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Catimini Styles on Sale

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When it comes to spring wear, nothing beats going for the traditional pieces that are sure to never go out of style. So, if you are looking for something new to add to your little girls’ wardrobe this new season but would like them to last for as long as possible, here are some pieces that you should be ordering for them!

Get these darling pieces now while they are on sale. These cute fashions will not last!

Catimini Matisse in Nice Stripes & Polka Dots Cardigan

Spring may mean a much warmer weather compared to what inches of snow have brought about but it certainly does not mean that we are free from cold gusts of wind. This cute retro chic long sleeved cardigan is the perfect addition to your child’s getup especially during those chilly nights. The Catimini Matisse in Nice Stripes & Polka Dots Cardigan comes with bright fuchsia polka dots, dark blue striped sleeves and zippers with a mustard accent.

Catimini Betty So Pretty Navy Stripe Flare Dress

Dresses will never go out of style, more so in spring time. When it comes to such pieces, going for simple ones that will allow you to mix and match it with other pieces make it more versatile and longer lasting. This Catimini Betty So Pretty Navy Stripe Flare Dress comes with a gathered skirt in multi print pattern.

Catimini Betty So Pretty In The City Girl Top

What’s not to love about the Catimini Betty So Pretty In The City Girl Top?! It features this adorable girl with a huge bow. So chic and fashionable! This top goes perfectly with shorts, skirts, capris, and jeans.

Catimini On The Sunny Beach Fuchsia Floral Girls Dress

Looking for something to wear for a sunny beach getaway or a walk in the park? Consider getting this white sleeveless Catimini On The Sunny Beach Fuchsia Floral Girls Dress that comes with a mix of fuchsia and floral print. It’s so pretty and feminine, your girls will love being seen in them!


Catimini Pretty In Timbuktu Giraffe Floral Print Knit Dress

Dresses with bright flowers can never go wrong especially for spring and summer. This Catimini Pretty In Timbuktu Giraffe Floral Print Knit Dress comes with a white background and is printed with flowers in fuchsia. And guess what…you are in for a surprise! The flowers are hiding a giraffe, too!

Traditional pieces need not be boring. They can be trendy and super cute but the best thing is that they are extremely practical to wear and can be mixed and matched with other pieces too.

Best Easter Accessories for Girls

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Accessories can do wonders to any outfit. You don’t need to wear a lot but adding a headband or a purse to you what you are wearing can entirely change your look. Here are some cute Easter accessories that are great for all girls, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary aged, and tweens alike.


Biscotti All Aflutter Blush Infant/Girls Headband

This blush colored stretch band is all about cuteness and sweetness. The headband is highlighted by a blush flower. Your little girl will look like a garden fairy in the Biscotti All Aflutter Blush Infant/Girls Headband.

Biscotti Riveria Fairytale Romance Ivory Infant/Girls Headband

Perfect for babies and infants, this ivory stretch band features a creamy ivory flower – a great addition to any outfit! The Biscotti Riveria Fairytale Romance Ivory Infant/Girls Headband will look amazing with Easter dresses and paired with other springtime ensembles.

Biscotti Riveria Fairytale Romance Ivory Tulle With Pearls Girls Purse

We love this girl’s pearl purse because it adds daintiness to any look. The Biscotti Riveria Fairytale Romance Ivory Tulle With Pearls Girls Purse features ivory pearls along its strap and the bag itself is a mixture of satin, tulle and a flower detail. It looks like a purse straight out of a fairy tale! Your princess will not want to put this bag down.

Biscotti Riveria Wedding Belles Ivory Satin With Pearls Girls Purse

Another alternative to the previous girl’s purse is this Wedding Belles model. The strap is fairly short as it is simply a drawstring bag. It is made from white satin with white flower details. This Biscotti Riveria Wedding Belles Ivory Satin With Pearls Girls Purse is best used for weddings, parties and other special occasions.

Biscotti Living The Dream Aqua Tulle With Pearls Girls Purse

Another chic option for your little girl is the Dream Aqua tulle made from ivory pearls and aqua tulle. Its super magical and great for weddings and other special occasions. Your little one will feel like a true lady while carrying this Biscotti Living The Dream Aqua Tulle With Pearls Girls Purse with her pretty spring dress.


Biscotti Pretty Casual Blue Infant/Girls Headband

Mix and match this casual headband with any other outfit. The Biscotti Pretty Casual Blue Infant/Girls Headband is simple and elegant. The design is adorable for white and blue Easter dresses, and it will also be a great addition to your little one’s hair accessories for every day wear.

Kate Mack Dottie Daisy Pink Floral Tulle Purse

Fall in love with this super cute purse that sings springtime. The Kate Mack Dottie Daisy Pink Floral Tulle Purse comes with a pink daisy print and a daisy flower detail in front. You can use this to accessorize any outfit.

Trying to put together the perfect Easter outfit for your little girl? Everything But The Princess is here to help! Check out our other posts on amazing Joyfolie spring sandals and dresses. Also, look at our easy-to-navigate Easter shopping pages. We have everything organized by size for you so it is easy for you to find the perfect dress for your toddler or your tween.

Giggle Moon Spring Preorders: Best Spring Outfits for Girls

thumbnail.jpgSpring is a great time for dresses and all things that have laces, ruffles and floral accents in them. If you are a mom of lovely little girls, now is the best season to stock up on the best designer dresses that the world has to offer.

Just check out these extremely adorable Easter dresses that will make them look every bit like a modern princess:

Giggle Moon Light Of Life Yellow Dot With Pink Print Party Dress

This cute ensemble will easily become everyone’s favorite party dress and rightfully so! A

Any girl who walks in this Giggle Moon Light Of Life Yellow Dot With Pink Print Party Dress will light up any room. The dress features short puffed sleeves and tiered yellow and pink prints at the skirt. A pink tulle accent peeks out at the hemline while the waist comes with a lace and flower accent. Pretty!


Giggle Moon Light Of Life Yellow/Pink Tutu Swing Set With Capri Leggings

How about going back in time with the Giggle Moon Light Of Life Yellow/Pink Tutu Swing Set With Capri Leggings ?

Your little girl will look lovely wearing this yellow and pink striped set for sure. The dress comes with ruffle lace flutter sleeves as well as a combination of pink tulle and floral print ruffles at the skirt area. The dress comes with matching Capri leggings to complete the look.

thumbnail-2Giggle Moon Light Of Life Pink With Yellow Stripe Tutu Romper

The Giggle Moon Light Of Life Pink With Yellow Stripe Tutu Romper is basically a tutu swing set for younger girls.

Anyone wearing this will look like a modern ballerina complete with fun yellow and pink stripes and pink print on the sides. The piece also comes with ruffle lace flutter sleeves and a pink tulle and floral print skirt.

Giggle Moon Light Of Life Yellow/Pink Dress thumbnail-3With Capri Leggings

The Giggle Moon Light Of Life Yellow/Pink Dress With Capri Leggings comes with a cute yellow empire sleeveless dress that has a ruffled bib accent. It also has a gathered skirt with pink ruffles at the bottom. A pair of matching Capri leggings with double ruffles finishes the look.

Giggle Moon True Vine Lavender Dot Tutu Dress With Shorties

It’s hard to resist starting at little girls in ruffled tutus just like this ensemble.

This Giggle Moon ensemble is a set full of white and lavender colors. The dress comes with a white and lavender dot empire bodice and ruffled stripes of white and lavender tulle at the skirt. It also has a matching pair of capri leggings with double white and lavender ruffles.

thumbnail-4Giggle Moon True Vine Lavender Madison Dress With Capri Leggings

Spring is certainly in the air in the Giggle Moon True Vine Lavender Madison Dress With Capri Leggings.

This Giggle Moon set has a lavender empire bodice and a gathered floral print bottom with green ruffles at the hem. It also has a back tie and flower detail at the waist area. To complete the look is a pair of lavender capri leggings with double ruffles. Sweet!

There you have it, Giggle Moon pieces for your little girls that will make you want spring even more! Pre-order now and make your girls be among the first spotted in these lovely designer dresses.

Daddy-Daughter Dance Dresses


Father-daughter dances are an amazing opportunity for dads and their daughters to have a special date. Young girls will remember this moment forever, and dads can show their sweet princesses how their future prince charming is supposed to treat them.

Look for a father-daughter dance near you for a special opportunity to bond with your daughter. Remember, she is the princess of the night, which mean she will be needing a beautiful dress and accessories.

Your princess will outshine the rest of the daughters at the daddy-daughter dance in one of these gorgeous Ooh! La, La! Couture girl fashions.

Fierce is what I would describe girls who would wear this pink high low dress. The strappy Ooh! La, La! Couture Resort Candy Pink Swarovski


Devin High Low Dress is detailed with Swarovski crystals up top and has cascading pixie-style ruffles on its skirt. This is best worn on special occasions such as birthday parties, holidays and other events.

Ooh! La, La! Couture Resort Ice Blue/Champagne 3 Tier Dress 

This beautiful Ooh! La, La! Couture Resort Ice Blue/Champagne 3 Tier Dress will make your little ladies look like they have just gotten straight out of a fairy tale book. The dress features an empire waist bodice that has been tied up with a huge ivory bow. The skirt is made from three layers of blue tulle ruffles. Dainty and cute!

thumbnailOoh! La, La! Couture Resort Candy Pink/Blush 3 Tier Bow Dress

Pretty similar to the dress above is this Ooh! La, La! Couture Resort Candy Pink/Blush 3 Tier Bow Dress . The sleeveless bodice has an empire waist that features a large bow right in front. Three layers of pink tulle ruffles make up the skirt of this adorable outfit.

Ooh! La, La! Couture Resort Blush/Champagne V-Neck WOW Dressres151631-blush-champagne-v-neck-wow-dress_thumbnail.jpg

How about something a little more classic like this Ooh! La, La! Couture Resort Blush/Champagne V-Neck WOW Dress ? We super love the sparkling pink bodice in this dress – it will make the wearer dazzle like royalty – and its skirt is made from ivory tulle.

Remember, your little girl is only little for a short amount of time. Cherish this daddy-daughter dance. And don’t forget to send us your pictures of your sweet princess in her beautiful daddy-daughter date dress!

Stylish Girl Fashions with Sister Fresh

thumbnail-9Dressing up tweens and young teenagers is among the most difficult things for parents to do mostly because of this is a very awkward phase. You have to make sure that their dresses are age-appropriate: not too young but not too mature either. Whatever type of spring sun dresses you decide to get for your ladies, you have to make sure that they emulate the season’s mood: fun, fresh and comfortable.

Sister Fresh’s 2016 spring line offers gorgeous dresses for all ages. What looks amazing on your toddler will also look stylish and chic on your tween.

Sister Fresh Teal With Ivory Tulip Print Isabella Dress

Retro designed dresses are making a comeback and they are extremely trendy! This Sister Fresh Teal With Ivory Tulip Print Isabella Dress looks super comfortable and relaxed, perfect for casual strolls on a beautiful spring day. They can even be paired with any type of shoes – but strappy thumbnail-10sandals are preferable – and your little girls will look like chic and dainty young ladies.


Sister Fresh Ivory With Pink/Teal Gold Painted Floral Ava Dress

Looking for sundresses for your daughter to wear? How about this Sister Fresh Ivory With Pink/Teal Gold Painted Floral Ava Dress that also comes with pink, teal and gold floral prints? It’s best worn during the spring when all the flowers are in full bloom but it looks great during summer, too. The low sun dress has an elastic waist to provide the wearer with a comfortable fit and its neck area is also gathered to give it a blousy look and feel.


thumbnail-11.jpgSister Fresh Pink,Yellow and Blue Tribal Print Ava Dress

Sister Fresh’s line of Ava dresses look super feminine and chic, perfect for your young little ladies who are just experimenting with how they would want to look. The Sister Fresh Pink,Yellow and Blue Tribal Print Ava Dress  comes with pink, yellow and blue tribal prints to set the mood of the season. Pair this fun dress with the gorgeous Joyfolie Champagne Winnie Luxe Shoes.


Sister Fresh Pink With Ivory Tulip Ava Dress thumbnail-12

Yet another version of the Ava dress from Sister Fresh is this Sister Fresh Pink With Ivory Tulip Ava Dress. It still has an elastic waist and a gathered neckline so it looks modern, despite being retro inspired, and trendy.


thumbnail-13Sister Fresh Pink With Grey Petals Emma Dress

Another great dress to don on your little princesses is this empire waist Sister Fresh Pink With Grey Petals Emma Dress. The sleeveless gray sun dress that comes with pink and gray petal prints is super comfortable to wear because of the elastic waist. It also comes with a square neck line and the bodice print is made up of a V-shaped petal print in the front and a triangle gray print.

Don’t these dresses make you crave spring?! We love these gorgeous patterns, especially since they are the perfect fashion for toddler girls, older girls, and tween girls. Most sizes range from 2T to 14, so pre-order your favorite styles now to ensure you get the sizes you want.

Girls’ Summer Shoe Profile

Summer is here and it’s time for some fresh toe-baring fashions.  Breathable shoes are essential in hot weather, and this season there are plenty of trends that look great and are breathable and comfortable.  Don’t forget your pedicure!

Coastal Projections Silver with Rhinestones and Fuchsia Bow thong Sandals for girls1. Thongs.  That don’t flip or flop.  Like these sparkling sandals from Coastal Projections. An ankle strap gives added support, prevents flopping and dresses up the barest of footwear for a nice-looking sandal that looks great with dresses and capris.
Pickles White Detachable Flower Squeaky Sandals for toddlers2. Squeakers. Toddlers love the noise they make while learning to walk…and run! These cute flower sandals from Pickle have removable, interchangeable flowers and give a little squeak each time she steps down.
Lemon Loves Lime Pink/Silver Seahorse Sandals for girls3. Metallics. Silver and gold, along with iridescents are the perfect match-everything without being plain white. Not only do they go with all her dresses and outfits, metallics stand out and can go from casual to dressy, day or night. This pair from Lemon Loves Lime is a cork footbed, thong style with a cute embellished seahorse on the top.
Deux Par Deux Douce Red Lipstick mary jane sneakers or skimmers for girls4. Sporty. Not mary janes, not sneakers. Often called skimmers, mary janes, ballerinas or sneakers, these breathable, canvas shoes are perfect to wear with pants and shorts in warm weather. The lightweight uppers breathe, and they can go in the wash. Wear with or without socks, for a comfortable, sporty step. Shown here: Deux par Deux Red Lipstick Ballerina Shoes.
L'amour Flip Flops5. Flip flops. Okay, they’re the staple, right? Wear to the pool, the beach, the grocery store. Flip flops maintain their popularity because they are just so darn easy to wear. Take ’em off, put ’em on. Comes in 1001 colors. But why settle for plain? These cute flip flops from L’amour Shoes have a very slight wedge heel, patent straps and a pretty flower and come in plenty of colors. Also available from L’amour: a dressier version of the patent flip flop sandal with a satin bow and stitched leather sole. Looks nice!
L'amour girls flower sandals6. Flowers. Sweet, dainty, pretty flowers. Like these simple sandals from L’amour. Velcro straps and simple one-strap-vamp design are classic; the petals and rhinestones are modern. Plus they are pretty enough to wear to a wedding or garden party. Like everything L’amour makes, they come in plenty of colors, including the traditional summer white.
Penelope Wildberry Ooh La La Couture ultra High Tops/super high tops7. Super-highs. Like these airbrushed sneakers from Penelope Wildberry for Ooh! La, la! Couture. All the airy comfort of a canvas sneaker, with a bit of extra style. Plus these ultra-high-tops have zippers on the inside for easy on and off. Whew! And they look great with skirts and shorts. She’s guaranteed a few stares and compliments with these unique kicks.
Pazitos Gold Ballet Flats, metallic ballet flats for tirls8. Ballet flats. And not just any flats, either. Plain is so…plain! How about some shine? Or flowers for your twinkle toes? Today’s ballet flats come in all the soft colors you’d expect, like baby pink and white, but they also look fantastic in metallics or decorated with sequins and flowers. Going to a wedding? How about some pink sequined flats from Coastal Projections or a pair like these pretty gold Pazitos on the left? She’ll like how easy they are to wear and to match to her wardrobe. She doesn’t even have to tie them.

No matter which style she likes best, you can get this season’s best girl’s shoe trends at EverythingButThePrincess.com.

One Posh Kid: Spring 2012

One Posh Kid is all about fun and stylish looks for your littlest princesses. Even our littlest ones need to feel like they are on the cusp of the fashion world. That is why One Posh Kid is one of Everything But The Princess’ great spring collections available now. One Posh Kid features looks that are heavy with every little girls favorite color, pink, fun and flowing material, tutus, and fun prints and patterns. Now your littlest princess can glam up with the big girls and still look as adorable and sweet as the day you first brought her home.

One Posh Kid Posh Pink Cupcake DressOne Posh Kid Pink Cupcake Dress: This delicious cupcake dress is perfect for spring or for that special first birthday. She will look picture perfect in this incredible tutu cupcake dress. You and your little one will love how adorable she is in this sweet dress.

One Posh Kid Zebra Fancy Knit/Mesh DressOne Posh Kid Zebra Fancy Knit/Mesh Dress: This black and pink dress features a drop waist with a knit top which also features ruffled zebra print. The zebra print also adorns the layered skirt. The bodice is accented with two pink rosettes for a finished and fancy look that will have your littlest princess looking like she is ready to party on!

One Posh Kid Brooklyn Pink Ruffles and Rosettes Party DressOne Posh Kid Brooklyn Pink Ruffles and Rosettes Party Dress: This runway ready dress features cascading ruffles and a rosette bodice. The sweet competing shades of pink are adorable and make the cascading ruffles even more beautiful with the dual hued appearance of a pink waterfall. In this dress your littlest princess will be the belle of the ball, even if it is just at the neighbors 2nd birthday.

One Posh Kid Sweet Bloom Fuchsia Rosette Heart Tutu DressOne Posh Kid Sweet Bloom Fuchsia Rosette Heart Tutu Dress:  Your little princess will love this dress. The Tutu skirt is the perfect item for any little girl, but our littlest appreciate it so much more with their little impromptu dances and twirl sessions. Those sessions will be abundant in this great tutu dress with its fuchsia skirt and heart featuring a little leopard print bow in the center. This is the dress all little girls will love to try on, even if it is just to dance around the room in.

Mayoral: Spring 2012

Mayoral is well known for its sweet and charming apparel that is perfect for our little princesses. Our little princesses look innocent, young, sweet, and adorable in their beautiful and little girl inspired looks. This spring they have succeeded once more in creating a line of beautiful and sweet looks for our little girls and Everything But The Princess has the looks you and your little girl will want for spring and summer. This season’s inspiration is a good old fashioned country western, down home feel. The look is all about the abc’s of country, affordable, beautiful, and comfortable.

Mayoral 2 pc Set White with Girls/Beach Umbrella Tee and Red/White Stripe ShortsMayoral 2 pc Set White with Girls Beach Umbrella Tee and Red/white Stripe Shorts: this white and red set comes with a tee that features some girls and a beach umbrella on the front and back. The red and white stripe shorts are adorable and comfortable and the whole outfit is perfect for a spring or summer outing to the beach or even just at home.

Mayoral Red/White Gingham ShortsMayoral Red/White Gingham Shorts: These red gingham shorts are where country meets the city. They have a more modern cut and style but the red gingham is totally country. Pair them with the cute kitty in the city tee for a country meets city themed look.

Mayoral Red/White Gingham RomperMayoral Red/White Kitty In The City Tank: this adorable tank is perfect for spring and summer with its sleeveless look. It goes well with anything but looks incredibly cute with the red gingham shorts creating a country meets city look that is going to be one of your little princess’ favorite looks this season.

Mayoral Red/White Gingham Romper:  Rompers are perfect for spring and summer when your little princess wants to run wild and free and have fun at all times. Rompers are easy to wear and play in and they look adorable to boot! This great romper is in a large gingham checked pattern and features a belted waist. It is perfect for those fun spring and summer days when all you want to is have fun as long as you can.

Ilovegorgeous: Spring 2012

Ilovegorgeous is an elegant girl’s line that features European sophistication with the whimsy of a little girls world. Their fantastic dresses are precious on any little princess with their sweet colors, whimsical cuts, and of course their adorable accessories every little girl will wish she has at least one of the new spring looks for her own closet. Now thanks to Everything But The Princess you can help your little girl complete that simple dream by finding her an absolutely gorgeous frock from Ilovegorgeous for her spring apparel. Just don’t forget the precious accessories!

ilovegorgeous Sea Green Sylvie Gauld DressIlovegorgeous Sea green Sylvie Gauld Dress: Your little girl can look like one of the fairy woodland princesses in this adorable dress. The sea green hued Gauld dress is reminiscent of a look that tinker bell and her woodland friends would flaunt in the beautiful spring nights as they fly to and fro lighting up the forest. Now your little princess can look as mythically beautiful in this beautiful dress this spring. It features soft layers and satin trim in the soft green hue.

ilovegorgeous Warm Pink Funky SundressIlovegorgeous Warm Pink Funky Sundress: This bright beautiful sundress is perfect for spring with its incredibly vibrant colors it simply screams spring and fun. The dress is a fun and funky layered dress in warm pink cotton and features a gold sequin trim across the bodice which also features satin straps. Any little princess will feel fun and fashionable in this incredible frock.

ilovegorgeous Hot Coral/Yellow Pom Pom HeadbandIlovegorgeous Hot Coral/Yellow Pom Pom Headband: This fun and funky headband pairs excellently with the Pink Funky Sundress. The colors are bright and fun just like the dress and any girl that loves the dress will love to dress it up even more with a fun and funky hair accessory.

ilovegorgeous Goa Print Sunset DressIlovegorgeous Goa Print Sunset Dress: A precious chiffon paisley print dress with possible inspirations from the 60’s and 70’s this look is simply spectacular for spring. The wispy appearance of the chiffon fabric makes this dress perfect for warmer weather and the pretty paisley pattern is a great look for spring.

Paper Wings: Spring Collection

Paper Wings remains one of the most popular girl’s lines this spring, and their spring collection has arrived at Everything But The Princess. From adorable dresses to gorgeous jumpsuits and tees you can find all the great new spring looks from Paper Wings now at Everything But The Princess. All the great new spring looks are beautiful and unique and each feature beautiful patterns and colors that will be huge this season. So help your little princess get her spring look in order with a little inspiration from spring itself, stock up on looks featuring butterflies, hearts, flowers, polka dots, and lots of great bright colors. Now she can look as vibrant and beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside!

aper Wings Multi Color Shirred Swing Butterfly DressPaper Wings Multi Color Shirred Swing Butterfly Dress: This fantastic multi-colored shirred swing dress features a shirred bodice and a shirred detachable belt. The dress is adorned with multi-colored butterflies, the perfect pattern for a spectacular spring look, and a gathered skirt perfect for twirling around in the grass on a super special spring day.

Paper Wings Indigo/Cream Polka Dot Shirred PlaysuitPaper Wings Indigo/Cream Polka Dot Shirred Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits are always fashionable, especially on little girls. Now they can have the comfort and style that gives them the freedom to run and play and still look like the precious little princess that they are. This incredible jumpsuit features indigo and cream polka dots for a fun and whimsical look. The legs are gathered and tied at mid thigh for a more youthful and sweet appearance and the bodice is shirred for extra style.

Paper Wings Gray Large Hearts Puff Sleeve TeePaper Wings Gray Large Hearts Puff Sleeve Tee: An adorable tee for spring or even summer. This gray cap puff-sleeved tee features large print gray hearts. It also features drawstring sides for some added style and fun. The tee is long and could pass for a tunic or tee depending on how the drawstring sides are tied. It pairs excellently with some great shorts, a skirt, or a great pair of leggings.

Paper Wings Dark Gray Gathered LeggingPaper Wings Dark Gray Gathered Legging: These gray leggings are perfect for spring and summer. Pair them with anything from skirts to tees for a different and fun look every day. They pair extremely well with the gray hearts puff sleeve tee. The leggings have gathered sides for a fun and stylish look.