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Twinkle Couture: Fall Pre-Order

Twinkle Couture Black Velour Crown Hoodie * Preorder*Twinkle Couture is beloved by little girls for their trendy clothes/ Girls love the embellished shirts, hoodies and sweaters. The fun and funky designs feature leopard print, camouflage, crowns, zebra print, and rhinestones, some of a girl’s favorite things. Girls love the glitz and glamour of Twinkle couture and are excited to wear their outfits all year long. That is why this fall Twinkle Couture has created some fantastic fall and winter designs meant to dazzle our little girls all winter long, giving them something fun to look forward to on those cold days. That is why Everything But The Princess makes sure to have all the great Twinkle Couture Fall 2011 items that will make your little girl swoon, and they are all available for pre-order now. Hurry in to see the great items that will surely become your little girls favorite looks this season.

Twinkle Couture Black Velour Crown Hoodie *Pre-Order*: An adorable hoodie for colder weather. It features plaid sparkle tulle ruffling along the sleeve cuffs and at the bottom hem. It also features the purple rhinestone crown at the breast of the jacket, adding some glam to the black velour.

Twinkle Couture Pink/ Black Hounds-Tooth Skirt * Preorder*Twinkle Couture Black Velour Pants *Pre-Order*: As a perfect complement to the hoodie these pants come with plaid sparkle tulle ruffles at the ankles for that added pop of color against the black velour. The effect is dazzling and glamorous.

Twinkle Couture Metallic Tie Top *Pre-Order*: Complete the gorgeous outfit with this dazzling shirt. The white tee features a faux tie emblazoned on the front in purple metallic. It adds some funky playfulness to the otherwise girly look adding just enough sass to show off a great sense of style and personality.

Twinkle Couture Pink/Black Hounds-tooth Skirt *Pre-Order*: This delightful skirt has three tiers of hounds-tooth ruffle covered with pink tulle for an extra feminine look. The hounds-tooth pattern is in the lightest pink and plays up the fun and girly look while downplaying the traditional harsher pattern. It softens the look creating a more feminine and fun style.

Twinkle Couture Pink Tunic, Houndstooth Shrug & Leggings Set * Preorder*Twinkle Couture Pink Perfume Top *Pre-Order*: This long -sleeved pink tee has a bold graphic print of a vintage perfume bottle on the front, its look says fun, classy, and stylish.

Twinkle Couture Pink Tunic, Hounds-Tooth Shrug & Leggings Set *Pre-Order*: This pink purse tunic has a hounds-tooth ruffle covered with pink tulle at the hem. The bolo shrug adds some sophistication to the look with the pink hounds-tooth pattern, and the leggings also feature the pink hounds-tooth look. This outfit is fun, comfortable, and incredibly stylish.

Charabia Pre-Orders: Holiday Dresses Abound!

Charabia Silver Sequin Dress with Sash *Preorder*Coming straight from all the specialty shops n Paris this year are the most beautiful special occasion dresses for your little girls. Charabia is well known in over 15 countries for providing the best high-end fashions from their boutique brand based out of Paris, France. With these high-end incredible masterpieces of wearable art your little girl will make this year’s holiday party, or family portrait, or any other grand occasion the most beautiful event outside of fashion week in Paris. Now you do not have to travel all the way to the City of Lights just for a special dress. Just head on over to Everything But The Princess to get your hands on Charabia’s best looks this fall and winter. Right now Everything But The Princess has Charabia’s fall 2011 collection available in the pre-order section where you can not only preview the great designs for this coming season but also order a magnificent dress for your little princess, and it will ship beginning in August! So hurry in a see the beauties now! Charabia Irredesent Pink/Lilac Petal Hem Dress *Preorder*

Charabia Silver Sequin Dress with Sash *Pre-Order*: This exquisite silver dress features silver baubles and silver ruffles across the dress that catches the light and create a brilliant and dazzling light effect in the glow of winter lights. It also features a silver sash across the waist. This dress is perfect for a winter party dress; it is reminiscent of a winter storm or snow that glitters as the Christmas lights bound off of it. It will light up any room and make your little girl the center of attention this season.

Charabia Royal Blue Sequin Dress with Sash *Preorder*Charabia Iridescent Pink/Lilac Petal Hem Dress *Pre-Order*: Holiday time is the perfect time for things that light up and shine, and this iridescent dress does exactly that. The Pink and Lilac iridescent material simply shines and glitters in the lights making your little girl glow with beauty and shine with happiness. The petal skirt makes the dress look like it could be a holiday flower blooming right before your very eyes, opening in the brilliance of the light and becoming the most beautiful thing in the room.

Charabia Royal Blue Sequin Dress with Sash *Pre-Order*: Much like its sister the Silver Sequin dress, this blue version simply glows with perfection and happiness. The blue color makes you feel happy and lighthearted; it is bright and vibrant and would look beautiful on any little girl. Unlike the silver dress it shines with multi-colors of blue, white and silver as the light catches it. It produces a calming effect as the color blue often does, and will charm anyone who sees your little girl in it this season.

Charabia Iridescent Blue with feather Sleeve Dress *Pre-Order*: This iridescent number adds some sophistication to its shine by adding some dark feathers at the sleeves. Feathers add depth and lend a more grown up quality to the dress, making your little girl feel special like she is the fanciest girl at the party. The sash sits just below the waist and the color reaches to the neck, the most dramatic thing about this dress is indeed the feathers. With something as special and feathers you do not need a lot of extra distractions on the dress, your daughter will love this dress and enjoy wearing it no matter how long and boring the holiday party is. Charabia Irredesent Blue with Feather Sleeve Dress *Preorder*

Dollcake: Sweets for Fall 2011

Dollcake is a sweet brand that features clothes for baby girls to 8 years. Created in Melbourne Australia it is a vintage inspired brand that features all things delicate, sweet, soft, and girly. It draws its inspiration from floral and lace, two things that embody all that is delicate and fine about sweet young girls. The soft pallet gives a touch of sophistication and understated elegance while still feeling comfortable and soft. Girls around the world love Dollcake and now so can your little girl. Right now at Everything But The Princess you can find Dollcake in the pre-order section for fall 2011. So many precious designs to choose from you won’t know where to start. But orders begin shipping in August so you have only a short time to figure out which outfit you like best!

Dollcake White Fru Fru TopDollcake white Fru Fru Top *Pre-Order*: An adorable long-sleeve stretched cotton top with layers of crochet frills on the bodice and a beautiful pink ribbon bow. It embodies all that is sweet about being a girl.

Dollcake White/Polka Fru Fru Skirt *Pre-Order*: This precious skirt is made of layers of white and polka dot cotton edged in delicate crochet appliqué. It is sweet and innocent for that precious little girl in your life.

Dollcake All Frocked Up Coat *Pre-Order*: This is the coolest coat with its vintage pink fur. It is fully lined in cotton floral with vintage pink lace all around the edge with pink crochet sleeves and a ribbon tie.  It is the perfect coat for the Fru Fru outfit.

Dollcake Pink/White Pretty Crochet Hair Clip *Pre-Order*: Of course you have to have accessories with a great outfit, and this beautiful crochet clip is the ultimate hair accessory. Pink and white Crochet are layered to create a flower with a pink pearl in the center.

Dollcake white Polka Lots of Dots Tights *Pre-Order*: The perfect finishing touch, these tights are delicate and comfortable and will help to keep your little angel warm on those cooler days.

Dollcake Queen Bee FrockDollcake Queen Bee Frock *Pre-Order*: A Queen Bee is the boss of the hive, and the boss should be the best dressed right? Well she will be in this gorgeous frock. The cream knit frock is edged with beautiful crochet work and features a crochet style frame on the front with an old-fashioned lady holding an umbrella in a 1920’s style print. It is vintage and incredibly pretty.

Dollcake Queen Bee Footless Socks *Pre-Order*: These white footless stretch socks feature cream lace and a crochet appliqué on one sock. They are the perfect addition to the Queen Bee Frock.


3 Cheers for 3 Pommes: Pre-Orders Available Now!

3 Pommes is a spectacular brand for children, infants to size 12. They are well known for their amazing range of colors and fabric patterns and prints and make a great outfit for any young child. Children enjoy clothes that are original and fun, 3 Pommes strives to offer original and purely creative pieces of clothing that will not only keep your little ones up to date on the trend scene, but also comfortable in the trendiest clothes. After all, who wants to wear the popular trends if they are rearranging their clothes or itching in them all day, certainly not a kid? That’s why all the 3 Pommes clothes are comfortable and cool, no matter what! And now you can check out the fall 2011 collection of 3 Pommes at Everything But The Princess and pre-order them for your little princess so that she can be way ahead of the trend curve this fall. You can pre-order now and they will begin shipping in August. So check them out and see what trends you and your girl want to get in on!

3 Pommes Plum Pink Reversible Fur Vest *Preorder*3 Pommes White Just Dance Tee Shirt *Pre-Order*: This fantastic tee shirt will keep your little princess dancing for hours. The long-sleeve white tee has bold graphic fuchsia and black images that will want to get her own her feet and get moving to the beat!

3 Pommes Plum Pink Reversible Fur Vest *Pre-Order*: This fun and funky fur vest is fuchsia and black and ties across the chest for a closed appearance, but can also be worn open to show off the shirt underneath it. It adds some funk to any cool outfit, and will definitely make any outfit at least 50% cooler.

3 Pommes Plum Pink Plaid Skirt *Pre-Order*: This cute skirt is the perfect skirt to finish off a look of fun and funk. Pair it with the fur vest and just dance tee. It pumps up your little girl’s glam factor!

3 Pommes gray Tights with Plum Leg Warmers *Pre-Order*: Complete the look with these great tights. The charcoal color is the perfect fall look, but add the fuchsia leg warmers and you have the coolest outfit ever to grace your daughter’s closet. All her friends will be envious of this hip look.

3 Pommes Fuchsia Crown Tee *Preorder*3 Pommes Black Whisker Denim Mini Skirt *Pre-Order*: An adorable denim skirt for any little girl, it features a whisker pattern in the denim that gives it that worn in look. Pair it with some great tights for a fun look this fall.

3 Pommes fuchsia Crown Tee *Pre-Order*: This top is definitely hot, and I don’t mean just the color! The crown tee is a fun tee for any little princess, and pairs fantastically with the denim mini for a fun casual look.

3 Pommes Black/Charcoal Striped Tights *Pre-Order*: Complete that fun casual look with these incredible tights. They are charcoal and black striped and are not only fun but look great with the denim skirt.

Get Her Blue Jeans On: Miss Me Jeans Fall 2011 Pre-Order

It is America, and we know how important the Blue Jean is. Blue Jeans are not just something that we use to cover our legs on those days we want to go casual. They have become a staple in the fashion world. They define all that is modern about the modern woman and girl, and Miss Me Jeans is all about defining and inspiring women and girls. Jeans may look one-dimensional, but as years of being the go to item in the fashion industry it is not hard to see how they have become a multi-dimensional tool of expression. Jeans are liberating, stylish, comfortable, and let’s face it; they are American to the bone. They are one of the first pieces of clothing anybody owns, and they are a piece that can hip and glam, cool and casual, or rock to the fullest. That is why Miss Me Jeans has designed fantastic jeans for young girls that will be staple pieces in their closet, they will help them to build the perfect look, and by doing so, help define the type of person they want the world to see them as. That is why jeans are so important, and why we just cannot leave them out in our fall 2011 pre-order selection. The Miss Me Jeans collection available at Everything But The Princess may be small, but it is what you can do with that collection that is important!

Miss Me Girls Fleur-de-lis Skinny JeanMiss Me Girls Fleur-de-lis Skinny Jean *Pre-Order*: Skinny jeans are hot, hot, hot right now. They say sophistication yet simple elegance. You can pair them with anything from simple tees for a casual look to a fancy tunic for a more ephemeral look. Want a preppy look? Try a pin tucked shirt with a belt around the waist. The style options are endless with jeans.

Miss Me Girls Fallen Angel Wing Boot Cut Miss Me Girls Fallen Angel Wings Boot Cut Jean *Pre-Order*: Add some funk to your look with a tee with bold graphics like necklaces or a lace up front. Pair a cute top with a sweet cardigan for a casual and sweet fall look. Get funky with a fur vest and long-sleeve tee. You cannot go wrong with pairing some of your favorite tops with your favorite jeans.

Jottum: Everything But The Princess Has Got ‘Em!

Everything But The Princess is continuing to show how amazing it is this month by bringing us even more fantastic fall pre-orders from our favorite designers. Right now you can check out the latest fall fashions from Jottum and pick your favorite and have it delivered in August! Your little princess can be the first to sport the cutest jumpers and bubble skirts from Jottum, just head on over now and see the great things just waiting for you to hang in your daughter’s closet!

Jottum Soetki Check Suspender Jumper Dress *Preorder*Jottum Soetki Check Suspender Jumper *Pre-Order*: This adorable jumper features check suspenders with a unique ruffle skirt. Each ruffle is sewn as round panels making the ruffles look fuller. Your little princess will certainly feel like a princess in this ruffled jumper.

Jottum Neylan Baby Blue Ruffle Top *Pre-Order*: The perfect top to pair with the ruffled jumper. The light blue top adds a little color but does not overpower the checker pattern of the jumper. Like the jumper it features some ruffles which appear at the neckline for a precious appearance when worn altogether.

Jottum Totang Print Bubble Skirt *Pre-Order*: With fall leaves adorning this beautiful bubble skirt it is an amazing complement to the fall weather. The skirt features a full gathered appearance with a ruched bottom to give that bubble look.

Jottum Blue Nanky Top *Preorder*Jottum Blue Navy Top *Pre-Order*: A great top to pair with the bubble skirt. The crossover front bodice adds a small feminine detail to the front. The long-sleeves make it easy to wear in fall and winter and you can always use it as a layering piece by adding a cardigan or sweater.

Jottum Rolink Striped Tights *Preorder*Jottum Rolink Striped Tights *Pre-Order*: Your little princess will love these tights. They feature a leaf and flower print with a lace look at the bottom and wide navy and white stripes at the top. Feminine yet funky, with just a touch of sass.

Just Spotted: Kate Mack & Biscotti Fall 2011 Collection for Pre-Order!

 Kate Mack Black Ruffled Jacket *Preorder*This fall little girls everywhere will be spotted wearing, well, spots! That is because Kate Mack and Biscotti’s new fall collection offers some of the most stylish leopard prints available this year for our little princess’. You can find the hottest tops, bottoms, and jackets for your little girl right now at Everything But The Princess. Right now Everything But The Princess has their famous pre-order selections up for all the best fall designers and Kate Mack and Biscotti are definitely one of the best. So hurry in now and check the fabulous Kate Mack and Biscotti designs and maybe even pre-order some of your faves. They begin shipping in August! Whatever you choose do not miss the fabulous Kate Mack Black Ruffled Jacket, it is too bad it doesn’t come in Mom sizes!

Kate Mack Black Jeggings *Preorder*Kate Mack Ivory/Black Leopard Top *Pre-Order*: This adorable top is the perfect look for fall. It will keep your little girl warm and she will still look like a fashionista. The black and white are not stark against one another, but complement each other perfectly. Add some cute jeggings and you have yourself an outfit fit for a princess!

Kate Mack Black Jeggings *Pre-Order*: Jeggings have become very popular this year, and no one can pull them off better than a little girl. Let’s face it; they have the sass and the guts to wear anything without worrying over how they look. Style is all about how you wear the clothes, not how the clothes wear you. These pair perfectly with the leopard top and recall an Audrey Hepburn like beauty and fashion sense.

Biscotti Pink Leopard Print Sweater *Preorder*Kate Mack Ivory/Black Leopard Sweater *Pre-Order*: This little sweater can be worn in place of the leopard top but still gives that leopard look. Pair it with a tank or tee for a layered look. Layers are great for the fall weather.

Biscotti Pink Leopard Print Sweater *Pre-Order*: Just as beautiful as its black and white counterpart this pink leopard sweater adds a little more femininity for the girl that just has to have her pink. It can be worn alone or used as a layering garment!

Kate Mack Black Ruffled Jacket *Pre-Order*: This jacket is amazing. It has a beautiful tailored look that will quickly make it her favorite go to jacket. The ruffles appear as a little skirt in the front, but also appear just above the bottom on the back. The military like buttons on the front are very trendy yet traditional and allow this jacket to appear either dressy or casual depending on what it is worn over. Pair it with the jeggings for a casual look, or a skirt or dress for a dressier ensemble. No matter how she wears it she will look amazing!

Oilily Fall 2011 Pre-orders Starts Today!

Oilily Czarina Cameo Print Tirza Skirt * PreorderOilily first established itself in 1963 as the answer to the blasé children’s wardrobes available at the time, can anyone say blue and pink? Since then Oilily has broken down the boring and brought it into the brand new and beautiful. With color inspirations and influences from all over the world Oilily strives to bring their clients the best pieces of every culture, making the most creative and unique pieces available for children’s clothing. Now they have struck gold again with their upcoming fall 2011 collection and you can see it here at Everything But The Princess first when you preview and pre-order the fall line beginning today. Orders will begin shipping in August. So hurry in to see the greatest hits of this fall season while it is still hot out!

Oilily Dark Pink Long Sleeves Czarina Top *Pre-Order*: This Russian inspired top is just perfect for fall. It will keep your little princess warm in those cold months ahead; after all it was inspired by Russia! The bright colors and flowers are wonderful accents to the beautiful Czarina that inspires this great top, a princess for a princess.

Oilily Czarina Cameo Print Tirza Skirt *Pre-Order*: This beautiful skirt is a perfect match for the Czarina top.  It has little cameo memories of a beautiful Russia, including little Czarina’s, pretty little pooches, and some amazing Russian inspired patterns and prints. The skirt is perfect for those early fall weeks when the weather is still warm, but can be paired with some terrific tights for more intense weather.

Oilily Red Dutchy Cord Shaza Skirt * PreorderOilily Stripe Make Things Happen Top *Pre-Order*: This precocious little top will help make your daughter a believer in the positive. The top says, “Make New Things happen” an excellent mantra for a growing girl learning new things in an ever-expanding world. Help her to understand that the whole world is open to her in this great quote. It may just become her new favorite top!

Oilily Red Dutchy Cord Shaza Skirt *Pre-Order*: This great skirt pairs excellently with the Make Things Happen Top. Its Dutch origins are innocent and quaint, and give that spark of newness and innocence to your daughter that will help her to feel brand new and special every day. Let her start each day in this outfit with something new and exciting. You can make it a tradition that when she wears this outfit she tries something outside of her comfort zone. Does she not like a certain food, today we try it! Afraid of making new friends? Today she talks to a new person at school. Help her to improve herself in fun new ways!