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Ilovegorgeous: Spring 2012

Ilovegorgeous is an elegant girl’s line that features European sophistication with the whimsy of a little girls world. Their fantastic dresses are precious on any little princess with their sweet colors, whimsical cuts, and of course their adorable accessories every little girl will wish she has at least one of the new spring looks for her own closet. Now thanks to Everything But The Princess you can help your little girl complete that simple dream by finding her an absolutely gorgeous frock from Ilovegorgeous for her spring apparel. Just don’t forget the precious accessories!

ilovegorgeous Sea Green Sylvie Gauld DressIlovegorgeous Sea green Sylvie Gauld Dress: Your little girl can look like one of the fairy woodland princesses in this adorable dress. The sea green hued Gauld dress is reminiscent of a look that tinker bell and her woodland friends would flaunt in the beautiful spring nights as they fly to and fro lighting up the forest. Now your little princess can look as mythically beautiful in this beautiful dress this spring. It features soft layers and satin trim in the soft green hue.

ilovegorgeous Warm Pink Funky SundressIlovegorgeous Warm Pink Funky Sundress: This bright beautiful sundress is perfect for spring with its incredibly vibrant colors it simply screams spring and fun. The dress is a fun and funky layered dress in warm pink cotton and features a gold sequin trim across the bodice which also features satin straps. Any little princess will feel fun and fashionable in this incredible frock.

ilovegorgeous Hot Coral/Yellow Pom Pom HeadbandIlovegorgeous Hot Coral/Yellow Pom Pom Headband: This fun and funky headband pairs excellently with the Pink Funky Sundress. The colors are bright and fun just like the dress and any girl that loves the dress will love to dress it up even more with a fun and funky hair accessory.

ilovegorgeous Goa Print Sunset DressIlovegorgeous Goa Print Sunset Dress: A precious chiffon paisley print dress with possible inspirations from the 60’s and 70’s this look is simply spectacular for spring. The wispy appearance of the chiffon fabric makes this dress perfect for warmer weather and the pretty paisley pattern is a great look for spring.

Spring 2012 Pre-Order: Catimini

Catimini loves designing clothes that feature bold prints, outrageous colors, and versatile looks. This spring they have wowed their fans again with their spectacular new spring line full of incredible prints, patterns, graphics, colors, and versatile style. Everything But The Princess is proud to offer Catimini’s new spring collection in their 25th year of children’s clothing with us!  This year Catimini will only be available in certain stores as it has recently decreased its presence in other outlets. Everything But The Princess remains one of Catimini’s favorite outlets and will continue to offer their amazing looks and styles. That means if you want to see and purchase the great new looks offered by Catimini you should head over to Everything But The Princess now for a sneak peak at the pre-order selections before they fly off our shelves!

Catimini Spirit Denim Graphic TankCatimini Spirit Denim Graphic Tank *Pre-Order*: This adorable and brightly hued tank is perfect for spring. The bow tied straps add whimsy and spring fun while the flowers and French saying make a graceful and beautiful statement on the front.

Catimini Spirit Denim Turquoise Dot LeggingCatimini Spirit Denim Turquoise Dot Legging *Pre-Order*: These turquoise leggings feature white polka dots and pair excellently with the denim graphic tank for a playful outfit fit for a great day at the park.

Catimini Spirit Denim Tropical Floral Skirt *Preorder*Catimini Spirit Denim Tropical Floral Skirt *Pre-Order*: Catimini is all about versatility that is why so many of their spectacular outfits can mix and match to create new incredible styles. This adorable tropical floral skirt pairs excellently with the denim graphic tank for a fresh spring style!

Catimini Spirit Denim Spirit City Black Tank *Preorder*Catimini Spirit Denim Spirit City Black Tank *Pre-Order*: What girl wouldn’t want to rock a tank with a girl rocker and guitar gracing the front. This bold black tank isn’t just about style it is about girl power! Now your little princess can enjoy wearing her favorite top while making a bold statement at the same time!

Catimini Spirit City Red Polka Dot Twirl Skirt *Preorder*Catimini Spirit City Red Polka Dot Skirt *Pre-Order*: This adorable and rock star quality skirt pairs incredibly with the black city tank. For a bold tough yet beautiful girl look, the two pair together to create a style all about power, fun, and freedom!

Catimini Spirit City Black Polka Dot Cherry Shorts *Preorder*Catimini Spirit City Black Polka Dot Cherry Shorts *Pre-Order*: Feel like pumping in some more classic girl style into your city tank? Pair it with these great new shorts. They have all the femininity and softness that you and your daughter love while still maintaining that fierce look!

Spring 2012 Pre-Order: Deux Par Deux

Deux Par Deux has done it yet again. Their spring 2012 collection has all the bright fun themes and colors that fans of their brand have come to expect over the years. Bright hues will grace your little princess’ closet this year when you choose your favorite looks from Deux Par Deux’s spring collection. Bright oranges, pinks, and reds are the colors stealing the scene this spring. From the nautical look to island florals your little princess will shine with class, style, and color. All you have to do to prepare her for the best dressed season of her year is head over to Everything But The Princess and check out the amazing pre-orders available now from Deux Par Deux. Outfits begin arriving in March so hurry in and re-order your favorite looks now. If you need special sizes or styles feel free to contact our customer service and we will order them for you!

Deux Par Deux Color of My Dream Light Pink Flowered Dress *Preorder*Deux Par Deux Color of My Dream Light Pink Flowered Dress *Pre-Order*: An adorable look for spring this dress features a bodice with a button placket in front with accent colors around the neck and bottom. The light pink and orange flowers are reminiscent of tropical island flowers and your little princess will feel like she is on a tropical vacation every time she wears this beautiful dress.

Deux Par Deux Back to Black Gingham Check Skirt *Preorder*Deux Par Deux Black Gingham Check Skirt *Pre-Order*: This trendy look is a huge hit with the girls. The large to small checked ruffles add a punch of rock star to the outfit making the separate tulle layers of the skirt seem hip and trendy. The red trim adds another pop of color and the full skirt just begs for some great music and incredible dance moves.

Deux Par Deux Douce Marine Lipstick Red Jersey Dress *Preorder*Deux Par Deux Douce Marine Lipstick Red Jersey Dress *Pre-Order*: This dress has a look of a two piece skirt and shirt ensemble but is actually a solid piece drop-waist dress. The striped red and white front and the red and white starred sides add a nautical element to the modern look. The denim skirt is accented with buttons for a fun and whimsical look.

Deux Par Deux Si Jolie Carmine Rose Drop Waist Jersey Dress *Preorder*Deux Par Deux Si Jolie Carmine Rose Drop-Waist Jersey Dress *Pre-Order*: Pink and white go excellently together and this outfit is the perfect example. This drop-waist dress features a bold pattern of roses on the skirt and a bold graphic of a girl’s face on the sleeveless top. It echoes a French chic look and will drive your little princess wild when she sees how chic she looks sporting it all spring long!

Spring 2012 Pre-Orders: Lemon Loves Lime

Lemon Loves Lime has been a favorite designer at Everything But The Princess for many seasons, and every year we are surprised by the new and fantastic designs that show up at our favorite shows. We cannot help but collect all the best looks for our favorite customers. That is why this year we have found the most amazing looks for a bright and beautiful new year in 2012, from dresses to shirts to gaucho pants. We have all the great looks to keep your little princess styling all through the spring and summer seasons.

Lemon Loves Lime Navy/White Sailing Dress Set *Preorder*Lemon Loves Lime Navy/White Sailing Dress Set *Pre-Order*: This darling navy and white sailing dress is the perfect look for the spring when all your little girl wants to do is be outside and be seen. It comes with an adorable pair of capri pants that create the ideal nautical look. All she needs is some sailing shoes, a yacht, and a fruity drink and she is ready for the open seas!

Lemon Loves Lime Pink Carnation Baby Blowfish Dress *Pre-Order*: Even the littlest princess’ love Lemon Loves Lime and no wonder in this great drop waist pink carnation ruffle dress they are not only incredibly adorable but incredibly comfortable. The bubble-rific blowfish on the bodice is fun and whimsical for the spring and summer season.

Lemon Loves Lime Rose Shadow Ice Cream Sunday Shirt *Preorder*Lemon Loves Lime Rose Shadow Ice Cream Sunday Shirt *Pre-Order*: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Your little princess will love this delicious tee. The delectable tee is perfect for spring and summer with all the colors a girl could love. Now if only it actually came with a delicious ice cream cone!

Lemon Loves Lime Pink Carnation Baby Blowfish Dress *Preorder*Lemon Loves Lime Capri Gaucho Pants *Preorder*Lemon Loves Lime Capri Gaucho Pants *Pre-Order*: These capri gaucho pants are hot for spring and summer. They feature hearts and ruffles and an adorable rick rack pocket. Your princess can pair it with the adorable matching tee or if she is feeling adventurous any of the other fantastic Lemon Loves Lime looks.  No matter how she wears these pants she will be ready to run, play, or just hang out with her friends while staying cool and casual this upcoming season.


Thanksgiving Sale!!

Thanksgiving Sale

While many will be camping out looking for the best deals this black Friday you can get a head start on all that fantastic holiday shopping without ever leaving your nice warm home, or even getting up early! Simply check out the amazing deals and styles available now at Everything But The Princess. You can buy more and save more at the same time. Do you want your little princess to look her best this holiday season? Look no further than the great Thanksgiving Sale. Find great styles from Kaiya Eve, 3 Pommes, Angela Frost, Baby Sara, Baby’s in Bloom, Barbara Farber and SO many more.

Look for deals of up to:

25% off on orders of $100 coupon code: Coupon SAVE25

30% off on orders of $200 coupon code: Coupon SAVE30

35% off on orders of $300 coupon code: Coupon SAVE35

40% off on orders $401 and UP! Coupon code: Coupon SAVE40

BKARO Black Striped Tee with BowRight now you can look at over 29 pages of incredible designer boutique styles for your little girl that will wow her all year long. No need to stand in long lines just to get a chance to rifle through some clothes that have already been tried on by dozens of little girls and tossed on the ground as refuse. Your little princess deserves much better than that, so why not peruse the incredible looks of BKARO and pick her out an incredible complete look including a BKARO Gray Pleated Skirt, BKARO Black Striped tee with Bow, BKARO Black Stretch Leggings, and a BKARO Gray Cable Knit Hat? Now your princess has a look that will work all winter long with boots or flats at a great steal of a deal price. And you never even left that turkey alone in the kitchen! You can find deals like these and more at Everything But The Princess now. No lines, no rush, and no tent required. Hurry in, or go make a coffee and lounge with your blanket while you scan the site anytime this week. Sounds pretty good huh? BKARO Gray Pleated Skirt

Ooh La La Couture Cruise Wear!

You cannot go on a cruise without at least one fantastic dress. Here at Everything But The Princess we know a thing or two about fantastic dresses and that is why we stock the best dresses that Ooh La La Couture has to offer in cruise wear. This November you can find the most beautiful dresses for your little princess in our Cruise wear Pre-orders. Simply, ahem, CRUISE on over and peruse our fantastic dresses, choose your favorite and you will receive it starting in November.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Black WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Black WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*: This Black WOW Dream Dress is a dream come true. It features a sparkling sequin top with a large ivory bow at the waist and layers upon layers of fluffy gathered tulle ruffles. Your little princess will be the belle of the ball on this years cruise.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Damask Black/Champagne WOW Pouf Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Damask Black/Champagne WOW Pouf Dress *Preorder*: This Damask Black/Champagne WOW Pouf Dress is a sight all on it’s own. With its ruffled damask black/champagne top and black waistband it is almost a seventh wonder of the world. The full damask black/champagne gathered layered skirt is trimmed with black as well.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Sky WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Sky WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*: This Sky WOW Dream Dress features a sparkling blue sequin top with a large pink bow at waist. It has layers upon layers of gorgeous gathered tulle and is the perfect high profile cruise dress for your little princess.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise AB White WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise AB White WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*: Much like the sky dress except in the most beautiful and angelic of whites it looks like the top of a wedding cake. Your little princess will certainly feel the part of a princess in this gorgeous and unforgettable frock.

Ooh La La Couture Cruise Wear!

The weather may be getting cold and the holidays may be just around the corner but some of you may already be planning that next great cruise. And who can blame you when sunny weather is still close enough to the surface of our memories to want another helping. Well for those that are ready cruise wear is coming with some great new looks from Ooh La La Couture. Everything But The Princess will begin getting early shipments of incredibly gorgeous cruise wear from Ooh La La Couture beginning in November. So head on over now and get an early sneak peek at the beautiful dresses, and outfits just perfect for that next cruise.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Hollywood Silver Screen Wrap Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Hollywood Silver Screen Wrap Dress *Preorder*:This Hollywood Silver Screen Wrap Dress features a Hollywood wrap style print trimmed with pink rhinestone detail and a tie on the side. It also features a gathered east layered with the Hollywood print trimmed in pink tulle. A sweet and sassy look perfect for a great holiday cruise.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Ivory Hollywood Print Headband *Preorder*: Pair this with the Hollywood wrap dress to not only dress up your little princess’ hair but also keep it tamed on the high sea’s,

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Hollywood Sky Can Can Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Hollywood Sky Can Can Dress *Preorder*: This Hollywood Sky Can-Can Dress has a stylish sky top star detail on the front with a gathered can-can style printed skirt on the bottom. Your little princess will feel like a Hollywood starlet in this outfit.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Sky Blue Hollywood Print Headband *Preorder*: Pair this headband with the can-can dress to keep your little princess’ look stylish and complete!

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Hollywood Silver Screen Can Can Dress *Preorder*: Another Hollywood Silver Screen Can Can Dress, this time black on top for the girl with a little more edge to her look.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Denim Fringed Crop Jacket *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Denim Fringed Crop Jacket *Preorder*: Pair this great Jean jacket with any of the dresses for a great look and a little extra warmth those cool nights on deck.

Spirit Hoods Pouncing on to the Scene

Spirit Hoods is a great line that kids love, they are fun and playful and connect kids with their animal friends. Now kids can enjoy their favorite furry animals in a way they never could before, by actually gearing up and looking just like them. Spirit Hoods are handmade with quality faux fur, which helps to teach kids to love their favorite animals for their beauty and majesty and not just their fur. The hoods are cuddly and soft and will soon become your little princess’ favorite accessory in cool weather. Now they can always feel connected with their favorite furry animal from wolves to pandas your little princess will be able to share her favorite furry friend with the whole world this winter. What makes these hoods so environmentally friendly? Not only are they made of faux fur they are also locally made right here in the United States. Los Angeles isn’t just known for angels now, now they are known for their amazing wildlife too!

Spirit Hoods Gray Wolf HoodSpirit Hoods Gray Wolf Hood: For the little princess that loves gray wolves. Gray wolves are known for their loyalty and their tight family bonds. Now your daughter can be just like them in her hoodie this winter.

Spirit Hoods Leopard Hood Spirit Hoods Leopard Hood: The leopard is one of the smartest of the feline family, and they are excellent communicators. Know a girl with those traits? Does she love to look great? Then this is the hoodie for her.

Spirit Hoods Husky Spirit Hoods Husky: The husky is a beautiful and graceful dog that is strong and brave. Now your little girl can be too.

Spirit Hoods Panda Hood Spirit Hoods Panda Hood: Pandas are exotic, rare, and loving creatures. It is no wonder so many people love them. Now your daughter can be a panda too.

Spirit Hoods Snow Leopard with Pink Paws Hood Spirit Hoods Snow Leopard with Pink Paws Hood: Snow leopards are majestic, gracefully, and incredibly smart. Let your little girl experience their power with a hoodie this winter.

Spirit Hoods Brown Bear Spirit Hoods Brown Bear: Brown bears are brave, strong, and incredibly American. Let your little girl show off her strength this winter with this great brown bear hoodie.

Doll Clothing: Our Little Girls Best Friends

This holiday season lists will be written, toys will be requested, and dolls will be expected. Every little girl has at least one doll, and sometimes that one doll is the most important person in their life. So of course they would want their dolls to be beautifully dressed this holiday season. Many little girls will love the chance to dress just like their best friends this holiday season and Everything But The Princess has the looks that will work for both your little princess and her best friend. Thanks to designers like Kaiya Eve and Ooh! La La Couture your little princess and her best friend can dress alike this season and they will both be seen in the best looks fashion has to offer. And all of these outfits fit an 18″ inch doll, including American Girl and My Twinn.

Ooh! La La Couture Red/Black Floral Doll Dress: in this gorgeous red/black floral dress your little princess’ doll can dress just like her twin. Now they can tea party it up in style, attend a friend’s party with class, or put on a fantastic fashion show.

Ooh! La La Couture Black/ Hot Pink Football Jersey with Star Doll Dress: Now your little girl and her best friend can be ready for the big game with style. Is the family having a super bowl party? It certainly will be super with these great looks. Now the party has it’s own personal cheerleaders.

Kaiya Eve Doll Pettiskirt – Pink: This gorgeous ruffled Pettiskirt is the perfect thing for your little princess and her best friend. Pettiskirts are fun and fashionable for little girls and now that their best friends can wear a matching look they will want to wear them all year long. Available in an assortment of colors including pink, green, raspberry, and red.

Kaiya Eve Doll Ruffle Top – Pink: The perfect top to the Pettiskirt. The ruffles match the Pettiskirt exactly and add that extra over the top beauty to complete the fun look. Pair with the same color or get a little funky and mix and match. No matter what your little princess and her best friend will love them!

Mayoral: My Little Rider

All little princess’ want a pony. So why not indulge their fantasy with some riding gear. Great for riding lessons, or even just wearing around town. Your little princess will love the way she looks. If your little princess loves horses she may benefit from and greatly enjoy some riding lessons. Spending time with animals is a great way to help your little princess with her interpersonal skills, relationships, and compassion. Riding will also help with her grace and poise. Training her to be the true royal we all know she is. Picking an outfit that will make her feel comfortable and confident while riding is key to keeping her happy and safe while riding and Everything But The Princess has the greatest looks from Mayoral to help you and your little princess be the best that she can be.

Mayoral Camel Knot Riding Pants/Jeggings: These camel knit riding pants are the perfect thing for riding this fall. The look is impeccable and your princess will feel incredibly comfortable in them while she rides her favorite horse all day long.

Mayoral Cream Ruffle Blouse: With this cream ruffle blouse your little princess will look like a beautiful seasoned equestrian. Whether this is her first lesson or he biggest competition yet she will look like the part in this great blouse.

Mayoral Camel Fur Trimmed Vest: This camel fur trimmed vest is the perfect addition to your little princess’ riding habit. Paired with the camel knit pants and the white ruffle blouse your little princess is the most beautiful equestrian on the track. All she needs now is the perfect pair of boots.

Mayoral Brown Leather Riding Boots with Bow: The perfect boots to complete the perfect riding outfit. Your little princess will look fantastic in these boots, and with her complete look she is finally ready for that horse, sorry, not included.