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Spirit Hoods Pouncing on to the Scene

Spirit Hoods is a great line that kids love, they are fun and playful and connect kids with their animal friends. Now kids can enjoy their favorite furry animals in a way they never could before, by actually gearing up and looking just like them. Spirit Hoods are handmade with quality faux fur, which helps to teach kids to love their favorite animals for their beauty and majesty and not just their fur. The hoods are cuddly and soft and will soon become your little princess’ favorite accessory in cool weather. Now they can always feel connected with their favorite furry animal from wolves to pandas your little princess will be able to share her favorite furry friend with the whole world this winter. What makes these hoods so environmentally friendly? Not only are they made of faux fur they are also locally made right here in the United States. Los Angeles isn’t just known for angels now, now they are known for their amazing wildlife too!

Spirit Hoods Gray Wolf HoodSpirit Hoods Gray Wolf Hood: For the little princess that loves gray wolves. Gray wolves are known for their loyalty and their tight family bonds. Now your daughter can be just like them in her hoodie this winter.

Spirit Hoods Leopard Hood Spirit Hoods Leopard Hood: The leopard is one of the smartest of the feline family, and they are excellent communicators. Know a girl with those traits? Does she love to look great? Then this is the hoodie for her.

Spirit Hoods Husky Spirit Hoods Husky: The husky is a beautiful and graceful dog that is strong and brave. Now your little girl can be too.

Spirit Hoods Panda Hood Spirit Hoods Panda Hood: Pandas are exotic, rare, and loving creatures. It is no wonder so many people love them. Now your daughter can be a panda too.

Spirit Hoods Snow Leopard with Pink Paws Hood Spirit Hoods Snow Leopard with Pink Paws Hood: Snow leopards are majestic, gracefully, and incredibly smart. Let your little girl experience their power with a hoodie this winter.

Spirit Hoods Brown Bear Spirit Hoods Brown Bear: Brown bears are brave, strong, and incredibly American. Let your little girl show off her strength this winter with this great brown bear hoodie.