twenty-one amazing deals for under $21. Check out the full list of sale products for even more savings!

1. Kaiya Eve Dusty Rose Ruffle TopPerfect companion to pettiskirts. Looks cute with jeans, as well.

2. Misha Lulu Magical Pink Circus Legging These sweet pink leggings have a fun sparkling design on them.

3. Kate Mack Bali Hai Flip FlopA cute way to keep feet cool during summer.

4. Jefferies Lacy Legs TightsA fashion necessity for special occasions.

5. Eliane Et Lena Rose Print HeadbandMakes any hairstyle look girly.

6. Deux Par Deux Sweet N’ Rose White Bow Blouse Very cute blouse that will match just about anything.

7. Deux Par Deux Sweet N’ Rose Fuchsia Tee With Back BowPerfect for playtime.

8. Deux Par Deux Rainbow Shorbet White Cap Sleeve TeeAnother fun shirt for play dates.

9. Chipie Indian Dream Print Tee A unique design for a true individual.

10. 3 Pommes New York Fuchsia TankThe perfect pink tank for summer!

11. Deux Par Deux Apple Pie Yellow ShortsBright shorts that will bring a smile to your face.

12. 3 Pommes Chic Attitude White Screen TeeCute with a dash of sass.

13. Deux Par Deux Picotine Hibiscus LeggingGreat for active days.

14. Deux Par Deux Picotine White Veile Sleeve Top Perfect for any fairy lover.

15. Deux Par Deux Rainbow Shorbet Orange Frill TopCan you hear summer calling yet?

16. Deux Par Deux Cocotiers Floral Print HeadbandMakes any day a good hair day.

17. Deux Par Deux Apple Pie Azelea Pink Flower TeeA cute tee for your cutie!

18. Deux Par Deux Apple Pie Yellow Flower TeeAnother cute tee in a brighter shade.

19. Cakewalk * Elles In Wonderland * Pink Print Sarong Great cover-up for around the pool or at the beach.

20. Deux Par Deux Sweet N’ Rose Boy Leg SwimsuitA great suit for active play.

21.Deux Par Deux Rainbow Shorbet Bikini Last, but not least – a cute suit for a fun day by the pool.

Hurry and stock up on these and other summer essentials before they are gone! Click here to view the sale section.