Top Tips for the Best Holiday Family Photos

October 28, 2014

color-guidIt is the perfect time to take family photos for the holidays. The best family photos have coordinating outfits with a similar color palette. Long gone are the days of identical outfits or everyone wearing the same exact color. Here are a few tips to help you find the best clothes for your family for your holiday:

  • Avoid white unless you plan to shoot at the beach. White is a gorgeous color for the holidays, but when photographed, it can leave the picture a little lackluster.
  • No graphic tees. Avoid any clothing with graphics or words on them for the best picture.
  • Jeans are great. Jeans are great for adding a third neutral color to your family’s color combination. They can be dressed up or made more casual too. Jeans also look amazing with almost any color.
  • Don’t be afraid to go bold. As long as you coordinate the colors correctly, a bold color can really make your picture pop.

pink2Fashions in Pinkpink

Pink is a wonderful hue to incorporate in your family photos. It pairs perfectly with gray, navy blue, and black. It is a great girly touch to your holiday photos. We love the Isobella & Chloe Genevieve Dusty Pink Ruffle Dress (Available in sizes 4-10). It looks great with the Isobella & Chloe Genevieve Dusty Pink Ruffle Tunic Set (Available in 3T), as well as the Baby Biscotti Birthday Girl Pink Ruffled Dress (Available in sizes 9M-24M). If you were to pair the pink hues with gray, the Appaman Mist Grey 2pc Mod Suit is the perfect combination.

Green Holiday Fashions

greenThere are many shades of green that can be used, but we really love the green hue in Persnickety Emerald Pine Green Charlie Top . This hue pairs well with jeans and other blue hues for family holiday photos. Other fun girl fashions in this color are the Persnickety Emerald Pine Turquoise Lou Lou Top and the Persnickety Emerald Pine Ruth Skirt. For boys, the Appaman Navy Mod Suit and Appaman Blue Standard Shirt would look amazing with the emerald color.

Girl Fashions in Redreddress

There are many great red holiday fashions and dresses for girls this season. Depending on what type of holiday family photo you want to take, a big fluffy or sparkly red dress may be too much. The Lemon Loves Lime True Red Santa Baby Dress is a pretty holiday dress that also has fun detail and patterns. For more of a holiday-centered photo, the Isobella & Chloe Monet Red Velvet & Ruffles Long Sleeve Dress is a gorgeous red dress to choose, as well. Coordinate your boys with the Appaman Mist Mod Suit Trousers, which is beautiful grey that looks perfect with the red fashions.

Holiday Fashions in Black

Remember to avoid dressing the whole family in black and to add a little interest to the photo. The Isobella & Chloe Peyton Black Lace Holiday Sleeveless Dress is a gorgeous choice that has fun lace and brings a little grey into the hue palette too. It coordinates perfectly with the baby holiday dress -Isobella & Chloe Peyton Black Lace Holiday Cap Sleeve Dress. When using black holiday dresses, try to add a pop of color into your family’s wardrobe too. Black pairs well with several different colors, such as pink and red. We love the Appaman Black Printed Velvet Tailored Vest for boys because it can be paired with black trousers and a bow tie for a fancy holiday photo, or paired with jeans for a more casual and stylish choice. Their undershirt and bow tie can be wear you add the coordinating color.

How to Coordinate Outfits for Your Family Photos

October 20, 2014

Photo Cred: Ashley Sommer Photography

Family photos have come a long way from the traditional sit in a photo studio with the whole family wearing black look. Family photos are now bright and fun. The easiest way to ensure a perfect family photo is with coordinating outfits that add a special element to your photo.

Tips for Choosing What to Wear in Family Photos

You want to basically create a beautiful piece of art with your family and their outfits. Follow these tips for the best clothing choices:

  • Don’t Go Overboard with White and Black: Both are great background colors, but they shouldn’t be your main color.
  • Stay Classy: These are the photos you might want to hang on the wall and look at for many years to come, so pick classic outfits.
  • No Characters: Sorry to tell you, but Queen Elsa is not welcomed on picture day. Avoid all character and graphic clothing.
  • Coordinate with the Location: Think about how your colors will work with your location. If you plan on having a stunning desert landscape as your location, browns or greys might not pop out enough in the picture.
  • Limit Patterns: Don’t overdo patterns, for example, not everyone should be wearing a plaid shirt or damask pettidresses. However, a pattern can add a fun touch to the photograph, so allow one child’s outfit to showcase a pattern while still matching the rest of the family.
  • Add Texture: Add some depth to the picture by choosing outfits with texture. This means layering belts and shrugs over a plain tee, adding a flower headband, or choosing a ruffled shirt or dress for your daughter.

Photo Cred: Shine On Photography

Fun Poses for Family Pictures

When you talk with your photographer about poses, be sure to include a few standard poses with fun poses. Poses like the one above where the family is walking in a line is a fun idea, and we love the parents kissing over the grossed out kids. These fun photos capture your family’s personality and fun-loving side.

Some other great pose ideas are of your family looking at themselves in a big puddle for a cool reflection shot or snuggled up in bed or lying on a blanket in a field. Have fun with your kids in the picture and let your family’s love shine through.


Outfit Ideas

thumbnail.aspNeed some inspiration for your next photo shoot? We love pairing pinks and grey together. The Dolly Baby Pink/Pink/Fuchsia Sweet Pea Fairy Dress is one gorgeous dress that is not too fancy for a photo shoot. This teedress comes in sizes 6-18M to 5-7Y. For boys, you can pair this dress with the Mini Shatsu White and Grey Printed Blazer Tee. This grey tee matches the casual but nice look of the pink dress. Available in sizes 2T-12. Pair with jeans or dress pants.

Another great color combination for photos is brown and blue hues. The Isobella & Chloe Reese Mocha Drop Waist Dress is a gorgeous dress12 13that will pair amazingly with light blues, darker browns, and denim. It is available in sizes 4-12.

The dress pairs wonderfully with the boy’s outfit. You can get a similar look with the Blueberry Hill Brown Cooper Tweed Driving Cap , Appaman Blue Standard Shirt, and a brown tie and jeans. Mom and dad can wear jeans and brown or blue tops to match their kids.

Family photos are such a wonderful keepsake, but it can be hard to coordinate everyone’s outfit. Combine similar hues and don’t be afraid of color. Avoid looking to matchy and instead go for outfits that compliment each other.

Shop Everything But The Princess‘ gorgeous selections for boys and girls. You will find many trendy kids clothes from infant sizes to teenager sizes. Don’t forget to complete the look with beautiful headbands, pretty boots and shoes, and fun ties and boy hats.




Cute Holiday Wear: Santa Inspired Fashions for Girls

October 6, 2014

Do you already have your favorite holiday songs in your head? We don’t blame you! The holidays are such as fun time for family and traditions, as well as fun and adorable holiday outfits for girls. These fun outfits can be worn all season long for a little touch of joy each day of the holiday season. Wear them for holiday parties, pictures, and events or just because!

holidayLemon Loves Lime True Red Santa Baby Dress

Your little cutie will outshine Santa in the Lemon Loves Lime True Red Santa Baby Dress. It is such a fun twist on holiday dresses for girls. The chevron skirt is adorable, especially when paired with the white ruffle top and long red sleeves. A comfy and cute outfit for any day in December. The Lemon Loves Lime True Red Santa Baby Dress looks even cuter when paired with the Lemon Loves Lime True Red/Ivory Polka Dot Leggings and Lemon Loves Lime Winter White/True Red Floral Headband. Available in sizes 4-10.

Lemon Loves Lime True Red Let It Snow Dressholiday2

Snow days are the best days but even those who don’t get a lot of snow can remember snow time fun with the darling Lemon Loves Lime True Red Let It Snow Dress. This red long sleeved dress is covered in white polka dots, white lace, and ruffles. It is the perfect look for playtime for party time. Pair it with the Lemon Loves Lime Eggnog Skinny Leggings for a complete look. Available in sizes 2-8.

holiday3Ooh! La, La! Couture Ho Ho Ho Coco Cardigan Dress

Get the Santa look with a little bit of sass. The Ooh! La, La! Couture Ho Ho Ho Coco Cardigan Dress is a great look that mixes a classic cardigan top with a girly tutu skirt. Your little one will love to spin and twirl in this cute fashion. Available in sizes 12M – 12. It is also available in baby sizes – Ooh! La, La! Couture Ho Ho Ho BABY Coco Cardigan Dress . The baby sizes are 3/6M, 6/9M, and 9/12M. Your little one’s doll can rock matching outfits with the Ooh! La, La! Couture Ho Ho Ho Coco Cardigan Doll Dress .

Haven Girl White I Love Santa Teeholiday4

Your little one can show her love for Santa with the adorable I “heart” Santa tee shirt. The Haven Girl White I Love Santa Tee is glamorous and can be dressed up with tutu skirts or worn for every day occasions with jeans. Pair it with the gorgeous Haven Girl Red Chloe Tulle Ruffle Skort or Haven Girl Black Chloe Tulle Ruffle Skort. Available in sizes 2-10.

holiday5Mud Pie Red and White I Love Santa Playset

Put a little holiday cheer into playtime with the adorable Mud Pie Red and White I Love Santa Playset . This fun playset comes with a fun leggings/skirt set perfect for running and jumping. The long sleeved I “heart” Santa shirt is perfect for little girls waiting for the big man to come on Christmas day. Available in sizes 0-6M, 4, and 5.

Ho, ho, ho! Santa-inspired fashions for girls are so much fun for the holidays. These holiday dresses for girls are casual enough for every day wear during December and special enough for pictures with Santa. Shop for the best fashions for the holiday season before your to-do list gets too full. Everything But The Princess has so many cute and casual holiday fashions for girls.

Gorgeous Outerwear for Girls

September 30, 2014

coatI don’t know where you live, but where I live, we just experienced our first breezy day. It was wonderful to have a break from the heat and to actually put on a light jacket. Fall is definitely in the air now! The colder weather definitely has me excited about all of the gorgeous coats, hats, and mittens we have for girls at Everything But The Princess. Here are the top 5 fall and winter essentials every girl needs in their closet this year.

Gorgeous Coats That Make the Outfit

So many designers save their bright colors for spring, which is why the Catimini City Spirit Fuchsia with Fur Trim Hooded Coat is a must-have. This bright fuchsia jacket will make anyone’s day brighter even in the dead of winter.coat

Another must-have coat for this winter is the Petit Lem Miss Masquerade Faux Fur Jacket. This hip and trendy girl’s coat will look lovely over fancy dresses as well as a casual shirt and skinnies. Available in sizes 2/3-6/7.

hatSweet Hats for Warm Heads

It can be hard to find a stylish winter hat that will go with anything. The Catimini City Spirit Navy Multi Color Knit with Pom Pom Beanie is one adorable beanie that can be stylish with many trendy girls clothes. The navy knit beanie is accentuated with pink flowers and multi-color dots. Available in 9-12M to 4-7 years. This hat can be worn for more than one season with its wide range of sizes.

For a more playful beanie, the Catimini City Spirit Aqua Multi Stripe Pom Pom Beanie is a great choice. The Catimini City Spirit Aqua Multi Stripe Pom Pom Beanie is more whimsical with its colored stripes, ear covers, and fun pom pom on top. Available in two sizes, 8-12 and 14-16.

Stylish Scarves to Accessorizescarf

Throw on a scarf over any stylish girls outfit for an extra stylish touch and a little more warmth. The Catimini City Spirit Navy/Fuchsia Multi Color Stripe Pom Pom Scarf is full of fun colors that will brighten up any outfit. Available in sizes 18M or 2-7 years.

Another fun scarf for fall and winter is the Catimini City Spirit Brown/Fuchsia Multi Color Stripe Pom Pom Scarf . This scarf looks lovely in the brown and fuchsia hues. It comes in two sizes that will last for many seasons, 2-6 and 7-16.

mittenCozy Mittens for Everyday Style

Don’t let your little one head out into the cold without some mittens. The Catimini City Spirit Navy/Fuchsia Multi Color Stripe Mittens are adorable and so practical. The mittens are attached to a string which means your little one will never lose one mitten. These mittens are available in sizes 3-6M to 3-5 years.

Warm Vests that Shinevest

The Flowers By Zoe Faux Fur Vest is a hip vest for all girls. The faux fur vest adds a stylish and warm layer to any outfit. We love how it goes with black pleather pants, skinnies, or even trendy girl skirts. Available in sizes 5-12.

vest1Another fun and fashionable vest is the Kate Mack Outerwear Essentials Black with Studs Vest . This rocking vest will make a great addition to your little one’s fall wardrobe. The black vest has a glossy look and the studded collar adds a little bling. Pair it with school clothes or weekend clothes.

Kate Mack has two other gorgeous vests for the winter season too. The Kate Mack Outerwear Essentials Pink Vest is a fun and bright pink color with some fun ruffles. The Kate Mack Outerwear Essentials Green Vest is another fun vest in a lime green color.  All these fashionable vests are available in sizes 4-12.

Get your little one’s fall and winter essentials now before the cold front hits. Everything But The Princess has the trendiest winter outerwear for girls.

Emerald Fashions: Persnickety Fall Clothes for Girls

September 29, 2014

persnicketyOne of Persnickety’s “it” colors this season is emerald. Emerald and turquoise hues look so darling on little girls, especially when paired with other fall colors, such as browns and oranges.

Persnickety Emerald Pine Gwen Tunic Top

The Persnickety Emerald Pine Gwen Tunic Top is a kaleidoscope of beautiful fall colors. We love the modest cut, and we love how well it pairs with the Persnickety Emerald Pine Triple Ruffle Leggings. This gorgeous fall top will also pair perfectly with a pair of skinnies and boots. Layer this little girl’s tunic with a cardigan too for extra warmth. So many possibilities! Available in sizes 4-10.

persnickety3Persnickety Emerald Pine Turquoise Lou Lou Top

Looking for a casual top that can be dressed up or down for fall? The Persnickety Emerald Pine Turquoise Lou Lou Top is a great fashion choice for girls. The turquoise color is beautiful, and we love it accentuated with a yellow bib and polka dot ruffles. The Persnickety Emerald Pine Striped Bell Pant is such a cute pant to pair with this top for playtime or adorable pictures. Since the Lou Lou top is to versatile, you can pair it with a skirt, jeans, or corduroys. Available in sizes 12 months to 10.

Persnickety Emerald Pine Green Charlie Toppersnickety4

Another versatile fall top is the stunning Persnickety Emerald Pine Green Charlie Top . It is a lovely color with a pretty buttoned ruffle down the front. We love how the Persnickety designers paired it with the Persnickety Emerald Pine Daisy Jumper for a whimsical look as well as the Persnickety Emerald Pine Lily Skirt for a darling look. The Charlie Top is available in sizes 2-7.

Don’t forget to pair all of the emerald and turquoise Persnickety fashions with the Persnickety Emerald Pine Leia Headband. The Persnickety Emerald Pine Leia Headband is rich in fall colors and makes any fall outfit pop.


Pumpkin Patch Outfits for Perfect Fall Photo Shoots

September 25, 2014

twirldressPumpkin Patches are perfect for taking gorgeous fall photos of your family and little ones. Everything But the Princess has so many gorgeous kid outfits for the fall.

Mustard Pie Crimson Floral Clover Twirl Dress

Your princess will look darling in the Mustard Pie Crimson Floral Clover Twirl Dress. The orange striped bodice coordinates perfectly with the fall floral twirl skirt. The lace cuffs are a perfect accent to this fall favorite. Pair it with moccasins, such as the Minnetonka Kids Dusty Brown Suede Triple Layer Fringe Boot , or brown Mary-Janes. Available in sizes 6X to 12.


Mustard Pie Crimson Natural Stripe Bella Pant

The Mustard Pie Crimson Natural Stripe Bella Pant has such an adorable look with the alphabet patterned skirt. The striped bodice and leggings are a wonderful look for fall. Available in sizes 3 to 7.

Persnickety Autumn Splendor Pink Sara Tunic Top

tw2Imagine your little cutie wearing the Persnickety Autumn Splendor Pink Sara Tunic Top sitting on top of a hay bale. The burgundy collar compliments the fall floral tunic beautifully. Pair with jeans or fun leggings. Available in sizes 12M to 5.

Giggle Moon Thankful Hearts Tutu Dress & Leggings

tw3The Giggle Moon Thankful Hearts Tutu Dress & Leggings is such a fun and festive outfit for visiting the pumpkin patch. Your princess is going to look gorgeous sitting amongst the pumpkins with the orange and green ruffle tutu dress. Available in sizes 9M to 8, so you can match your little girls in this stunning fall outfit.

Mud Pie Baby Pumpkin Hat

Little baby girls and boys will look pumpkin-tastic in the sweet Mud Pie Baby Pumpkin Hat. Pair this pumpkin hat with any fashion for a fun look when your little one picks out their pumpkin.

Make memories this fall by taking sweet photos at the pumpkin patch. Fall weather and lighting is the perfect time to catch those special moments of your little ones.

Gorgeous Halloween Costumes for Girls

September 22, 2014

fairyAs a mom, I know many of you might understand my feeling when I say that I do not like to go to Halloween stores. They are full of scary items and can send our little princesses and princes in tears just by walking in. We aim to put the fun back into Halloween night with gorgeous and cute costumes that are all fashionable – not frightening.

Girls 3pc Fairy Princess Costume Set

One sweet costume for girls is the Girls 3pc Fairy Princess Costume Set . It comes with a gorgeous, ruffled pettidress, stunning wings, and a fun, fairy wand. How fashionable is the pettidress? If your little one wears this to a party, no one would be the wiser that it was also her Halloween costume. Available in size small, which fits 1-3 years.

Mae Li Rose Hot Pink Flower Fairy Tulle Dressdress

Your little one will not want to take off the Mae Li Rose Hot Pink Flower Fairy Tulle Dress after trick or treating all night. This beautiful dress is very versatile. Pair it with a princess crown for a princess costume or with fairy wings for a fairy costume. It is the perfect play dress for all year long too. We love how flowy the dress is, which allows for many years of play and costume ideas. Available in sizes 1-3, 4-7, and 8-10 years.

beeGirls 4pc Bumble Bee Costume Set

Bzzzz….a bee costume is a fun idea for little ones who like to buzz around. The Girls 4pc Bumble Bee Costume Set is adorable and high quality with its yellow and black pettidress. This set also comes with black, swirl-designed wings, a wand, and cute antlers. Available in sizes 1-3, 4-7, and 8-10 years.

The Girls 4pc Ladybug Costume Set is another cute, buggy costume that all girls will love.

Girls 3pc Friendly Witch Costume Setwitch

We love that this witch costume is 100% friendly and not scary. The Girls 3pc Friendly Witch Costume Set will keep your little one looking fashionable while trick or treating. We all know that kids beg to wear their Halloween costumes every day of October. With the Girls 3pc Friendly Witch Costume Set , you can let her wear the purple and orange ruffled pettidress for more than just Halloween. This adorable dress would look fashionable at the pumpkin patch and for fall pictures. Available piratein sizes 7-10 years.

Girls 3pc Pirate Girl Costume Set

Argh…it’s the cutest pirate around! The Girls 3pc Pirate Girl Costume Set is an adorable take on the pirate. The red, white, and black ruffled pettidress is such a cute pick. Who can resist the pirate hat and matching eye patch too? You can dress up this pirate costume even further with gold bracelets and hoop earrings. Available in sizes 4-7 and 8-10 years.

Don’t let the costume fun stop at Halloween! These cute costumes are perfect for dress up parties all year round. We love how each of these costumes will fit a wide range of sizes, so your little princess can play with them for several years.

Need more ideas for fun Halloween costumes? Any of our adorable pettidresses, pettiskirts, and fancy little redgirl dresses can be instantly transformed into the perfect costume.

Pair the Twirl Pink Pettiskirt with a white tank for a ballerina costume or pair with fairy wings for a fairy costume. Pair the Twirl Red Pettiskirt with a basket and red cape, and you have an instant and adorable little red riding hood (as seen in the picture). Even a gorgeous dress for girls, like the Biscotti Good As Gold Short Sleeve Gold Empire Dress can be worn as a princess dress, and then your little one can rock the same dress for the winter holidays.

Order one of these fun Halloween costumes now and skip the scary Halloween stores all together. You can be sure that these costumes are higher quality than anything you find prepackaged in a bag. Plus, so many of these costumes can be reused for other things – whether birthday parties, photoshoots, or playtime.

Holiday Shoes for Girl: Flats that Sparkle

September 19, 2014

1No holiday outfit is complete without a little bling on the feet. The right shoes can really add an extra touch to any holiday outfit, and we are loving the sparkly flats from Joyfolie and Coastal Projections. Pair these gorgeous girl shoes with your prettiest dresses and skirts. After the holidays are over, don’t just toss them in the back of the closet. These holiday shoes will also look amazing with casual girl fashions too!

Joyfolie Nella Red Glitter Shoes

Every outfit could use a pop of red, especially when it is from adorable shoes like the Joyfolie Nella Red Glitter Shoes . These stunning shoes will look great with many holiday dresses for girls, from hues of red, black, or white. The flower accent is the perfect touch. The best part is that this style of shoe comes in many stylish colors. Chose from Joyfolie Nella Fuchsia Glitter Shoes , Joyfolie Nella Glitter Gold Shoes , and Joyfolie Nella Black Glitter Shoes . Available in sizes 6 toddler to 2 youth.

Coastal Projections Silver Sparkle Ballet Flats With Jewel 2Center

The Coastal Projections Silver Sparkle Ballet Flats With Jewel Center are the perfect fit for any girl looking for a little more bling in her wardrobe. These darling ballet flats will dazzle you with their silver sparkles and adorable jeweled bow. These shoes run small, so size up for the best fit. Available in sizes 5 toddler to 5 youth.

3Coastal Projections Champagne Sequined Ballet Flats

Looking for a holiday shoe for girls that are a little more subtle? The Coastal Projections Champagne Sequined Ballet Flats are the perfect balance of holiday shine and classic elegance. We love the champagne color because it goes with virtually anything. These shoes run small, so be sure to buy in the next size up. Available in sizes 5 toddler to 5 youth.

Don’t let your princess be caught barefoot this holiday season. Get the best, dazzling girl shoes for the holidays before the holiday stress sets in.

Adorable Baby Gifts and Fashions for Fall

August 28, 2014

baby1Get ready to say, “Aww” when you see these adorable baby outfits for fall. Lemon Loves Layette is the adorable baby line from the popular Lemon Loves Lime designers. These baby fashions are sweeter than sweet and will make the perfect baby gift for the holidays or fall baby showers.

Lemon Loves Layette Spicy Orange Fox Pocket Romper

What does the fox say? While your little one may not know the popular fox Youtube song, they can still look adorable in the Lemon Loves Layette Spicy Orange Fox Pocket Romper . What makes this baby romper even cuter is the matching hat with fox ears – Lemon Loves Layette Spicy Orange Zig Zag Hat . Available in sizes 3-6 M to 12-18M.


Lemon Loves Layette Vivid Blue Raccoon Pocket Romper

Usually raccoons are annoying pests, but the raccoon on the Lemon Loves Layette Vivid Blue Raccoon Pocket Romper is too cute to pass up. Don’t forget to order the matching Lemon Loves Layette Vivid Blue Striped Hat . Available in sizes 3-6 M to 12-18M.

babylayetteLemon Loves Layette Cabaret Olivia One Piece

Lemon Loves Layette doesn’t just make adorable animal rompers, they also design adorable baby girl clothes. The Lemon Loves Layette Cabaret Olivia One Piece is a gorgeous piece for little girls this fall. It is nice and cozy with darling ruffles. Dress your little pumpkin in this fall favorite for sweet pictures. Available in sizes 3-6M to 12-18M.

For a similar look, the Lemon Loves Layette Cabaret Jenna Gown is the same design but in a cute gown cut instead.

Lemon Loves Layette Eggnog Jada Dress

For a delicate ruffled dress, the Lemon Loves Layette Eggnog Jada Dress is a perfect choice. Such a sweet fall dress for baby girls and toddlers. It comes in the pretty eggnog color, as well as bright pink, Lemon Loves Layette Cararet Jada Dress and light pink, Lemon Loves Layette Rose Shadow Jada Dress . All dresses come in sizes 0-3M to 12-18M.

When you need the perfect baby outfit or baby gift, then Lemon Loves Layette is a great designer to shop. Their baby outfits are soft and sweet for all little ones.

Joyfolie’s Gorgeous Fall Boots for Girls

August 26, 2014

lacebootsWhen it comes to the fall season, boots are a must. They are so fashionable and look amazing when paired with skinnies and a coat. Joyfolie has amazing fall boots for the 2014 season. Not only are these boots super stylish, but with each purchase of Joyfolie boots, Joyfolie gives a portion of their profits to Giving Children Hope, a non-profit charity.

Joyfolie Rose Lacey Boots

The Joyfolie Rose Lacey Boots are a gorgeous pair of boots that go beautifully with so many fashions. The lace is such a sophisticated style for all girls. Pair them with the Joyfolie Silver Sequin Leggings for a stunning fall look. Available in sizes 10 to 5Y.


Joyfolie Tan Lacey Boots

These classic boots look nice with jeans and pettiskirts. They are made of imported Italian suede and accentuated with a white lace bow top. Pair  them with the Miss Me Girls Denim Brand M Skinny Jeans for an irresistible back to school look. Available in sizes 10 to 6Y.

Joyfolie Sloan Grey Bootssloanboots

These lovely Joyfolie Sloan Grey Boots have a military-inspired look to them with a high fashion finish. These grey boots would go beautifully with skirts and dresses, as well as winter coats. Pair these fall beauties with the Joyfolie Spencer Oat Jacket . Available in sizes 10 to 3Y.

Joyfolie Cabria Gold Bow Bootscabriaingold5

For fancy boots that can be paired with special occasion look no further than the Joyfolie Cabria Gold Bow Boots . These gold bow boots are absolutely gorgeous and luxurious. The base of these boots are a soft, imported Italian suede. These boots are available in sizes 8 to 2Y and are a pre-order, shipping out in September.

Boots are a staple for the fall season. Joyfolie has gorgeous girl boots that will compliment any trendy girls clothes outfit. Go back to school on the right foot with these picks.


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