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Mustard Pie Spring’s Styles on Sale!

thumbnail-6Gone are the days of wearing parkas and heavy, thick coats because spring is finally here! It is high time to open up wardrobes with dresses with floral prints, laces and ruffles – everything smells fresh and light once again. If you are looking into sprucing up your little girls’ closets, here are some awesome spring dresses from Mustard Pie.

Even better than the arrival of spring is that Mustard Pie’s gorgeous girl fashions have been marked down. If you haven’t gotten your favorite pieces, don’t wait any longer!


Mustard Pie Shangri La Blue Imogen Dress


Twirl skirts are something that girls will always love because these pieces make them feel like a princess. This Mustard Pie Shangri La Blue Imogen Dress comes with a blue print empire waist cut and a scoop neckline with lace trimmings. It also features short puff sleeves, a band to accent the waist area and a gathered skirt with tiered ruffles and lace trims.


Mustard Pie Shangri La Butter Yellow Imogen Dress


Another alternative to the Blue Imogen dress is this Mustard Pie Shangri La Butter Yellow Imogen Dress. The dress pretty much has the same features: empire waist, scoop necklines with lace trims and a lace trimmed ruffle skirt. The band accent at the waist area comes with a flower design, however. Perfect for lazy spring days!


thumbnail-8Mustard Pie Shangri La Lace Noel Dress

How about a Victorian inspired dress for walks in the park? This Mustard Pie Shangri La Lace Noel Dress looks very feminine with its sleeveless crossover bodice, lace trims and flower accents in the waist area. The dress also has a gathered skirt with tiered ruffles in alternating blue floral prints and eyelet lace.


Mustard Pie Shangri La McKenna Dress


Summers and springs will never be the same with the Mustard Pie Shangri La McKenna Dress. The ensemble features a sleeveless dot bodice and a gathered skirt in green, yellow, pink and blue print patterns. The look is completed with an eyelet lace trim at the bottom.


Mustard Pie Shangri Blue/Butter Yellow With Lace Scrappy Ramona Dress

You can never go wrong when you choose the Mustard Pie Shangri Blue/Butter Yellow With Lace Scrappy Ramona Dress. This beautiful piece comes with a sleeveless stripe bodice and a yellow bib detail with buttons and lace trims. Meanwhile, the skirt features panels with floral prints and lace trims. Very feminine indeed!


Mustard Pie Shangri Blue/Butter Yellow/Pink Rigby Twirl Top


This Mustard Pie Shangri Blue/Butter Yellow/Pink Rigby Twirl Top is like going back in time. A strappy sleeveless yellow empire bodice and a gathered skirt that has pink ruffle accents and lace bottom trim. We love it paired with the matching Mustard Pie – Shangri La Pixie Pant or with a stylish pair of skinnies!


When it comes to twirl skirts for spring, this Mustard Pie collection is the best way to go. They also come in different sizes making it perfect for girls of all ages! Don’t forget to pair these gorgeous fashions with the darling Mustard Pie Shangri La Blue/Yellow/Beige Colette Headband – which is also on sale!


Fall 2013 Color Profile

As the days get shorter and the mornings get cooler, we are are drawn to soft, natural colors that reflect the world around us. Leaves change color…and so do our wardrobes. What do our favorite designers have in store for us this fall? Let’s take a color tour!

Fall Color Fashion Trends

Emerald – jewels fit for a king, warm tropical waters, brightly colored plumage.  Emerald is such a rich hue, mostly green with just a little blue, and blends nicely with cool colors like Mykonos Blue or contrasts with brights like Vivacious.  Look for emerald in the collections of Catimini, Joah Love, and Desigual.

Emerald Emerald Emerald

Joah Love Lake Kira Bustle Tunic

Joah Love Kira Bustle Tunic & Lake Leggings

Catimini ' Mon Jardin Enchante ' Emerald Knit Dress

Catimini Mon Jardin Enchante Dress

Desigual Caffra Dress

Desigual Caffra Dress

Mykonos Blue – azure skies and calm seas of the Mediterranean, this deep blue has energy but soothes at the same time.  And it’s just a little bit moody.  Look for blue in the collections of Sara Sara, Desigual, Pom Pom and Catimini.

Mykonos Blue Mykonos Blue Mykonos Blue

Baby Sara Flower Explorer Tunic

Baby Sara Flower Explorer Tunic

Pom Pom Amaryllis Plaid Dress

Pom Pom Amaryllis Plaid Dress

Catimini  'La Parisienne ' Blue Leaf Print Tunic Blouse

Catimini La Parisienne Tunic & Leggings

Linden Green – soft & natural, this light green is a little woody and a little  springtime.  Blend with Turbulence grey or Deep Lichen for an urban palette or Carafe brown for a more vibrant look.  Look for Linden in the collections of Sam & Sydney, Catimini, Eliane et Lena and Trish Scully. Linden Green Linden Green

Sam & Sydney Kissing Birds Ruffle Coat

Sam & Sydney Kissing Birds Coat

Eliane Et Lena Ashley Lime Sweater Cardigan

Eliane Et Lena Ashley Sweater & Haydn Dress


Trish Scully Mums The Word Hooded Ruffle Dress

Trish Scully Mums The Word Hooded Dress & Ruffle Leggings

Acai – A little plum here, and little violet there, Acai is exotic and mysterious.  Purple is your power color, chic with greys like Turbulence, vibrant with brights like Linden or Vivacious, rich with jewel tones like Emerald or Mykonos Blue.  Look for Acai in the collections of Trish Scully, Desigual, KidCuteTure, Joah Love, and Catimini.

Acai Acai Acai

Desigual Nerine Violet Dress

Desigual Nerine Dress

Trish Scully Purple Damask Princess Dress

Trish Scully Damask Princess Dress

Joah Love Fiona Dark Plum Bustle Dress

Joah Love Fiona Bustle Dress & Plum Leggings

Samba – Samba is a rich red, perfect for a tiny color pop or dramatic allover color.  This is a cool red, and stands alone nicely, or combine with champagne, pink, black or grey.  Look for Samba throughout our curated collection, with nice examples in the collections of Ooh! La, La! Couture, Desigual, Little Mass, Catimini, Persnickety and Lemon Loves Lime.

Samba Samba Samba

Little Mass 'Mary Poppin' Red Roses Dress

Little Mass Mary Poppin Dress

Ooh! La, La! Couture Rhododendron WOW Swarovski Devin High Low Dress

Ooh! La, La! Couture Rhododendron Devin Dress


Desigual Gracilis Dress

Desigual Gracilis Dress & Bacias Leggings

Koi – orange is your cheerful companion, and can bring a splash of pizazz or stand-out drama to a look.  Dramatically combine with black or charcoal, as seen in the KidCuteTure collection, or soften the look with natural hues like carafe brown, lichen green or turbulence grey.  Look for orange in the collections of Pom Pom, KidCuteTure and Persnickety.

Koi Koi Koi

Pom Pom Brentje Floral Skirt and Geke Jacket

Pom Pom Geke Jacket & Brentje Skirt

KidCuteTure Orange & Charcoal Camilla Dress

KidCuteTure Camilla Dress

Persnickety Mossy Woods Cassie Dress

Persnickety Mossy Woods Cassie Dress

Deep Lichen – this subtle green-grey is a dynamic shade that balances brights and coordinates earthy tones.  In shades from very light to a deep bluish olive, Lichen reminds one of misty mornings and cool forests.  Look for Deep Lichen in the collections of Persnickety and Mustard Pie, as well as woven throughout our other european collections.

Deep Lichen Deep Lichen Deep Lichen

Persnickety Ginger Holiday Dress

Persnickety Ginger Holiday Dress & Grey Dot Leggings

Persnickety Mossy Woods Navy Lou Lou Top

Persnickety Mossy Woods Lou Lou Top


Mustard Pie Black Paisley Rigby Top

Mustard Pie Black Paisley Rigby Top

Vivacious – yes she is!  Vivacious is that berry-licious, pinky raspberry fuchsia that brightens a room and brings a smile.  Whether juxtaposed against grey or taupe, incorporated into bright geometrics or dramatically standing against black, Vivacious adds a natural and indispensable POP to your wardrobe palette.

Vivacious Vivacious Vivacious

Deux par Deux Carte de Mode Layered Skirt

Deux par Deux Carte de Mode Layered Skirt and Accessories

Eliane Et Lena Fuchsia & Taupe Floral Laura Dress

Eliane Et Lena Laura Dress & Eloa Tights


Giggle Moon Raspberry Truffle Tutu Dress & Leggings

Giggle Moon Raspberry Truffle Tutu Dress & Leggings

Turbulence – cool grey, misty, sophisticated.  Grey is the canvas on which to paint subtle patterns or bright rainbows.  Combine it with earthy browns and greens for a clashy, industrial silhouette, or decorate it with pink, lime and yellow.  Grey is soft and rigid, all at once, taking you from extremely casual to primly formal.  Look for Turbulence grey throughout our catalog, including Biscotti, Kate Mack, Deux par Deux, Catimini, Pampolina, Sierra Julian, Ooh! La, La! Couture and more.

Turbulence Turbulence Turbulence

Biscotti Urban Garden Dress

Biscotti Urban Garden Dress

Kate Mack Pretty Kitty Grey Dress

Kate Mack Pretty Kitty Dress


Ooh! La, La! Couture Silver/Champagne Chevron Ruffle Tutu Dress

Ooh! La, La! Couture Chevron Dress

Carafe – rich, glamorous, powerful.  The color of wood, leather and chocolate.  Brown is and has always been.  This luxurious shade is where chocolate absorbs olive and cordovan, leaving just the essence of both green and red undertones for the richest brown.  (And it’s also the color of grizzly bears – yikes!)

Carafe Carafe Carafe

Lipstik 'Leopard Surprise'  Chocolate Pleather Pant

Lipstik ‘Leopard Surprise’ Pleather Pant and Leopard Top

Mustard Pie Brown Paisley Alice Wrap

Mustard Pie Brown Paisley Alice Wrap


Persnickety Golden Girls Brown Lily Skirt

Persnickety Golden Girls Brown Lily Skirt

This is a gorgeous palette of tones that blend together with ease – how will you combine these beautiful fall colors to create your own look?

Fall Trend Report – Volume 1

Fall Trend Report – Volume 1

See what’s trending this fall …..

Fall is in full color in our store. We have received most of our fall collections already and we are loving working all the new lines with you. We have new items arriving daily, so there is always something fresh and fun for you to see when you visit.We have some great new designers this season as well. Be sure to take a peek in our fall arrival section to see everything this amazing season has to offer.


Kitchy Couture  

Heirloom inspired frocks reminscent of a simpler time.

Clothing that captures the sweetness and innocence of childhood that is as lovely to look at as it is to wear. Vintage looks in palettes of timeless prints, old fashioned designs that bring us back to simpler times.

This fall the trend of lines such as Persnickety, Dollcake, Moxie & Mabel (formerlly Hopscotch), Ilovegorgeous, and Misha Lulu bring this style trend to you. With many of these clothing lines being made right here in the USA, and with charitable programs such as Persnickety’s Buy One Give One and Joyfolie’s Giving Children Hope, you can feel as good about buying these products as you do seeing them on your loved ones.

Persnickety  Misha Lulu

Moxie & Mabel - Hopscotch Designs Persnickety Fall 2012

I Love Gorgeous

Dollcake Girls Clothing

Trend …….. Rockin ~ Fashionista

The pop star, rockin’, fun looks are not just for tweens anymore. Girls of all ages, this fall more than ever, are loving the fun and flashy looks from Lipstik, Hannah Banana, Flowers by Zoe, Miss Me denim, Little Mass, and Ooh! La, La! Couture. Let them explore their inner pop star with some of these trendy looks ……….. Read more…

Spring 2012 Pre-Orders: Mustard Pie

Mustard Pie is all about whimsy, fun, and spectacular patterns and colors. No wonder little girls love them. Who wouldn’t want to wear an outfit that made them feel and look like they were set to perform in the world’s most spectacular show? Mustard Pie knows how important it is to feed a child’s imagination and soul, which is why their designs are full of both. Now your little princess can dress as fantastically as she wants to. Both you and your little princess will love the beautiful colors and patterns and Mustard Pie will very soon become one of your favorite designers. It is a good thing Everything But The Princess has got you covered!

Mustard Pie Rainbow Juliet Dress *Preorder*Mustard Pie Rainbow Juliet Dress *Pre-Order*: This rainbow colored Juliet inspired dress is the perfect look for a spectacular spring. The Lime bodice features flowered buttons that are absolute perfection in the springtime bloom. The dress features four tiers of rainbow ruffles down the sides and tan print on the shoulders for an incredible patterned appearance. It is topped off, or shall we say bottomed off, with a fantastic ruffle around the bottom. Your little princess will definitely feel like one of literatures most beautiful maidens in this delightful dress.

Mustard Pie Rainbow Turquoise Anna Halter *Preorder*Mustard Pie Rainbow Turquoise Anna Halter *Pre-Order*: Another beautiful rainbow inspired look, this dress is a halter that pairs excellently with the Mustard Pie Rainbow Turquoise Kenzington Twirl Skirt and Flora Headband. With all three beautiful but separate pieces from this season’s collection your little princess will be the most beautifully dressed little girl in the whole school or park.   .

Mustard Pie Lavender/Pink Kenzington Twirl Skirt *Preorder*Mustard Pie Lavender/Pink Kenzington Twirl Skirt *Pre-Order*: This is a precious lavender look that is perfect for play yet looks completely stylish. Pair the beautiful twirl skirt with the Mustard Pie Harper Tee and a Flora headband for a complete and let’s face it the loveliest lavender look you will ever see. The skirt has beautiful tiers that are perfect for twirling which of course makes this an immediate favorite amongst little princess’ everywhere.

Mustard Pie Candy Stripe/Lavender Flora Pants *Preorder*Mustard Pie Candy Stripe/Lavender Flora Pants *Pre-Order*: Yes some girls love dresses, but some are dying for some pants. Why not find the best of both worlds, these pants are perfect for her comfort yet also feature that feminine grace. The lavender stripes are sweet and innocent and even have an embellished ruffle tier at the hem. Now she can be comfortable and girly all at the same time!