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Elaine Et Lena Back to School Fashions for Girls

elaine1elaine3Get ready to embrace the school hallway with fabulous fashions. Elaine Et Lena is one kid’s designer that we have our eyes on this season. Elaine Et Lena mixes classic prints with adorable styles.

Back to School Classic

The cardigan is the perfect accessory to any outfit. The Eliane Et Lena Navy Fiji Cotton Cardigan  is a gorgeous navy color that pairs well with many fall styles. It especially looks darling with the Eliane Et Lena Navy Lisburn Skirt and the Eliane Et Lena Fuchsia Carlton Tee .

Aztec Cuteness

The Aztec fashion isn’t just for the summer. You can enjoy fun Aztec prints in the fall too with Elaine Et Lena’s stylish designs. Eliane Et Lena Black/Coral Isy Dress is one fun look for fall. The model is wearing this cute dress layered with the Eliane Et Lena Yanagi Coral Tee and Eliane Et Lena Coral Miyamoto Leggings . Mix and match this Aztec-print dress with other fall colors too.

Sweet Tweedelaine2

We haven’t seen tweed used lately in little girl fall fashions, and we are loving how Elaine Et Lena brings it back to style. The Eliane Et Lena Arl Tweed Skirt is a pretty skirt for the fall season. The black and white classic look pairs well with so many fashions. This skirt looks absolutely adorable with the Eliane Et Lena Ecru Greta Tee and the Eliane Et Lena Black Charlene Blazer . Can trendy girl fashion get any smarter looking?

Another fun tweed fashion is the Eliane Et Lena Black Line Tweed Jumper . This jumper can be paired with several different blouse and tight choices. Wear this jumper with flats or boots. These fashions come in sizes 4-12.

You don’t want to miss out on these fun girl fashions. Elaine Et Lena preorders are ready to ship out the end of August and beginning of September. Remember all preorder outfits will ship free with an order total over $299 – just use the code FALLFREE.

10 Reasons to Love Everything But The Princess This Season

10 Reasons to Love Everything But The Princess

Fun: Girls want to express themselves and just have fun! Princess: What girl doesn’t love to let her imagination go? Even the tomboys have a fantasy side. Color: Bright and cheerful – with a broad palette of gorgeous colors, she can create infinite combinations. Special Delivery: Each package is lovingly wrapped and delivered worldwide – quickly and at a reasonable cost. Shoes: From everyday to amazing, unique footwear makes her mark. Service: Shopping with Everything But The Princess is like having your own stylist and personal assistant. Glitz: Glitter, glamor and glitz – sparkling outfits and accessories accent the twinkle in her eye. Formal: Exquisitely beautiful, or elegantly simple – find your perfect dress. Wonder: Explore worlds of color, pattern and design that will enchant your hungry eyes. Unique: She can step ahead of the crowd in unique and unusual ensembles that are guaranteed to set her apart.

Special thanks to Mandy Lynne for her beautiful mailbox image used in our collage. You can view her portfolio and visit her Etsy shop at mandylynn.com.

Spirit Hoods Pouncing on to the Scene

Spirit Hoods is a great line that kids love, they are fun and playful and connect kids with their animal friends. Now kids can enjoy their favorite furry animals in a way they never could before, by actually gearing up and looking just like them. Spirit Hoods are handmade with quality faux fur, which helps to teach kids to love their favorite animals for their beauty and majesty and not just their fur. The hoods are cuddly and soft and will soon become your little princess’ favorite accessory in cool weather. Now they can always feel connected with their favorite furry animal from wolves to pandas your little princess will be able to share her favorite furry friend with the whole world this winter. What makes these hoods so environmentally friendly? Not only are they made of faux fur they are also locally made right here in the United States. Los Angeles isn’t just known for angels now, now they are known for their amazing wildlife too!

Spirit Hoods Gray Wolf HoodSpirit Hoods Gray Wolf Hood: For the little princess that loves gray wolves. Gray wolves are known for their loyalty and their tight family bonds. Now your daughter can be just like them in her hoodie this winter.

Spirit Hoods Leopard Hood Spirit Hoods Leopard Hood: The leopard is one of the smartest of the feline family, and they are excellent communicators. Know a girl with those traits? Does she love to look great? Then this is the hoodie for her.

Spirit Hoods Husky Spirit Hoods Husky: The husky is a beautiful and graceful dog that is strong and brave. Now your little girl can be too.

Spirit Hoods Panda Hood Spirit Hoods Panda Hood: Pandas are exotic, rare, and loving creatures. It is no wonder so many people love them. Now your daughter can be a panda too.

Spirit Hoods Snow Leopard with Pink Paws Hood Spirit Hoods Snow Leopard with Pink Paws Hood: Snow leopards are majestic, gracefully, and incredibly smart. Let your little girl experience their power with a hoodie this winter.

Spirit Hoods Brown Bear Spirit Hoods Brown Bear: Brown bears are brave, strong, and incredibly American. Let your little girl show off her strength this winter with this great brown bear hoodie.

Leggings and Tights Oh My!

Fall brings that crisp cool weather we all secretly love. And why do we secretly love it? Because of all the great looks we can pull off in that cooler weather. Like leggings and tights. All those dresses and skirts we loved all summer long can now have a whole new life with a great pair of leggings or tights underneath them. Boots have a new companion in some great tights. And tunics become the hit of an ensemble with some amazing leggings. No longer do our legs have to go naked into the world, now they can be adorned with vibrant colors, patterns, and styles galore. Here is just a look at some of the great tights and leggings available at Everything But The Princess this fall. Pick one pair, two pair, or just go crazy and pick all your favorites for some great new looks this fall!

Mim Pi White/Black Amazing Girls TightsMim Pi White/Black Amazing Girls Tights: Great black and white tints that go great with a dress or skirt by Mim Pi. They even feature an incredible black and white girl graphic that will wow all fall long.

Kate Mack Black JeggingsKate Mack Black Leggings: Basic black is always important in the fashion world. You can never go wrong with the essential, and Kate Mack knows how to make basic black look good!

Pom Pom Gray Yolande LeggingsPom Pom Gray Yolande Leggings: Great grey ruched leggings look great with everything. Accentuate the ruching with some great boots this fall. You will love the look!

Persnickety Gold/Chocolate Dot LeggingsPersnickety Gold/Chocolate Dot Leggings: Chocolate and gold are two favorites in the girl world, and paired together they created an incredible polka dot pair of leggings. Great for boots, skirts, and dresses. The bold pattern is not only fun it is gorgeous.