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Child’s Pageants: Preparing for the Interview

Help your princess be dressed to impress. The interview portion of little girl beauty pageants is an important one. This is the time where judges observe your daughter’s personality and ability to effectively communicate with others. Perfect answers are not the only requirement, however. Sophisticated interview wear is key to scoring high on the interview part.

For the interview portion, dress your daughter as if she was going to an actual job interview. We don’t mean dressing her in a full suit, but something classic and sharp looking. Avoid flashy and cutesy outfits. These outfits do not score as high. Here are five classic looks that will impress the judges:

1. Miss Grant’s Microbe Navy Ruffled Tulle and Silk Dress (left): This dress is cute and classy. The ruffles are not too much. Since this dress has an adorable pearl string and flower on it, avoid over accessorizing. A necklace is not needed. Highlight this dress with small stud earrings and a simple or sparkly (or pearl) hair clip.

2. Monnalisa Chic Chanel Dress (right) – This classic piece is inspired by Jackie Kennedy. It looks smart, yet girlish with its bows and rosebud pockets. This piece is an essential for a little girl’s wardrobe because it can easily be dressed up or down and is suitable for several occasions.

3. Monnalisa Black & White Pleated Dress With Sequin Pin (left) – Again, this is another classic piece by Monnalisa. From the buttoned-up ruffled shirt to the knee-length skirt, this outfit looks smart. Judges will think your daughter is well-educated before she even opens her mouth. Pair this outfit with Mary Janes or loafers to complete the look.

4.Miss Grant / Microbe 2pc Navy Silk Skirt With White Bow Blouse (right) –

This white bow blouse and ruffled navy skirt look darling together. The best thing is that both pieces can be worn separately, as well. Outside of pageants, the white bow blouse would look adorable with jeans or slacks. The skirt can be dressed down for every day wear with a light tee-shirt.

5. Monnalisa Ivory & Navy Silk Dress With Sash (bottom) – When you really want to wow the judges, this gorgeous silk dress by Monnalisa just might do the trick. This piece comes with a sash to either cinch the waist or use as a hair accessory. Either look will work for the interview portion in a pageant, as long as the overall look is neat and classy.

Interview Tips:

Now that you have the look down, here are some tips to help your daughter succeed during the interview.

  • Practice Makes Perfect – Set time aside each day to practice interview questions. Have your daughter think about her answers and practice answering possible questions in front of small audiences or adult friends that she may feel uncomfortable speaking in front of.
  • Trained to Think – Help your daughter to think about each answer carefully once asked. Tell her to take a few seconds to gather her thoughts before attempting to answer a question. Spur of the moment answers are not always well formulated.
  • Be Original – Find ways to make standard questions to have unique answers. For example, if your daughter is asked what her favorite thing to do is, help her brainstorm answers that are original and true to her personality. Also find ways to expand on her hobby. If she enjoys baking with you, find ways you both can bake together for people in need. Open up the door of opportunities so your daughter can have a definite, defined, and creative answers to standard questions.
  • When in Doubt… – Sometimes your daughter may be asked a question she is unsure about. Review with her that the best way to answer these questions are to say something along the lines of, “That is an interesting question that I have not thought about before.” followed by a short pause to gather her thoughts and answer the question to the best of her ability. Just saying “I don’t know” is not a clever answer.

The interview portion can be one of the hardest parts for a child. Even the most outgoing children freeze up up stage. Just remember that experience is the best teacher and that there is always next time to improve.