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Spring 2012 Pre-Order: Dollcake and Babycake

Dollcake and Babycake are an incredible brand flown straight from down under. As one of our favorite Australian designers we feature them season in and season out for their beauty, grace, and incredible feminine looks. They never cease to surprise us at Everything But The Princess with their incredible appreciation of the precious and girly style they have perfected, and this year is no different. Their looks are perfect for fancy family portraits, pageants, parties, or just those beautiful days when your little princess wants to look the part of the beautiful princess we all know she is.

Dollcake Sugar Rush Tulle Skirt *Preorder*Dollcake Sugar Rush Tulle Skirt *Pre-Order*: Nothing is as sweet as a pettiskirt. They can be frilly and soft and totally feminine. It is one of the rare things we girls get to enjoy any day we want to. This beautiful pettiskirt is the softest tulle with lace trim and chiffon ruffles. The satin waistband allows for it to be adjusted perfectly to your daughter’s size with a beautiful satin ribbon. Now she can be as beautiful and fancy as she wants to be any day of the week.

Dollcake Tea Cosy Dress *Preorder*Dollcake Tea Cosy Dress *Pre-Order*: This soft and feminine dress is a beautiful vintage piece that features details of lace trim and crocheted patches in the perfect princess styling. It is delicate yet tough and will not fall apart with wear. While she may look like a porcelain doll in this fabulous vintage style we know how tough that little princess really is!

Babycake Vintage Blush Frilly Shorts *Preorder*Babycake Vintage Blush Frilly Shorts *Pre-Order*: Not even the littlest princess’ escape notice in these adorable looks. This super soft and feminine look will turn heads at Mommy and Me class faster than a cheetah. The gathered lace is divine, but paired with the cute shorts and blush top it is simply to die for.

Dollcake Pink Pout Tulle Skirt *Preorder*Dollcake Pink Pout Tulle Skirt *Pre-Order*: Pettiskirts are the divine right of all girls, so of course even the smallest get their own. With the chiffon ruffles and adjustable satin ribbon waist your littlest princess will be looking like the soon to be queen we all know she is.


Holiday 2011: Fashions for Your Sugarplum

It is never too early to start thinking about the holidays. They will be here before you know it, it is already September, only 3 short months till Christmas time and you will want your little princess to look like a festive little sugarplum this holiday season. To find the best outfits for all those festive occasions head over to Everything But The Princess where you will find all the best brands with incredible holiday inspirations including Eliane Et Lena, and Biscotti. But not all holiday inspirations need to be about fancy dresses. Check out some of the cute outfits and sets that will make your little one’s holiday a little more free and fun with looks from Belle Ame and Books To bed sets for your tiniest princess.

Eliane Et Lena Red Nanako DressEliane Et Lena Red Nanako Dress: This great holiday inspired piece is a bright and cheery red with ruffles, bows, and embellished sleeves and skirt. This fabulous European styled dress is perfect for holiday parties and Christmas day festivities. Your little princess will feel like a Christmas queen in this fabulous frock, she may not even care if one of her presents has socks in it.

Biscotti Red Petal Dress and ShrugBiscotti Red petal Dress and Shrug: This adorable little frock is perfect for baby’s first Christmas. The tulle skirt is voluminous and fun and the sweet shrug is perfect to keep baby warm in cooler rooms all day long. The bodice has adorable red petals and is sleeveless allowing for baby to wear the dress alone or with the shrug for added warmth and layers. No matter how she wears it you will want to make sure you have your camera ready all day long.

Belle Ame Red and White Striped TightsBelle Ame Red and White Striped Tights: Not all holiday looks need to be so formal, they can be fun as well as adorable. This Belle Ame outfit is just that, fun, adorable, and holiday inspired. The white top features a petal neckline while the tulle and sequined look skirt adds a little more holiday flair almost reminiscent of a sugarplum fairy. The red and white tights are just like candy canes and the whole look just screams sweetness!

Books To Bed Twas The Night Before Christmas Pajamas & Book SetBooks To Bed Twas The Night Before Christmas Pajamas & Book Set: One of the best parts of having little ones at holiday time is the great traditions you can begin with them and continue for years to come. Why not start with a great little set from Books To Bed, this set comes with a book and a pair of pajamas. This set has the perfect theme for the holidays, Twas The Night Before Christmas. Now you and your little one can cuddle up in style and enjoy a great holiday classic together.

A Hullabaloo for Halabaloo: Fall Pre-Order 2011

Halabaloo is a fantastic fashion line that caters to young girls and their beautiful dresses. In today’s world young girls are growing up and dressing up way to early in life, and Halabaloo is interested in keeping them young and innocent for just a little bit longer. With their fabulous frocks girls are portrayed as innocent sweet angels in precious pinks, blues, purples, and other sweet colors and styles that are the perfect cut for a young girl. The dresses are knee-length and flatter your daughter’s youth without overpowering her and putting her on display. These dresses have been a hit since they first came out and this year’s fall 2011 collection will once again wow and impress all one delightful dress at a time. Now you can find the fall 2011 Halabaloo collection at Everything But The Princess. Arriving in September you can pre-order these beauties now and have them arrive just in time for school, and holiday time. What is better than a beautiful dress? How about a beautiful dress that ships for free? Simply use the coupon FALLFREE for free shipping!Halabaloo Eggplant Bouquet Dress *Preorder*

Halabaloo Eggplant Bouquet Dress *Pre-Order*: This adorable dress looks like it is a walking bouquet. T has a high gathered skirt with a bright ribbon and the entire dress looks like it is covered in the most beautiful eggplant colored blooms. Your little girl will feel bright, shiny, and delicate in this great dress. Halabaloo Navy with Silver Foil Dot Print Dress *Preorder*

Halabaloo Navy with Silver Foil Dot Print Dress *Pre-Order*: What a spectacular dress for holiday parties this season. The navy and silver foil dots give the appearance of a finely wrapped present. This dress shines with wonder, happiness, and excitement. The high gathered skirt will make your little princess feel like a princess in this little gown. The incredible colors and sheen will make her feel as if she is the prettiest present under the tree.

Halabaloo Gray Heather Tulle Ruffle Skirt *Preorder*Halabaloo Gray heather Tulle Ruffle Skirt *Pre-Order*: This layered tulle skirt is the perfect muted color for incredible accessories and accents like the adorable Halabaloo Gray Heather Cardigan with Flowers *Pre-Order.* Paired together the beautiful pink flowers accentuate the skirt perfectly for a sweet and precious look for any little girl this season. Halabaloo Pink Jersey Dress with Ruffle Flower *Preorder*

Halabaloo Pink Jersey Dress with Ruffle Flower Dress *Pre-Order*: This pink jersey dress features a fantastic flower made of ruffles. The flower spreads across the bodice of this fantastic frock and is accented by ruffled tiers across the beautiful skirt. The pretty pink color will appeal to your sweet little princess and she will enjoy wearing this dress all season long.

Joan Calabrese Pre-Order: Special Occasion Dress This Season

Joan Calabrese special occasion dresses are gorgeous intricately designed masterpieces that are meant to be worn and passed down from girl to girl in the family for years of beautiful dresses and gorgeous holidays, weddings, and other great occasions. The fabric in these beautiful gowns is of incredible quality and the designs are classic and timeless. They can be worn by multiple girls over the years and never lose their beauty or style. These fantastic frocks can be worn for many different occasions and will always wow with their incredible appearance. Now you can take a look at some of the beautiful styles Joan Calabrese is offering this season at Everything But The Princess. Now you can preview and pre-order your favorites from these amazing looks for all those great occasions you have waiting in the wings for your girls this year. With options like these you won’t know which to choose!

Joan Calabrese Black Ruffle Party Dress *Preorder*Joan Calabrese Black Ruffle Party Dress *Pre-Order*: This spectacular party dress will make all the holiday parties shine when your daughter walks in. The black dress features a halter style neck with a cinched and belted waist accentuating her waist and highlighting the ruffles of the skirt. The voluminous ruffled skirt adds dimension and elegance to this understated yet breathtaking dress. She will love this dress and enjoy any chance to wear it.

Joan Calabrese Indygo Ruffle Party Dress *Preorder*Joan Calabrese Indygo Ruffle Party Dress *Pre-Order*: Just like its twin the black ruffle party dress this indigo colored frock is vibrant and jewel-like in its beauty. The ruffles look even lighter in this color and make the dress seem very ephemeral and wispy. She will enjoy this dress immensely, as will her sisters or cousins after her!

Joan Calabrese Dark Rose Tafetta Showstopper DressJoan Calabrese Dark Rose Taffeta Showstopper Dress *Pre-Order*: This beautiful dark rose tafetta gown is breathtaking and unique. The long skirt in the back gives it a bit of elegance as if the dress were destined to be worn by some European Princess as she tours a foreign country as a diplomat. With the ribbon belted waist accentuating your daughters small waist she will indeed look regal when she emerges in this gorgeous gown. It is vibrant and bold and will have all eyes on her.

Charabia Pre-Orders: Holiday Dresses Abound!

Charabia Silver Sequin Dress with Sash *Preorder*Coming straight from all the specialty shops n Paris this year are the most beautiful special occasion dresses for your little girls. Charabia is well known in over 15 countries for providing the best high-end fashions from their boutique brand based out of Paris, France. With these high-end incredible masterpieces of wearable art your little girl will make this year’s holiday party, or family portrait, or any other grand occasion the most beautiful event outside of fashion week in Paris. Now you do not have to travel all the way to the City of Lights just for a special dress. Just head on over to Everything But The Princess to get your hands on Charabia’s best looks this fall and winter. Right now Everything But The Princess has Charabia’s fall 2011 collection available in the pre-order section where you can not only preview the great designs for this coming season but also order a magnificent dress for your little princess, and it will ship beginning in August! So hurry in a see the beauties now! Charabia Irredesent Pink/Lilac Petal Hem Dress *Preorder*

Charabia Silver Sequin Dress with Sash *Pre-Order*: This exquisite silver dress features silver baubles and silver ruffles across the dress that catches the light and create a brilliant and dazzling light effect in the glow of winter lights. It also features a silver sash across the waist. This dress is perfect for a winter party dress; it is reminiscent of a winter storm or snow that glitters as the Christmas lights bound off of it. It will light up any room and make your little girl the center of attention this season.

Charabia Royal Blue Sequin Dress with Sash *Preorder*Charabia Iridescent Pink/Lilac Petal Hem Dress *Pre-Order*: Holiday time is the perfect time for things that light up and shine, and this iridescent dress does exactly that. The Pink and Lilac iridescent material simply shines and glitters in the lights making your little girl glow with beauty and shine with happiness. The petal skirt makes the dress look like it could be a holiday flower blooming right before your very eyes, opening in the brilliance of the light and becoming the most beautiful thing in the room.

Charabia Royal Blue Sequin Dress with Sash *Pre-Order*: Much like its sister the Silver Sequin dress, this blue version simply glows with perfection and happiness. The blue color makes you feel happy and lighthearted; it is bright and vibrant and would look beautiful on any little girl. Unlike the silver dress it shines with multi-colors of blue, white and silver as the light catches it. It produces a calming effect as the color blue often does, and will charm anyone who sees your little girl in it this season.

Charabia Iridescent Blue with feather Sleeve Dress *Pre-Order*: This iridescent number adds some sophistication to its shine by adding some dark feathers at the sleeves. Feathers add depth and lend a more grown up quality to the dress, making your little girl feel special like she is the fanciest girl at the party. The sash sits just below the waist and the color reaches to the neck, the most dramatic thing about this dress is indeed the feathers. With something as special and feathers you do not need a lot of extra distractions on the dress, your daughter will love this dress and enjoy wearing it no matter how long and boring the holiday party is. Charabia Irredesent Blue with Feather Sleeve Dress *Preorder*

Fall Pre-Order: Persnickety

Persnickety is a great brand for young girls. Started by the daughter of an interior designer that grew up loving great textiles and colors she incorporates her amazing styles into outfits that are modest yet playful for young girls. Persnickety believes in building self-esteem in young girls through fun clothes that help them realize they can be adventurous and outrageous without sacrificing self-respect and modesty. Over the years they have achieved this and much more with their vintage inspired frocks. This fall they have an amazing new line and Everything But The Princess has a special preview, and in August-September Everything But The Princess will have these great new frocks, so hurry in now for pre-orders!

Persnickety Graphite Bubble Skirt *Preorder*Looking for something fantastic to dress up in this fall? Check out the Persnickety Gold Ruffle Tunic Pre-Order. This gorgeous gold tunic will be one of her favorite things this fall. She can pair it with the Persnickety Graphite Bubble skirt Pre-Order for a great dressy look that will be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner! Make it even more fun by adding these great Persnickety Gray Ruffle Leg Warmers Pre-Order.

Persnickety Cranberry Sugar Rosette Tunic *Preorder*Want something more playful for your little girl for a back-to-school outfit? Try this Persnickety Cranberry Sugar Rosette Tunic Pre-Order and pair it with the Persnickety Blue Floral Double Ruffle Bells Pre-Order. The fun patterns are perfect for a first day at school look. Everyone wants to make a splash their first day. This outfit will make your daughter the girl to remember this fall for sure!

Totally Hip Accessories: Part Two

Our accessories are so cool they can stand alone in an outfit. Your daughter will love going back to her favorite accessories, but we have so many to choose from she will love finding new ones. Check out some of these new headbands that double as a hat. Or our gorgeous crocheted hats. No matter what kind of day she is having our hats will top it off with style.

Black Hat Feather Headband Reema DesignsReema Designs Black Hat Feather Headband: This is a new fun and funky headband with a hat attached to it. Your daughter will love wearing this hat without worrying about getting hat hair. She can fix her hair nice and still slide on this sweet headband and its adorning hat and look funky and stylish! This black, white, and pink style with a black and white feather is hip and funky for that daring girl!

Reema Designs Red Headband with White Tulle: This style has a slightly more classic look for a girl with class and style. The White doily-like hat is gorgeous and understated. The bright read tulle feather lends its spunk to the white hat, and the person who wears it!

Straw Hat with Pink Feathers Reema DesignsReema Designs Straw Hat with Pink Feathers: This is a gorgeous pink and white creation that will let your daughter show off her girly side. Every girl wants to go a little crazy with her pretty accessories every now and then. This is the perfect choice for that day. The white and pink are such sweet combinations they make people think of innocence and sweetness, think sweet cupcakes, soft baby blankets. But combined with some crazy feathers and a pretty flower they create a more fashion forward cool, and sassy look. Your daughter will be on the cutting edge of fashion, and she will feel wild and innocent all at the same time.

Screaming Beauty Red with Red Flower Hat: Red is one of the most daring colors in the spectrum. It makes people think of passion and all things wild, crazy, and bold. Let your daughter be a little bold. Boldness is good in small doses. Your daughter could be whatever she wants to be, give her the boldness to believe that. Boldness is a feeling; it is a moment of power, a moment of confidence. Your daughter can feel all these thingswith just one great day, one great grade, and one great outfit. Anything that makes us feel good can give us power. This great bold and beautiful hat will give your daughter that edge she needs on a tough day. Red is empowering, empower your daughter and give her the opportunity to have a great day!

Easter Choices: Baby Girls

Easter is creeping up quickly. Do you have the perfect Easter ensemble for your baby girl yet? Well look no further than Everything But The Princess. We have some of the best choices for your baby girl this Easter. She will look just as precious as the little sweetheart she is.

Dinah Lounge Set by Luna Luna TaffyLuna Luna Taffy2Pc. Dinah Lounge Set: This dress and bloomer set is an excellent choice for Easter Sunday. It is delicate and pink with vines and flowers, how appropriate for spring. The sweet boy around the neckline is the perfect accent if her hair is up off of her neck; it will look amazing with some sweet tendril curls. Pair with the Pom Pom Hairband Dream Collection Light Pink and highlight her beautiful baby hair.

Domi Pink Floral Dress Room SevenRoom seven Domi Pink Floral Dress: This precious outfit is just right for Easter. The little flowers are just right for the beginning of spring. The pretty pinks and greens will make your little girl look like she is blooming right along with the great new season. Pair with these Primigi Andes Azelea White Patent Mary Janes and let her run around as long as her little legs will carry her this Easter. White Patent Mary Jane Shoe Primigi Andes / Azelea

Kaiya Eve Pink Rainbow Baby Dress: This sweet little ruffled dress is perfect for your baby girl this Easter. It has all the bright colors of spring and Easter. The pinks, Yellows, and Blues go together like peanut butter and jelly. Pair with this Baby’s in Bloom Isobella Gerbera Daisy Clip. It will give your baby girl the sweetest look at the Easter get together this year. Everyone will love how sweet she looks as she hunts for eggs.

The Perfect Look for Easter: Part Two

Dressing up is part of the fun of Easter, which is why we offer a variety of different beautiful looks for your little girl at Everything But The Princess. Earlier this week we shared one of this season’s most beautiful dresses available from Biscotti and we highlighted some great things to pair it with for an elegant yet playful Easter look. Today we have a few more options that will look great on your little princess. No matter which style you choose your little princess will look like the darling we know she is.

Isobella & Chloe Blue and White Scalloped DressIsobella & Chloe Blue and white Scalloped Dress: This is a beautiful choice for an Easter Dress. The soft blue color is the color of the perfect spring sky and will light your daughter with the beauty of a perfect spring day. The tulle is gathered at the skirt and gives your daughter a full skirted appearance highlighting her young and narrow waist. There is a delicate flower accent just under the bodice of the dress that is perfect for the spring. Pair it with these Pazitos White Ballet Flat With Ribbon Ties. For added elegance and flair add this Isobella & Chloe Blue Tulle Flowered Headband. Whether her hair is styled up or down this headband will accentuate the spectacular dress and finish off her perfect spring look.

Luna Luna Taffy Rose DressLuna Luna Taffy Rose Dress: This sweet look is absolutely precious on a little girl. The soft pink color looks amazing against her youthful and blushing complexion. Any young girl will look great in this a-line style. The shape will accentuate the narrow waist and the cut is flattering on anyone. The sweet rose at the bodice is an excellent accent for spring. Because it is a sleeveless dress you may want to pair it with a light sweater like this Luna Luna Taffy Lily Shrug. Available in different color shades you will probably want to stick to the taffy color for this particular dress. Pair it with some Pazitos Pink ballet Flats with Ribbon Ties for a completed ensemble.

Mint Flower Dress Le Pink "Tinkerbell"Or try this Le Pink “Tinkerbell” Mint Flower Dress for Easter. Not only do the colors and flowers make great accents for spring your daughter will feel like she is dressed up as one of her favorite little friends for the holiday. Pair with some great Pazitos White Ballet Flat With Ribbon Ties or these L’amour Shoes & Sandals Lime Green Tiny Flowers Sandals. Let her hair flow freely for a sweet and natural look. She will feel like a true fairy princess in this great outfit.

Check back next week for some great baby Easter dress choices!

The Perfect Look for Easter: Part One

Here at Everything But The Princess we love pretty things, and we love the excuse to get dressed up. Easter is just around the corner and we are excited because many will be dressing up for the day and we have the best ideas for that perfect Easter look. Spring brings the perfect opportunity to dress in sweet patterns, fabrics, and brightly hued colors. Little girls can get fancy with accessories and sandals thanks to the warmer weather, and we now have some fabulous footwear available in some amazing spring designs.

Pink Chiffon Cascade Dress by biscotti This Easter get dressed up in one of Biscotti’s new spring styles. This Biscotti Pink Chiffon Cascade Dress is the perfect dress for Easter. The soft pink color and the long-flowing ruffles will look absolutely lovely on your little girl. She will feel soft, sweet, and special this spring in this delicate dress. The halter top is the perfect cut for spring; she will enjoy the fact that she can wear something that doesn’t cover her from head-to-toe as she has all winter long. Now that spring is finally here she can enjoy the sun on her shoulders.

Pink Ballet Flat With Ribbon Ties pazitosPair it with these precious Pazitos Pink Ballet Flats with Ribbon Ties. The ribbons will give them a classier appearance which will accentuate her sweet and soft look. They pair well with the colors of the Biscotti Pink Chiffon and she will feel comfortable in the long day with family in this comfortable flats. They have just enough whimsy to be fun and enjoyable to wear, she won’t feel like she is a baby in these sweet flats.

Ivory Dahlia Hair ClipAccentuate her soft and elegant look with a delicious hair clip. The Baby’s In Bloom Ivory Dahlia Hair Clip will add some pizzazz to her soft look and make her feel special. The glam factor of the hair clip will brighten her mood and make her classic look a bit more modern and will give her a feeling of youth and brilliance. It is important when dressing up your daughter to give her something that will make her feel young and look sweet and innocent. Pairing this sweet hair clip with the more mature dress balances the classic look and keeps it young and fun.