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One Posh Kid: Spring 2012

One Posh Kid is all about fun and stylish looks for your littlest princesses. Even our littlest ones need to feel like they are on the cusp of the fashion world. That is why One Posh Kid is one of Everything But The Princess’ great spring collections available now. One Posh Kid features looks that are heavy with every little girls favorite color, pink, fun and flowing material, tutus, and fun prints and patterns. Now your littlest princess can glam up with the big girls and still look as adorable and sweet as the day you first brought her home.

One Posh Kid Posh Pink Cupcake DressOne Posh Kid Pink Cupcake Dress: This delicious cupcake dress is perfect for spring or for that special first birthday. She will look picture perfect in this incredible tutu cupcake dress. You and your little one will love how adorable she is in this sweet dress.

One Posh Kid Zebra Fancy Knit/Mesh DressOne Posh Kid Zebra Fancy Knit/Mesh Dress: This black and pink dress features a drop waist with a knit top which also features ruffled zebra print. The zebra print also adorns the layered skirt. The bodice is accented with two pink rosettes for a finished and fancy look that will have your littlest princess looking like she is ready to party on!

One Posh Kid Brooklyn Pink Ruffles and Rosettes Party DressOne Posh Kid Brooklyn Pink Ruffles and Rosettes Party Dress: This runway ready dress features cascading ruffles and a rosette bodice. The sweet competing shades of pink are adorable and make the cascading ruffles even more beautiful with the dual hued appearance of a pink waterfall. In this dress your littlest princess will be the belle of the ball, even if it is just at the neighbors 2nd birthday.

One Posh Kid Sweet Bloom Fuchsia Rosette Heart Tutu DressOne Posh Kid Sweet Bloom Fuchsia Rosette Heart Tutu Dress:  Your little princess will love this dress. The Tutu skirt is the perfect item for any little girl, but our littlest appreciate it so much more with their little impromptu dances and twirl sessions. Those sessions will be abundant in this great tutu dress with its fuchsia skirt and heart featuring a little leopard print bow in the center. This is the dress all little girls will love to try on, even if it is just to dance around the room in.

Spring 2012 Pre-Order: Catimini

Catimini loves designing clothes that feature bold prints, outrageous colors, and versatile looks. This spring they have wowed their fans again with their spectacular new spring line full of incredible prints, patterns, graphics, colors, and versatile style. Everything But The Princess is proud to offer Catimini’s new spring collection in their 25th year of children’s clothing with us!  This year Catimini will only be available in certain stores as it has recently decreased its presence in other outlets. Everything But The Princess remains one of Catimini’s favorite outlets and will continue to offer their amazing looks and styles. That means if you want to see and purchase the great new looks offered by Catimini you should head over to Everything But The Princess now for a sneak peak at the pre-order selections before they fly off our shelves!

Catimini Spirit Denim Graphic TankCatimini Spirit Denim Graphic Tank *Pre-Order*: This adorable and brightly hued tank is perfect for spring. The bow tied straps add whimsy and spring fun while the flowers and French saying make a graceful and beautiful statement on the front.

Catimini Spirit Denim Turquoise Dot LeggingCatimini Spirit Denim Turquoise Dot Legging *Pre-Order*: These turquoise leggings feature white polka dots and pair excellently with the denim graphic tank for a playful outfit fit for a great day at the park.

Catimini Spirit Denim Tropical Floral Skirt *Preorder*Catimini Spirit Denim Tropical Floral Skirt *Pre-Order*: Catimini is all about versatility that is why so many of their spectacular outfits can mix and match to create new incredible styles. This adorable tropical floral skirt pairs excellently with the denim graphic tank for a fresh spring style!

Catimini Spirit Denim Spirit City Black Tank *Preorder*Catimini Spirit Denim Spirit City Black Tank *Pre-Order*: What girl wouldn’t want to rock a tank with a girl rocker and guitar gracing the front. This bold black tank isn’t just about style it is about girl power! Now your little princess can enjoy wearing her favorite top while making a bold statement at the same time!

Catimini Spirit City Red Polka Dot Twirl Skirt *Preorder*Catimini Spirit City Red Polka Dot Skirt *Pre-Order*: This adorable and rock star quality skirt pairs incredibly with the black city tank. For a bold tough yet beautiful girl look, the two pair together to create a style all about power, fun, and freedom!

Catimini Spirit City Black Polka Dot Cherry Shorts *Preorder*Catimini Spirit City Black Polka Dot Cherry Shorts *Pre-Order*: Feel like pumping in some more classic girl style into your city tank? Pair it with these great new shorts. They have all the femininity and softness that you and your daughter love while still maintaining that fierce look!

Spring 2012 Pre-Order: Brums Clothing

From the same great designer that brought us Eliane Et Lena now comes the fine European clothing style of Brums. Brums offers incredible looks for little girls straight from Europe including all the beautiful dainty dresses, fun fancy accessories, and adorable hats they can offer and now Everything But The Princess has the precious pre-orders for spring 2012 from this fancy line.  With great use of modern cuts, beautiful bows, precious polka dots, and classic colors Brums offers a great line of clothes that are timeless for your little princess this spring. Both of you will love the crisp and sweet fashion forward looks of the great new dresses, and if you hurry now you can pre-order your favorites at Everything But The Princess and begin opening your new favorite looks all February long!

Brums White Ruffle with Navy Skirt Dress *Preorder*Brums White Ruffle with Navy Skirt Dress *Pre-Order*: This dress is a modern take on a classic style. The ruffled bodice is sweet and dainty while the square cut neckline brings in an element of modernity. The white and navy colors are the perfect balance to both classic and modern styles creating a look that will be timeless on your little beauty.

Brums White with Blue Stripe Big Bow Dress *Preorder*Brums White with Blue Stripe Big Bow Dress *Pre-Order*: This sky blue striped dress is the perfect look for any little girl. It is precious and innocent, and prolongs that little girl look we all hold so dear when it comes to our precious babies. The big bow is the perfect accent for a pulled together crisp yet girly look.

Brums White Cup Cake with Blue/Red Floral Print Dress *Pre-Order*: This dress is spectacular. The off the shoulder look is very feminine but adds extra straps for support. The white ruffle across the shoulder is dainty and sweet especially when you add in the beautiful floral patterned skirt with red trim. It is perfect for that spring picnic or a day out at a garden party.

Brums White Cup Cake with Blue/Red Floral Print Dress *Preorder*Brums Red/White Trim with Bow Wicker Hat *Pre-Order*: This fabulous hat pairs excellently with the floral print dress. The wicker style is the perfect look for spring and the red and white band add an extra pop of color and style.

Brums Red White Trim with Bow Wicker Hat *Preorder*Brums White/Navy/Red Cup Cake Wicker Purse *Pre-Order*: Every little princess needs a place to keep her personal items. This adorable wicker purse is just perfect for that. It is dainty and sweet with its frills, bows, and ruffles. A great addition to the floral print dress. Brums White/Navy/Red Cup Cake Wicker Purse *Preorder*

Spring 2012 Pre-Orders: Mustard Pie

Mustard Pie is all about whimsy, fun, and spectacular patterns and colors. No wonder little girls love them. Who wouldn’t want to wear an outfit that made them feel and look like they were set to perform in the world’s most spectacular show? Mustard Pie knows how important it is to feed a child’s imagination and soul, which is why their designs are full of both. Now your little princess can dress as fantastically as she wants to. Both you and your little princess will love the beautiful colors and patterns and Mustard Pie will very soon become one of your favorite designers. It is a good thing Everything But The Princess has got you covered!

Mustard Pie Rainbow Juliet Dress *Preorder*Mustard Pie Rainbow Juliet Dress *Pre-Order*: This rainbow colored Juliet inspired dress is the perfect look for a spectacular spring. The Lime bodice features flowered buttons that are absolute perfection in the springtime bloom. The dress features four tiers of rainbow ruffles down the sides and tan print on the shoulders for an incredible patterned appearance. It is topped off, or shall we say bottomed off, with a fantastic ruffle around the bottom. Your little princess will definitely feel like one of literatures most beautiful maidens in this delightful dress.

Mustard Pie Rainbow Turquoise Anna Halter *Preorder*Mustard Pie Rainbow Turquoise Anna Halter *Pre-Order*: Another beautiful rainbow inspired look, this dress is a halter that pairs excellently with the Mustard Pie Rainbow Turquoise Kenzington Twirl Skirt and Flora Headband. With all three beautiful but separate pieces from this season’s collection your little princess will be the most beautifully dressed little girl in the whole school or park.   .

Mustard Pie Lavender/Pink Kenzington Twirl Skirt *Preorder*Mustard Pie Lavender/Pink Kenzington Twirl Skirt *Pre-Order*: This is a precious lavender look that is perfect for play yet looks completely stylish. Pair the beautiful twirl skirt with the Mustard Pie Harper Tee and a Flora headband for a complete and let’s face it the loveliest lavender look you will ever see. The skirt has beautiful tiers that are perfect for twirling which of course makes this an immediate favorite amongst little princess’ everywhere.

Mustard Pie Candy Stripe/Lavender Flora Pants *Preorder*Mustard Pie Candy Stripe/Lavender Flora Pants *Pre-Order*: Yes some girls love dresses, but some are dying for some pants. Why not find the best of both worlds, these pants are perfect for her comfort yet also feature that feminine grace. The lavender stripes are sweet and innocent and even have an embellished ruffle tier at the hem. Now she can be comfortable and girly all at the same time!


Spring 2012 Pre-Order: Dollcake and Babycake

Dollcake and Babycake are an incredible brand flown straight from down under. As one of our favorite Australian designers we feature them season in and season out for their beauty, grace, and incredible feminine looks. They never cease to surprise us at Everything But The Princess with their incredible appreciation of the precious and girly style they have perfected, and this year is no different. Their looks are perfect for fancy family portraits, pageants, parties, or just those beautiful days when your little princess wants to look the part of the beautiful princess we all know she is.

Dollcake Sugar Rush Tulle Skirt *Preorder*Dollcake Sugar Rush Tulle Skirt *Pre-Order*: Nothing is as sweet as a pettiskirt. They can be frilly and soft and totally feminine. It is one of the rare things we girls get to enjoy any day we want to. This beautiful pettiskirt is the softest tulle with lace trim and chiffon ruffles. The satin waistband allows for it to be adjusted perfectly to your daughter’s size with a beautiful satin ribbon. Now she can be as beautiful and fancy as she wants to be any day of the week.

Dollcake Tea Cosy Dress *Preorder*Dollcake Tea Cosy Dress *Pre-Order*: This soft and feminine dress is a beautiful vintage piece that features details of lace trim and crocheted patches in the perfect princess styling. It is delicate yet tough and will not fall apart with wear. While she may look like a porcelain doll in this fabulous vintage style we know how tough that little princess really is!

Babycake Vintage Blush Frilly Shorts *Preorder*Babycake Vintage Blush Frilly Shorts *Pre-Order*: Not even the littlest princess’ escape notice in these adorable looks. This super soft and feminine look will turn heads at Mommy and Me class faster than a cheetah. The gathered lace is divine, but paired with the cute shorts and blush top it is simply to die for.

Dollcake Pink Pout Tulle Skirt *Preorder*Dollcake Pink Pout Tulle Skirt *Pre-Order*: Pettiskirts are the divine right of all girls, so of course even the smallest get their own. With the chiffon ruffles and adjustable satin ribbon waist your littlest princess will be looking like the soon to be queen we all know she is.


Spring 2012 Pre-Orders: Lemon Loves Lime

Lemon Loves Lime has been a favorite designer at Everything But The Princess for many seasons, and every year we are surprised by the new and fantastic designs that show up at our favorite shows. We cannot help but collect all the best looks for our favorite customers. That is why this year we have found the most amazing looks for a bright and beautiful new year in 2012, from dresses to shirts to gaucho pants. We have all the great looks to keep your little princess styling all through the spring and summer seasons.

Lemon Loves Lime Navy/White Sailing Dress Set *Preorder*Lemon Loves Lime Navy/White Sailing Dress Set *Pre-Order*: This darling navy and white sailing dress is the perfect look for the spring when all your little girl wants to do is be outside and be seen. It comes with an adorable pair of capri pants that create the ideal nautical look. All she needs is some sailing shoes, a yacht, and a fruity drink and she is ready for the open seas!

Lemon Loves Lime Pink Carnation Baby Blowfish Dress *Pre-Order*: Even the littlest princess’ love Lemon Loves Lime and no wonder in this great drop waist pink carnation ruffle dress they are not only incredibly adorable but incredibly comfortable. The bubble-rific blowfish on the bodice is fun and whimsical for the spring and summer season.

Lemon Loves Lime Rose Shadow Ice Cream Sunday Shirt *Preorder*Lemon Loves Lime Rose Shadow Ice Cream Sunday Shirt *Pre-Order*: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Your little princess will love this delicious tee. The delectable tee is perfect for spring and summer with all the colors a girl could love. Now if only it actually came with a delicious ice cream cone!

Lemon Loves Lime Pink Carnation Baby Blowfish Dress *Preorder*Lemon Loves Lime Capri Gaucho Pants *Preorder*Lemon Loves Lime Capri Gaucho Pants *Pre-Order*: These capri gaucho pants are hot for spring and summer. They feature hearts and ruffles and an adorable rick rack pocket. Your princess can pair it with the adorable matching tee or if she is feeling adventurous any of the other fantastic Lemon Loves Lime looks.  No matter how she wears these pants she will be ready to run, play, or just hang out with her friends while staying cool and casual this upcoming season.


Spring 2012 Pre-Orders

It is that time of the year again. Here at Everything But The Princess we have scoped out all the great new Spring looks for 2012 from some of our favorite designers and we are ready to share the inside scoop with you, our favorite people in the world, our customers! Now you can get the lowdown on all the great looks from designers like Lemon Loves Lime, Ooh! LaLa Couture Cruise, Ooh LaLa Couture Spring and Summer, Mustard Pie, Curio & Kind, Catimini, Desigual, Deux Par Deux, iLovegorgeous, Kenzo, Jelly the Pug, Elisa B, Luna Luna Copenhagen, Paper Wings, Pixie Girl, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Swimwear, Stella Industries, and Lipstick.

Pre-Orders are a fantastic way to guarantee that you get the best styles of the season in the correct size without delay. No more worrying when the look you and your little princess have been ogling is no longer available in her size. Now you can reserve your favorites and they will ship as soon as they are available. We also offer personal consultations to help you and your princess find the right style and size just for her.  Just contact customer service.

Pre-Orders can be paid for in two different ways. You can pay in full at the time you place your order or you can participate in our 50/50 promotion and pay 50% down and the remaining 50% when your order ships. This is a great deal that allows you to choose your favorite looks now. Simply use the coupon code: PREORDER. Pre-Orders even ship free with the coupon code: SPRING.

Over the next couple of weeks we will highlight one of the brands and their new spring line. So check back every Thursday for a look at Spring’s hottest looks and when they will arrive. Remember that we are always here to help you find the best looks for your little princess!

Superb Sleepwear: Posh Princess Robes

Of course you cannot have a complete princess approved sleepwear collection without an amazing robe. So Everything But The Princess has you covered, both literally and figuratively, in the robe department. Your little princess can now attend slumber parties in the highest of fashion and comfort. She can lounge around the house with sophistication, style, and sass. She can even make that run from the bathroom to the bedroom each morning in class. Posh Princess has several adorable, comfortable, and let’s just face it POSH looks that you and your daughter will love. So why not peruse them for your holiday shopping. There are just days left to get it all done, and now you can even find her one that will keep her in style for the holidays. Better act fast!

Posh Princess Red with White Shag RobePosh Princess Robes Red with White Shag Robe: This ultra soft chenille robe is perfect for the holidays with its red and white colors. Your little princess will certainly feel the holiday spirit in this great robe as she tip toes out to check on those presents under the tree this year.

Posh Princess Robes Black with Hot Pink Shag RobePosh Princess Robes Black with Hot Pink Shag Robe: This hot pink number is always a hit with the girls. The chenille robe is incredibly comfortable and the hot pink and black contrasting colors are hip, cool, and totally rock star for that tween that wants to look and feel the part.

Posh Princess Robes Hot Pink with Black Shag RobePosh Princess Robes Hot Pink with Black Shag Robe: Does your princess prefer more pink to her black? Then she can rock out in this little number each morning. She will feel posh and sophisticated in the pink, yet edgy and cool with the black shag.

Posh Princess Robes Light Pink with White Shag RobePosh Princess Robes Light Pink with White Shag Robe: Perhaps you have a sweet little princess that loves to look sweet, innocent, and precious? This light pink and white shag robe is just up her alley then, as if your princess would ever be in an alley! This sweet robe is not only comfortable it is adorable and will make you smile every time you see your little princess in it.

Superb Sleepwear: Part Three!

Even though she sleeps in them your little princess wants her pajamas to look just as good as her clothes during the day do. That is why Laura Dare has perfect the pajama set. With the different styles of Pink ruffles, animal frenzy, and sweet innocence Laura Dare is the perfect brand for your little girl’s perfect look that will lift her off to dreamland each night. For the last two weeks we have highlighted some of the lovable looks and now we are on to the last great look: Sweet Innocence. These sweet gowns and robes will have your precious little princess set for dreamland, slumber parties, and even those lazy days on the couch!

Laura Dare Sweet Innocence White With Pink Strappy NighgownLaura Dare Sweet Innocence White With Pink Strappy Nightgown: This precious white and pink nightgown will always be a favorite with its beautiful simplicity and innocence. The ruffled bodice and hem adds the perfect touch of sweet and simplicity. Your daughter will love that this nightgown is simple and seems so much more grown up than the other nightgowns she has.

Laura Dare Pink Ribbon HeadbandLaura Dare Pink ribbon Headband: This pink headband adds that extra touch of class and completion to the adorable nightgown. Let your daughter wear it to bed to keep her hair nice each morning. She will feel so grown up with the accessory she will love wearing it each time she wears her new nightgown.

Laura Dare 2pc Pink Frilly Peignoir SetLaura Dare 2 Pc. Pink Frilly Peignoir Set: The perfect way to make her feel special? This beautiful peignoir set will do the trick. The frilly 2 piece set includes the nightgown and bow-accented overlay. She will feel every inch a princess in this posh and sophisticated sleep set.

Laura Dare Sweet Innocence Pink Strappy NighgownLaura Dare Sweet Innocence Pink Strappy Nightgown:  This is the sweetest little nightgown she will ever wear. It is completely simple, soft, and sweet. She will love dozing off in this adorable gown and enjoy wearing it to slumber parties. It will soon become one of her easy go to nightgowns for those nights when all she cares about is the perfect night’s sleep in a comfortable nightgown.

Laura Dare Pink Ruffle Sleep MaskLaura Dare Pink Ruffle Sleep Mask:  An adorable addition to any of the sweet innocence sets. The pretty in pink ruffles will help your little princess off to dreamland every night!

Superb Sleepwear: Part Two!

Your little princess will love the precious pajamas that Everything But The Princess has to offer, she won’t even hesitate to hop into bed early this Christmas Eve. She will be all set for bed hours before her bedtime, and she will want to lounge about even longer than usual on Christmas day just to enjoy her new favorite slumber sets. So hurry in now and check out the incredible options from Laura Dare. You and your princess will have a new affection for bedtime. Last week we highlighted some of the fantastic pink frills collection and this week we are going to spotlight the animal frenzy collection. Your little princess will be wild over these great new sleep styles!

Laura Dare 2pc Animal Frenzy Ruffle Top & Polka Pant SetLaura Dare 2 Pc. Animal Frenzy Ruffle Top & Polka Pant Set: This sassy animal print and polka dot set is absolutely adorable. The set includes a ruffles top and matching polka dot print pajama bottoms. The look is sweet, innocent, and sassy all in one! Not only does it make an excellent Christmas gift it will soon become her favorite set of pjs all year long!

Laura Dare Animal Frenzy Tie Top NightgownLaura Dare Animal Frenzy Tie Top Nightgown: Little girls love nightgowns and this one will surely be her favorite this year! The wild and crazy animal print is full of spunk and sass with an extra dash of femininity. You both will love the pink polka dot ribboned accents, and for only $28 you will love the perfect price!

Laura Dare 2pc Animal Frenzy Tie Top Pajama SetLaura Dare 2 Pc. Animal Frenzy Tie Top Pajama Set:  The twin to the gorgeous nightgown this beautiful two piece pajama set has all the same beautiful animal print, polka dots, and pink ribboned accents in a precious pant set. Now your daughter can choose which look she feels like sporting, a gorgeous gown, or playful pajama set.

Laura Dare Hot Pink Polka Dot Ruffle Sleep MaskLaura Dare Hot Pink Polka Dot Ruffle Sleep Mask: let her have some fun with her sleepwear this year by adding this adorable sleep mask. It is fun and functional. Now she can get some shut eye even with the lights on, and enjoy how great her new pajama sets look with this amazing accessory.

Check back Next Week for some more amazing pajamas from Laura Dare!