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Hats off to You Girls

Fedoras are hot this season; they are popping up all over town and not just on boys. Little girls are trying to get in on the fun this year. Hats are the perfect accessory; they can glam up any old boring outfit with some sass and style. During spring we find ourselves in such a great mood that we need something special and out of the ordinary to show the great mood we are in, and what better way to do that then with an amazing hat. You can glam up an outfit, or just give a casual look a bit more spunk, with the right hat you can spruce up any style and Everything But The Princess has some amazing hats to top of your great spring looks this season.

Plaid fedora by Twirl and CompanyTwirl & Company Plaid Fedora: This great plaid hat is a great choice for a little girl. The pink and orange colors are great for a casual look. Cap off a great outfit with this spunky hat and she will feel sassy and stylish in no time, she will go from cute to daring in no time with this great fedora.

Pink Fedora with Sequin band by Twirl and CompanyTwirl & Company Pink Fedora with Sequin Band: This pink fedora is a great alternative to a hairclip. It will give her a polished look with a little fun. The pink and sequins add that sweet look for a little girl but the hat lends some funky style to an otherwise boring outfit.

Twirl & Company Leopard Fedora: This is the perfect hat for that already daring little girl. She may already have a great collection of hats and has no fear when it comes to trying something new; give her the hat that will show off her incredible style and personality. The diva in her will shine with this great topper.

Twirl & Company Black fedora With Sequin Band & Feather Hair Clip: Sometimes a cool hat alone is not good enough to show the amazing mood you are in, for days like that try this style, adding a flamboyant hair clip to a hat. It will give you that extra oomph of style that will totally push her outfit to the edge of high fashion. Your daughter will love her look and will garner looks of envy from all who see her. Black fedora with hair clip by Twirl and Company

Style is cutting edge, and with these great hats your daughter will be falling off the edge of high fashion. Not only will she look cool, she will feel cool in these great fedoras.