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Cute Girl Shoes: Mini Melissa

bjijkkjk_thumbnailA girl can never have enough shoes, right?! The perfect pair of shoes compliment trendy kids clothes and are comfortable for your daughter to wear. I am sure I am not the only mom who has found themselves with an adorable little girl’s dress and only grungy play shoes to match the night before a nice event. Dress shoes and play shoes are both essential for your little princess’ wardrobe.

What I love about Mini Melissa’s shoe line is that they are both adorable and pair well with dresses and skirts, but they are also casual enough to wear for every day play. Check out these darling new styles.

Mini Melissa Furadinha Pink With Pink Flowers And Pearls Shoes

Every little girl that loves pink, is going to love these Mini Melissa Furadinha Pink With Pink Flowers And Pearls Shoes ! This shoe has the trendy gelatinous look. They are aerated, which makes them perfect for the heat of summer. The unique style is emphasized by dainty pink flowers on the toe of the shoes and has the practicality of a buckled strap. . Your little girl will want to wear these adorably pink shoes with every outfit.

Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Sweet Ivory With Black Bow Shoesuygbbb_thumbnail

These darling ivory colored shoes have the sleek gelatinous look that is so popular this season. The Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Sweet Ivory With Black Bow Shoes feature a black bow on the toe is a beautifully sharp contrast. Every girl will feel comfortable while looking dressed up. These shoes are perfect for any extra special occasion. For an all pink look in this style, check out the Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Sweet Light Pink With Pink Bow Shoes. This style also comes in black with a beige bow: Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Sweet Black With Beige Bow Shoes .

thumbnailMini Melissa Harmonic Bow Cream With Gold Bow Sandals

What young girl wouldn’t want these fun Mini Melissa Harmonic Bow Cream With Gold Bow Sandals? These shoes are made with the gelatinous look in a flip-flop style. The shiny gold bow on the toe makes a cool and comfortable shoe look dressy. Every girl will want these in her summer wardrobe. Also available in all black – Mini Melissa Harmonic Bow Black With Sparkling Bow Sandals and all pink –

Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Cat Pink Shoespink_thumbnail

The Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Cat Pink Shoes are the cat’s meow! These unique shoes are made with the sleek gelatinous look that is so trendy this season. The bright pink color with a kitty face over the open toe is adorable. The ankle strap makes it safe for any summer activity. Available in purple too – Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Cat Purple Shoes.

Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Sweet Pink With Gold fujjjkkk_thumbnailMetallic Bow Shoes

This sweet light pink open-toe shoe will be one of your little girl’s favorites. The Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Sweet Pink With Gold Metallic Bow Shoes are made with the sleek and trendy gelatinous material. They have a big bow with gold metallic sequins over the toe. These pretty shoes make a little girl feel grown up.

Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Minnie Purple Bow Shoes

Lavender is another girl’s favorite color, especially on the Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Minnie Purple Bow Shoes.y9ihihioho_thumbnail These unique open-toe shoes look sleek with their trendy gelatinous form. The big shiny bow over the toe gives it a dressed-up appearance. A strap over the ankle helps to finish off the little girl style.

No matter what the occasion, Mini Melissa is a stylish girl’s shoe for your daughter. Everything But The Princess has all of the best shoe styles and the perfect dresses and everyday fashions to match!

Joyfolie’s Gorgeous Fall Boots for Girls

lacebootsWhen it comes to the fall season, boots are a must. They are so fashionable and look amazing when paired with skinnies and a coat. Joyfolie has amazing fall boots for the 2014 season. Not only are these boots super stylish, but with each purchase of Joyfolie boots, Joyfolie gives a portion of their profits to Giving Children Hope, a non-profit charity.

Joyfolie Rose Lacey Boots

The Joyfolie Rose Lacey Boots are a gorgeous pair of boots that go beautifully with so many fashions. The lace is such a sophisticated style for all girls. Pair them with the Joyfolie Silver Sequin Leggings for a stunning fall look. Available in sizes 10 to 5Y.


Joyfolie Tan Lacey Boots

These classic boots look nice with jeans and pettiskirts. They are made of imported Italian suede and accentuated with a white lace bow top. Pair  them with the Miss Me Girls Denim Brand M Skinny Jeans for an irresistible back to school look. Available in sizes 10 to 6Y.

Joyfolie Sloan Grey Bootssloanboots

These lovely Joyfolie Sloan Grey Boots have a military-inspired look to them with a high fashion finish. These grey boots would go beautifully with skirts and dresses, as well as winter coats. Pair these fall beauties with the Joyfolie Spencer Oat Jacket . Available in sizes 10 to 3Y.

Joyfolie Cabria Gold Bow Bootscabriaingold5

For fancy boots that can be paired with special occasion look no further than the Joyfolie Cabria Gold Bow Boots . These gold bow boots are absolutely gorgeous and luxurious. The base of these boots are a soft, imported Italian suede. These boots are available in sizes 8 to 2Y and are a pre-order, shipping out in September.

Boots are a staple for the fall season. Joyfolie has gorgeous girl boots that will compliment any trendy girls clothes outfit. Go back to school on the right foot with these picks.

Fashionable Gladiator Shoes for Girls

1Gladiator shoes are a great fashion for summer, but before this season, we have never seen gladiator shoes for girls that are this cute! These gladiator shoes will pair perfectly with so many hot summer fashions for girls. We love them dressed up with Ooh! La La Couture’s fancy dress fashions or dressed down with the darling Paper Wings Red Chambray Shirred Capris. Any way you want to wear them, you are sure to get a lot of compliments. 11

You can rock the original gladiator look with the Joyfolie Rust Gladiator Boot Sandal. These rust-colored beauties will go with any fashion choices. They are subtle but fashionable. They come in sizes 9 – 4 Youth. Kim Kardashian’s little cutie, North West, rocked a similar pair of Joyfolie’s gladiator sandals at her birthday party this month.

If you want a glammed up version of the gladiator sandal, then look no further than the Joyfolie Blush Alexa Boot. Aren’t these just the most gorgeous little girl shoes that you have ever seen?! How can anyone resist the glitter and the bows?! It is no surprise that we sold out of these lovely shoes quickly. Thankfully they are back in stock and ready to be worn by your little princess. Available in 4T, 5, 6, 12, 13, 2Y, and 3Y. Get yours before they are gone!

10If you would rather have that style in silver, then the Joyfolie Silver Alexa Boot are for you! As much as we love the pink hue, the silver hue is quite awesome too. It will pair perfectly with so many little girl fashions. This gladiator boot sold out and was restocked too, but we are limited on sizes. You can still find them in sizes 4T, 5, and 6.

These three styles are amazing for summer. They have all the comfort of a sandal and all the high class fashion of a boot. They will even look great for the transition to fall styles.

Kids Shoes: Finding the Right Size and Caring for Them


Moms, can you relate to this: you buy your child a pair of adorable shoes only to realize they don’t fit the next week!? I’m sure all mamas can relate. Our little ones are growing way too quickly, and it is not okay! We are still looking into making a potion to keep our little cuties young forever, but until then, we have some good tips for you on how to ensure you get the right size shoe for your child.

First, let’s start off with measuring…

Measuring your child’s foot may seem like a simple concept, but sometimes it is hard to get an accurate reading on wiggle toes. Even more surprising is that many of us have put our child in the wrong sized shoes, which can cause skeletal issues in the long run. Getting the right shoe size is an important matter.

Try measuring your child’s foot once in the morning, two days in a row. This can help ensure that your measurements are accurate. If your little ones won’t stay still, here is a fun trick to try: play dough. Just roll out their can of play dough and have them step in it. Then measure the imprint. Hopefully your little one will be so delighted to stick their foot on play dough that they will not be too squirmy.

ImageNow, time to look up size charts…

Unfortunately not all kid shoes and designers are the same. This means that your child’s foot can be two completely different sizes in two different kid designers. It is wise to check out the size chart for each kid designer you are going to purchase from for the best fit. For example, Livie & Luca shoes have different soles, which measure a little bit differently between certain designs. They have a wonderful Size Chart to help you find the right pair for your child.

What do you do if you are in between sizes?Image

If your child is in between sizes, then the best thing to do is to buy the next size up. This is the best advice for any kids shoe designer. This will ensure that your child has enough wiggle room for their toes, and you can avoid buying shoes that are too small.

The cleaning and caring for shoes

All of Everything But The Princess’ shoes are made of high quality. However, it is hard to ignore the fact that kids are messy and hard on their fashions. To keep your child’s shoes in their best condition, we recommend spot cleaning them frequently. Of course, the type of cleaner you use will vary depending on the shoe material. For leather shoes, it is great to have special leather cleaner and conditioner to keep them in tiptop shape. For fabric shoes, you can use mild dish soap and little water to spot clean.

And since it is summer, there is a good chance that your little one’s shoes will become soaked at one point or another. Don’t throw them in the dryer! They might shrink or get ruined even on the delicate cycle. Instead, stuff them with newspaper to keep the shoes the shape and size they need to be. Switch out newspaper as it gets wet.

Shoes and growing feet can be a tricky subject. Everything But The Princess is here for you. Have a question about shoe sizing for one of our designers, just ask! We are happy to help.

Thanks to Livie & Luca for helpful shoe sizing advice.

Livie & Luca: Girl Shoe Fashion That Keeps Giving

Shoes are a necessity, and all of the ladies reading said, “Amen”! While having a closet full of shoes is a dream come true for most of us, many of us also forget how vital a pair of shoes is, especially in other parts of the world. Thankfully, you can help put shoes on needy feet just by shopping for your little princess. Livie & Luca are one amazing company that is always looking to give back.

Just recently, Amie of Livie & Luca visited Thailand and was able to give away a lot of their designer shoes to The Gift of Happiness Foundation. The Gift of Happiness Foundation focuses on providing children in need with a positive experience and to meet their basic needs. Here’s a picture from Livie & Luca’s blog from the trip – aren’t their faces just precious!4813210_orig

By enjoying the amazing styles from Livie & Luca, you are helping them connect their shoes with little ones in need. How amazing is it that your little one’s fashion choices can make such a difference!? Here are five stylish girl shoes from Livie & Luca that are sure to make your princess smile.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALivie & Luca Pro Tempore Ruche

Livie & Luca Pro Tempore Ruche shoes come in three gorgeous pastel colors. These ruched Mary Janes really give a stylish and fresh look on an old-time favorite style. This style shoe will really look great with our other amazing designer kids clothes, such as Giggle Moon’s spring and summer line. Little girls love these shoes for playtime because they can run around and swing without their shoes coming off.1thumbnail.asp

Livie & Luca Vintage Grey Charm Sandals

Livie & Luca Vintage Grey Charm Sandals are a trendy style for this season. The style is great for the warm weather, and the velcro strap makes them easy to put on in a hurry. A little rhinestone in the middle brightens up the whole shoe! They are a great casual pair that will work with several girls fashion items. Livie & Luca Vintage Gold Charm Sandals are a similar pair in gold with a rose charm in the middle. These sandals come in sizes 8-13.

t1humbnail.aspLivie & Luca Baby- Pink Fun Dot Mary Janes

Don’t forget the sweet baby girls in your life with the darling Livie & Luca Baby- Pink Fun Dot Mary Janes. These fashionable baby shoes are a great match with several little girl fashions. Their soft sole and strap make them comfortable and sure to stay on busy little feet. You can find these shoes in sizes 0-6M to 18-24M. So whether your baby girl is walking or not, these comfy shoes make a great first pair. If you love this style but need it for older girl, Livie & Luca also have this polka dot pair for them. Check out the Livie & Luca Pink Fun Dot Mary Janes in sizes 4T to 13.

Livie & Luca Turquoise Patent Floret Boot

Moms, you are about to have some serious boot envy when you see the stunning Livie & Luca Turquoise Patent 2thumbnail.aspFloret Boot. Are these fashionable kid boots not the cutest things ever?! Everything about this boot is a fashion winner. The color is perfect for the season and will look stunning paired with white, black, and even more colors, such as red and pink. These kids boots will really make your little one’s outfit pop! These can be worn in the summer, as well as the fall and winter. What a versatile boot – dress them up or down!

We carry them in sizes 4T to 4 youth, so if you are a mama with smaller feet, you may just be able to wear these sweet boots (typically, a woman’s size 6 is a girl’s size 4, though sizing may run smaller around the ankles – so be sure to check our sizing chart first).

P.s. You can also get these darling boots in burgundy too – Livie & Luca Burgundy Patent Floret Boot. And yes, it is totally acceptable and necessary to have them in both colors *wink*.

23thumbnail.aspLivie & Luca Mint Pio Pio Mary Janes

These Livie & Luca Mint Pio Pio Mary Janes are a conversation starter with their gorgeous sparkly bird decal. The Mary Jane style mixed with the sweet bird are the perfect combo for spring and summer. These shoes are fancy enough to wear to special occasions or church, but they can also look great with casual outfits too, such as a fun tee and a pair of jeans. The best part about these shoes is that there are 4 different color combos to choose from!

These are available in sizes 4T to 4Y.

Cute girl shoe fashions and helping those in need – what can be better. As much fun as it is to fill our daughter’s wardrobes with stunning designer clothes and accessories, it feels amazing to buy from designers that give back to those in need.

So you wanna be a cheerleader? Types of cheerleading

Cheerleading is one of America’s fastest growing sports.  And it’s no wonder – Cheerleading combines the athleticism of gymnastics, performance of dance and competitiveness of team sports.  Cheerleading has a fun history too, and as a sport in its infancy it’s constantly changing, keeping things fresh and exciting.  My original purpose was to write an article to help people choose a cheer team or gym, but in doing the research, I realized that there is so much to consider that it will take two parts.

Types of Cheerleading - Scholastic/Collegiate

Most high schools and colleges have cheerleaders for football and basketball, but cheerleaders also bring spirit to baseball, hockey and cricket games too.

First:  What kind of cheerleader do you want to be?  The question of your ultimate goal will guide all your other considerations.  Most things written on the internet start from the assumption that the child wants to be a national-trophy-winning All Star Cheerleader.  Maybe s/he does.  But maybe he or she just wants to get good at tumbling and do a few performances, maybe a local competition.  Maybe the kid has great school spirit and wants to share it by pumping up the crowd at games.  Maybe she just wants to wear glittery skirts and big bows.  For those folks, the demanding rigors of competition cheerleading may not be appropriate.  So:  What kind of cheerleader are you?

There are four basic types of cheerleaders:  scholastic, recreational, all-star and professional.

Scholastic  Scholastic cheerleaders are what people usually think of when they think of cheerleading.  These traditional squads are affiliated with a school (usually Jr. High, High School or College) and they focus on team/school spirit and cheer for school sporting events and pep rallies.  Some teams compete, but most do not.  Members must attend the school they represent, and usually must adhere to a code of conduct including good grades and behavior, as they are representatives of the school in uniform.  Generally scholastic cheerleaders (also called “sideline cheerleaders”) try out in the spring for the following year and may cheer all year or only for one season, traditionally football (fall) or basketball (winter).  Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV) squads are determined by either grade or skill, and the coach is usually a faculty member.  Try-outs are judged by a panel or the student body, and skill, spirit, personality, grades and conduct may factor in.  Try-outs for college cheerleading teams are highly competitive, and collegiate cheerleaders perform at a higher level of athleticism.  Collegiate cheerleaders are also ambassadors of their schools, cheering at sporting events but also representing their school at community and charity events and competitions.  Scholastic cheer is great for kids who have lots of spirit and want to share it in performance.

Fun Fact:  While cheerleaders across the board are nearly all female, collegiate cheerleaders are 50% men.  It’s a great college tradition – in fact, originally all cheerleaders were men.  Women didn’t start cheering until the ’20s, and didn’t do so in great numbers until WWII.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders made their debut in 1972 and are the most famous professional cheerleaders in the world.

Recreational  Recreational cheer teams are usually associated with a sports club, such as Pop Warner or American Youth Football & Cheer League, or other public or community groups such as the YMCA, a church or city.  Usually on a recreational team, all members participate and there are no try-outs.  There is minimal cost to join such a team, though some sports club teams can be more expensive.  These teams cheer for sporting events in their league or at competitions.  The recreational programs often have volunteer or parent coaches.  Recreational cheer is great for kids who want to try cheerleading or for families who do not want to commit the time and money required for All Star Cheer.

Professional  Wanna go pro?  You can be a professional cheerleader.  Pro cheer teams offer low pay but have many social and career benefits such as travel, meeting people and exposure for a future career in entertainment.  Professional cheerleaders are more like dancers or songleaders.  They cheer and perform at sporting events, but also do lots of philanthropy and charity work, model and/or act and rarely compete (although that is changing).  Often professional cheerleaders are representatives of the community where their team is located.  The competition is very high and pay is low and many pro cheerleaders also have other jobs.  But they will tell you it is a very rewarding experience.  Professional cheerleading is great for young people seeking exposure for entertainment careers and those looking for fun and adventure during or after college.

UCA/UDA All Star Champs from Austin, TX

UCA/UDA All Star Champions from Austin, TX

All Star Cheer  All Star Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in America.  These athletes have a competition focus and practice dance, stunting and tumbling for contests on local, regional and national levels.  All Stars concentrate on practice and performance and do not cheer for a sport, city or charity.  They have a high level of skill and athleticism, with certified coaches and demanding practice schedules.  These teams have competitive try-outs and All Star teams usually have their own gyms where team members take classes and attend practices.  All Star Cheer is an expensive sport and requires a large time commitment on the part of the athlete and family.  In addition to fees, many teams also have mandatory fundraisers.  All Stars cheer nearly year-round and compete regularly.  This is a great sport for kids who are results-driven and want to develop their skills over time in a competitive environment.  For more on All Star Cheer, read our post, Cheerleading All Stars – How to Choose an All Star Cheer Gym.”

For a great FAQ about cheerleading, including how to do various cheer moves and advice for try outs, has a great list here.

Holiday Style Guide Vol 1 – Metallics are the New Red

Silver, Gold, Bronze

Biscotti Platinum Petals Dress

Biscotti Platinum Petals Dress

Metallics are the new red this season. Shimmer, sparkle and be elegantly shine this holiday season in an array of party dresses, gowns and all the matching accessories.

Metallics have gained popularity recently for parties, as they can be worn again to New Year’s Eve events, weddings and beyond. Plus, glitter is pretty! As we look at holiday dresses and think, “where else can she wear this?” metallics and blacks have become the go-to for wearability and stand-out style.

Classic Black
Elegant & Timeless

Dolls & Divas Tyler Black Maribou Dress

Dolls & Divas Tyler Black Maribou Dress

Black is always a great choice for formal parties and events. Its timeless quality and elegant feel make it the go-to for moms. black and the black/silver mixes are always a hit, since they are easy to wear to multiple events and still be the center of the room.

Everything But The Princess has a great selection of black dresses from knits to sequins. Don’t forget to check out the accessories section for stunning black hair accessories and shoes to make it a true fairytale evening.

Holiday Shoes

Coastal Connection Silver Sparkle Ballet Flats

Coastal Connection Silver Sparkle Ballet Flats

So after many nights of debate, you finally have the perfect holiday dress (this would not be me yet!!). So now: what about those shoes? Don’t fret! Everything But The Princess has a great selection of holiday shoes in all colors to make her toes shine as much as her smile.

Joyfolie Madelyn Black Mary Janes

Joyfolie Madelyn Black Mary Janes

Santa’s Little Helpers