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Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts & Pettiskirt Ensembles: Styles,Care, Sizing & More

We are thrilled to announce that Kaiya Eve is joining our growing family of designers! We now carry a wonderful selection of Kaiya Eve pettiskirts and ruffle tops to create a dazzling ensemble. New colors for spring include the gorgeous plum pettiskirt and ruffle top modeled by Bella Thorne of My Own Worst Enemy. We also carry classic colorways such as pink, red, and rockin raspberry. Kaiya Eve offers an amazing look with her ribbon pettiskirts. These are my favorite look! These pettiskirts feature satin ribbon trimming on the top layer with coordinating ruffles below and a satin bow to match at the waist. We offer this darling pettiskirt in cotton candy pink with aqua ribbon, white with red ribbon and white with black ribbon detailing.  

Look  for new styles and colors to arrive soon for Spring 2009. Kaiya Eve has some amazing styles this year so we encourage you to check back frequently to see all the new styles and colors. Our store is not the only place you will see Kaiya Eve. Celebrities have long been fans of her amazing designs and you will be seeing them more than ever as the pettiskirt trend explodes into the tween world this year.

Who knew pettiskirts would go  from being an adorable way to dress up our little girls on their birthdays to a fashion sensation? With teen pop stars wearing Kaiya Eve pettiskirts to Hollywood premiers and parties to stars like Hannah Montana & Co. wearing pettiskirts during their music tour, the pettiskirt has taken a whole new turn. Pettiskirts are not just for little girls anymore. Tween pettiskirts are now available and come in a variety of colors. For Spring 2009 Kaiya eve will have some amazing new styles that will appeal to both teens and younger girls who love to set the trends. Stay tuned for updates to our Kaiya Eve 2009 collection online.

Pettiskirts can  be worn so many different ways that they are no longer a one time wear item. They are as cute as could be for birthdays and weddings, and make a perfect choice for portraits. Afterwords she can wear her pettiskirt for dress up play, going to parties and other events. Pettiskirt looks can be changed by adding a shrug or denim jacket to change the look. Leggings are always cute under pettiskirts and now come in a variety of fun prints and textures, from glitter and sparkles to lace. Girls love to funk up their pettiskirts with high tops tennis shoes, rugged denim or concert tees. So don’t think of her pettiskirt outfit as a one time expense, she will wear these over and over mom! Just try to get her to take it off.








We have a lot of  clients ask is there any real difference between pettiskirt brands? Our answer is yes, like most things in life you get what you pay for. This is not to say we feel other brands aren’t acceptable but nothing really compares to a high quality pettiskirt. Lesser priced brands do not have as many yards of chiffon, thus they are less full and fluffy and may not give you that full look that your desire. We have also had many clients report that the waistband in the lesser priced pettiskirts did not hold up well. Other noticeable difference are that the Kaiya Eve pettiskirts have satin waistbands so they are very luxurious and comfortable for our girls to wear. Lesser priced brands can have scratchy material used on the waistband and top portions of the pettiskirt. Nothing is worse than taking the time and expense to buy your daughter an amazing outfit and then finding she won’t keep it on for more than 5 minutes. If a high quality pettiskirt is in your budget we highly recommend choosing Kaiya Eve for both design, quality and comfort.


Hmmm what size do I need? We get this question a lot. Its tempting to want to buy that pettiskirt in a size larger so she can wear it for a long time. I do not advise this as the sheer weight and volume of a pettiskirt that is a size larger than your child is not going to fit properly or give you the look you desire. Ordering her pettiskirt too big can result in the pettiskirt pulling down to her hips or worse to the floor. Kaiya Eve pettiskirts run generous so there is no need to size up. Ordering her regular size will not only give you that perfect look, it will also allow for room for growth for quite sometime.

Wondering how to store and care for this amazing garment? You may store your pettiskirt in a variety of ways as they can easily be condensed from their fluffy selves into something smaller. We like to hang ours and if you have room I recommend hanging them so you won’t have to re-fluff them with each use. If you do not have the room to do this, or if you simply can’t bear her to beg you to wear it every day for 3 weeks straight and need to hide it!! – you can certainly stow it away in a bag or box as well. Is your pettiskirt not looking as full as it used to or is it wrinkled? No problem, simply hang your pettiskirt on the shower rod and let hot steam do the ironing for you. Giving your pettiskirt a good shake will also help to release the layers of chiffon and regain its original fullness. If you have a steamer at home you can also give it a quick steam but do be careful. Washing is a breeze. You may hand wash her pettiskirt and line dry or wash in your matching on the delicate or hand wash cycle. I do not recommend putting your pettiskirt in the dryer as it is sure to cause snags in the chiffon. Line dry of laying flat to dry is best. This will keep her pettiskirt looking great for years to come!

Enjoy our pettiskirt collections and if you need any help with putting and outfit together or sizing we are always available via phone or email to assist you. Express shipping is always available. Our pettiskirts ship free every day, no coupon required. We ship worldwide for free on orders over $250. Have fun choosing an amazing pettiskirt or set for your daughter and creating numerous looks for years to come.

Your friends in fashion,

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