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Catimini Styles on Sale

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When it comes to spring wear, nothing beats going for the traditional pieces that are sure to never go out of style. So, if you are looking for something new to add to your little girls’ wardrobe this new season but would like them to last for as long as possible, here are some pieces that you should be ordering for them!

Get these darling pieces now while they are on sale. These cute fashions will not last!

Catimini Matisse in Nice Stripes & Polka Dots Cardigan

Spring may mean a much warmer weather compared to what inches of snow have brought about but it certainly does not mean that we are free from cold gusts of wind. This cute retro chic long sleeved cardigan is the perfect addition to your child’s getup especially during those chilly nights. The Catimini Matisse in Nice Stripes & Polka Dots Cardigan comes with bright fuchsia polka dots, dark blue striped sleeves and zippers with a mustard accent.

Catimini Betty So Pretty Navy Stripe Flare Dress

Dresses will never go out of style, more so in spring time. When it comes to such pieces, going for simple ones that will allow you to mix and match it with other pieces make it more versatile and longer lasting. This Catimini Betty So Pretty Navy Stripe Flare Dress comes with a gathered skirt in multi print pattern.

Catimini Betty So Pretty In The City Girl Top

What’s not to love about the Catimini Betty So Pretty In The City Girl Top?! It features this adorable girl with a huge bow. So chic and fashionable! This top goes perfectly with shorts, skirts, capris, and jeans.

Catimini On The Sunny Beach Fuchsia Floral Girls Dress

Looking for something to wear for a sunny beach getaway or a walk in the park? Consider getting this white sleeveless Catimini On The Sunny Beach Fuchsia Floral Girls Dress that comes with a mix of fuchsia and floral print. It’s so pretty and feminine, your girls will love being seen in them!


Catimini Pretty In Timbuktu Giraffe Floral Print Knit Dress

Dresses with bright flowers can never go wrong especially for spring and summer. This Catimini Pretty In Timbuktu Giraffe Floral Print Knit Dress comes with a white background and is printed with flowers in fuchsia. And guess what…you are in for a surprise! The flowers are hiding a giraffe, too!

Traditional pieces need not be boring. They can be trendy and super cute but the best thing is that they are extremely practical to wear and can be mixed and matched with other pieces too.


Catamini Spring 2015 Pre-Orders – Gorgeous Fashions for Girls

ooh-la-la-couture-white-cranberry-floral-dress_thumbnailBe warned that when you click on the preorder page for Catamini Spring 2015, your senses will be overwhelmed. There is so many gorgeous hues and styles in this season’s line up. Each piece of designer kids clothes looks like a work of art. Seriously, this line is a dream come true for any fashionista.

Catimini Pinch Me I’m Dreaming White/Aqua/Cranberry Sun Dress

The Catimini Pinch Me I’m Dreaming White/Aqua/Cranberry Sun Dress shows a gorgeous underwater scene on its fashionable sundress. The white dress features a drop waist and colorful fish, coral, bubbles, and flowers. A pink bow accents the shoulder strap, while the dress flows out to a pretty pink ruffle. The only thing this gorgeous dress needs is a fab pair of sunglasses and sandals. Available in sizes 12M to 4T.

Catimini Pinch Me I’m Dreaming Aqua/Berry Sea Floral Sun Dress


The Catimini Pinch Me I’m Dreaming Aqua/Berry Sea Floral Sun Dress offers another dreamy and colorful scene. This dress just screams summer with is wide range of hues. What a perfect dress for a beach vacation or family cruise. While it is the perfect summer dress, it could also transition into fall nicely too by pairing these stunning colors with a casual cardigan, tights, and boots. Available in sizes 12M to 4T.catamini-white-flower-dress_thumbnail

Catimini Pinch Me I’m Dreaming White/Aqua/Pink Sun Dress

The Catimini Pinch Me I’m Dreaming White/Aqua/Pink Sun Dress is another amazing dress that will have your princess looking summer-ready. This flowy white dress cascades beautifully down. The pops of color are perfect for every day wear. Pair with the darling, Catimini Pinch Me I’m Dreaming Fuchsia Leggings for even more color in this adorable and trendy kids clothes outfit.

Pre-order these amazing Catimini fashions now to get a head start on your trendy summer clothes and fashions. You don’t want to leave on vacation without these stylish jewels.

Gorgeous Outerwear for Girls

coatI don’t know where you live, but where I live, we just experienced our first breezy day. It was wonderful to have a break from the heat and to actually put on a light jacket. Fall is definitely in the air now! The colder weather definitely has me excited about all of the gorgeous coats, hats, and mittens we have for girls at Everything But The Princess. Here are the top 5 fall and winter essentials every girl needs in their closet this year.

Gorgeous Coats That Make the Outfit

So many designers save their bright colors for spring, which is why the Catimini City Spirit Fuchsia with Fur Trim Hooded Coat is a must-have. This bright fuchsia jacket will make anyone’s day brighter even in the dead of winter.coat

Another must-have coat for this winter is the Petit Lem Miss Masquerade Faux Fur Jacket. This hip and trendy girl’s coat will look lovely over fancy dresses as well as a casual shirt and skinnies. Available in sizes 2/3-6/7.

hatSweet Hats for Warm Heads

It can be hard to find a stylish winter hat that will go with anything. The Catimini City Spirit Navy Multi Color Knit with Pom Pom Beanie is one adorable beanie that can be stylish with many trendy girls clothes. The navy knit beanie is accentuated with pink flowers and multi-color dots. Available in 9-12M to 4-7 years. This hat can be worn for more than one season with its wide range of sizes.

For a more playful beanie, the Catimini City Spirit Aqua Multi Stripe Pom Pom Beanie is a great choice. The Catimini City Spirit Aqua Multi Stripe Pom Pom Beanie is more whimsical with its colored stripes, ear covers, and fun pom pom on top. Available in two sizes, 8-12 and 14-16.

Stylish Scarves to Accessorizescarf

Throw on a scarf over any stylish girls outfit for an extra stylish touch and a little more warmth. The Catimini City Spirit Navy/Fuchsia Multi Color Stripe Pom Pom Scarf is full of fun colors that will brighten up any outfit. Available in sizes 18M or 2-7 years.

Another fun scarf for fall and winter is the Catimini City Spirit Brown/Fuchsia Multi Color Stripe Pom Pom Scarf . This scarf looks lovely in the brown and fuchsia hues. It comes in two sizes that will last for many seasons, 2-6 and 7-16.

mittenCozy Mittens for Everyday Style

Don’t let your little one head out into the cold without some mittens. The Catimini City Spirit Navy/Fuchsia Multi Color Stripe Mittens are adorable and so practical. The mittens are attached to a string which means your little one will never lose one mitten. These mittens are available in sizes 3-6M to 3-5 years.

Warm Vests that Shinevest

The Flowers By Zoe Faux Fur Vest is a hip vest for all girls. The faux fur vest adds a stylish and warm layer to any outfit. We love how it goes with black pleather pants, skinnies, or even trendy girl skirts. Available in sizes 5-12.

vest1Another fun and fashionable vest is the Kate Mack Outerwear Essentials Black with Studs Vest . This rocking vest will make a great addition to your little one’s fall wardrobe. The black vest has a glossy look and the studded collar adds a little bling. Pair it with school clothes or weekend clothes.

Kate Mack has two other gorgeous vests for the winter season too. The Kate Mack Outerwear Essentials Pink Vest is a fun and bright pink color with some fun ruffles. The Kate Mack Outerwear Essentials Green Vest is another fun vest in a lime green color.  All these fashionable vests are available in sizes 4-12.

Get your little one’s fall and winter essentials now before the cold front hits. Everything But The Princess has the trendiest winter outerwear for girls.

Fall 2013 Color Profile

As the days get shorter and the mornings get cooler, we are are drawn to soft, natural colors that reflect the world around us. Leaves change color…and so do our wardrobes. What do our favorite designers have in store for us this fall? Let’s take a color tour!

Fall Color Fashion Trends

Emerald – jewels fit for a king, warm tropical waters, brightly colored plumage.  Emerald is such a rich hue, mostly green with just a little blue, and blends nicely with cool colors like Mykonos Blue or contrasts with brights like Vivacious.  Look for emerald in the collections of Catimini, Joah Love, and Desigual.

Emerald Emerald Emerald

Joah Love Lake Kira Bustle Tunic

Joah Love Kira Bustle Tunic & Lake Leggings

Catimini ' Mon Jardin Enchante ' Emerald Knit Dress

Catimini Mon Jardin Enchante Dress

Desigual Caffra Dress

Desigual Caffra Dress

Mykonos Blue – azure skies and calm seas of the Mediterranean, this deep blue has energy but soothes at the same time.  And it’s just a little bit moody.  Look for blue in the collections of Sara Sara, Desigual, Pom Pom and Catimini.

Mykonos Blue Mykonos Blue Mykonos Blue

Baby Sara Flower Explorer Tunic

Baby Sara Flower Explorer Tunic

Pom Pom Amaryllis Plaid Dress

Pom Pom Amaryllis Plaid Dress

Catimini  'La Parisienne ' Blue Leaf Print Tunic Blouse

Catimini La Parisienne Tunic & Leggings

Linden Green – soft & natural, this light green is a little woody and a little  springtime.  Blend with Turbulence grey or Deep Lichen for an urban palette or Carafe brown for a more vibrant look.  Look for Linden in the collections of Sam & Sydney, Catimini, Eliane et Lena and Trish Scully. Linden Green Linden Green

Sam & Sydney Kissing Birds Ruffle Coat

Sam & Sydney Kissing Birds Coat

Eliane Et Lena Ashley Lime Sweater Cardigan

Eliane Et Lena Ashley Sweater & Haydn Dress


Trish Scully Mums The Word Hooded Ruffle Dress

Trish Scully Mums The Word Hooded Dress & Ruffle Leggings

Acai – A little plum here, and little violet there, Acai is exotic and mysterious.  Purple is your power color, chic with greys like Turbulence, vibrant with brights like Linden or Vivacious, rich with jewel tones like Emerald or Mykonos Blue.  Look for Acai in the collections of Trish Scully, Desigual, KidCuteTure, Joah Love, and Catimini.

Acai Acai Acai

Desigual Nerine Violet Dress

Desigual Nerine Dress

Trish Scully Purple Damask Princess Dress

Trish Scully Damask Princess Dress

Joah Love Fiona Dark Plum Bustle Dress

Joah Love Fiona Bustle Dress & Plum Leggings

Samba – Samba is a rich red, perfect for a tiny color pop or dramatic allover color.  This is a cool red, and stands alone nicely, or combine with champagne, pink, black or grey.  Look for Samba throughout our curated collection, with nice examples in the collections of Ooh! La, La! Couture, Desigual, Little Mass, Catimini, Persnickety and Lemon Loves Lime.

Samba Samba Samba

Little Mass 'Mary Poppin' Red Roses Dress

Little Mass Mary Poppin Dress

Ooh! La, La! Couture Rhododendron WOW Swarovski Devin High Low Dress

Ooh! La, La! Couture Rhododendron Devin Dress


Desigual Gracilis Dress

Desigual Gracilis Dress & Bacias Leggings

Koi – orange is your cheerful companion, and can bring a splash of pizazz or stand-out drama to a look.  Dramatically combine with black or charcoal, as seen in the KidCuteTure collection, or soften the look with natural hues like carafe brown, lichen green or turbulence grey.  Look for orange in the collections of Pom Pom, KidCuteTure and Persnickety.

Koi Koi Koi

Pom Pom Brentje Floral Skirt and Geke Jacket

Pom Pom Geke Jacket & Brentje Skirt

KidCuteTure Orange & Charcoal Camilla Dress

KidCuteTure Camilla Dress

Persnickety Mossy Woods Cassie Dress

Persnickety Mossy Woods Cassie Dress

Deep Lichen – this subtle green-grey is a dynamic shade that balances brights and coordinates earthy tones.  In shades from very light to a deep bluish olive, Lichen reminds one of misty mornings and cool forests.  Look for Deep Lichen in the collections of Persnickety and Mustard Pie, as well as woven throughout our other european collections.

Deep Lichen Deep Lichen Deep Lichen

Persnickety Ginger Holiday Dress

Persnickety Ginger Holiday Dress & Grey Dot Leggings

Persnickety Mossy Woods Navy Lou Lou Top

Persnickety Mossy Woods Lou Lou Top


Mustard Pie Black Paisley Rigby Top

Mustard Pie Black Paisley Rigby Top

Vivacious – yes she is!  Vivacious is that berry-licious, pinky raspberry fuchsia that brightens a room and brings a smile.  Whether juxtaposed against grey or taupe, incorporated into bright geometrics or dramatically standing against black, Vivacious adds a natural and indispensable POP to your wardrobe palette.

Vivacious Vivacious Vivacious

Deux par Deux Carte de Mode Layered Skirt

Deux par Deux Carte de Mode Layered Skirt and Accessories

Eliane Et Lena Fuchsia & Taupe Floral Laura Dress

Eliane Et Lena Laura Dress & Eloa Tights


Giggle Moon Raspberry Truffle Tutu Dress & Leggings

Giggle Moon Raspberry Truffle Tutu Dress & Leggings

Turbulence – cool grey, misty, sophisticated.  Grey is the canvas on which to paint subtle patterns or bright rainbows.  Combine it with earthy browns and greens for a clashy, industrial silhouette, or decorate it with pink, lime and yellow.  Grey is soft and rigid, all at once, taking you from extremely casual to primly formal.  Look for Turbulence grey throughout our catalog, including Biscotti, Kate Mack, Deux par Deux, Catimini, Pampolina, Sierra Julian, Ooh! La, La! Couture and more.

Turbulence Turbulence Turbulence

Biscotti Urban Garden Dress

Biscotti Urban Garden Dress

Kate Mack Pretty Kitty Grey Dress

Kate Mack Pretty Kitty Dress


Ooh! La, La! Couture Silver/Champagne Chevron Ruffle Tutu Dress

Ooh! La, La! Couture Chevron Dress

Carafe – rich, glamorous, powerful.  The color of wood, leather and chocolate.  Brown is and has always been.  This luxurious shade is where chocolate absorbs olive and cordovan, leaving just the essence of both green and red undertones for the richest brown.  (And it’s also the color of grizzly bears – yikes!)

Carafe Carafe Carafe

Lipstik 'Leopard Surprise'  Chocolate Pleather Pant

Lipstik ‘Leopard Surprise’ Pleather Pant and Leopard Top

Mustard Pie Brown Paisley Alice Wrap

Mustard Pie Brown Paisley Alice Wrap


Persnickety Golden Girls Brown Lily Skirt

Persnickety Golden Girls Brown Lily Skirt

This is a gorgeous palette of tones that blend together with ease – how will you combine these beautiful fall colors to create your own look?

Top 10 Looks for Back To School

Back to school? Are you crazy? On this first day of August, I’m thinking about what the kids are going to wear as they start school in just a few short weeks. Gone are the days of the nicely delineated Labor Day to Memorial Day school year that I had. Back then (you know, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth), we had a good, long summer. Plenty of time to get thoroughly bored and forget how to hold a pencil. And we were excited to go back to school!
Nowdays, they are starting earlier than ever, and the summer weather of August just isn’t right for those “cool” fall clothes. What’s a kid to do? Never fear:  Classroom inspiration is here! There are plenty of stylish ways to wear Fall Transition outfits that are weather appropriate and look great during those first weeks, then transition beautifully into the cooler weather of autumn. Check out Everything But The Princess’s back-to-school style guide for some great ideas for fresh, first-day looks.

Top 10 Back To School Transition Looks
1. Dress up a tee. Simple tops are the ultimate in versatile. The tee is a year-round staple that looks fun & funky and can be dressed up too. Pair with some bold accessories and fancy new shoes, and it looks like a million bucks. Tees can be worn with a cardigan or jacket for those cool mornings waiting for the bus and top shorts, skirts or pants nicely, depending on the weather. These days, tees come in such a huge variety of styles, with screen prints, sequins, peek-a-boo shoulders – and any sleeve length you like. They’re anything but plain! There’s sure to be a tribal top, dress-casual fusion tee or lusciously colored tee that will suit her fancy.
2. White. Well, it’s not Labor Day yet, now is it? Why not white? Crisp & clean, white looks fantastic with tribal prints, soft pastels and cheery brights. White cropped jeans will look great with dressy tees (see #1!), and a white jacket is the perfect topper for any back to school outfit. Anyway, here on the west coast, we don’t stand on ceremony-who needs rules? We wear white in good weather all year round. If you like to tone it down in the winter, simply switch to winter white, cream or ivory for a versatile look that matches anything.  White is one hot ticket!
3. Pretty pastels. Soft hues are easy on the eyes and come in lightweight and heavy fabrics to suit your weather and mood. Head-to-toe pastel is always a good choice, but it looks fantastic with white (see #2!) or black too. Pastels go nicely together as well, so feel free to mix & match.
4. Summer brights…in the fall. Bright colors are cheerful and totally school appropriate. Pair brights with black or brown to make them autumn-y, like topping a tunic top or short dress with a cardigan and finishing with leggings or opaque tights if it’s cool. Like this dress from Catimini’s fall 2012 collection – wear with or without the top underneath; with or without leggings (see #6!). It’s cute, cheerful and completely convertible. Desigual offers a stunning array of cheerful brights in prints and solids this fall too, with fall shorts, skirts, coats and dresses galore. See the Desigual Fall 2012 girls collection here.
5. Light jackets. Mornings are cool and afternoons hot. That means jackets! More than ever, there is a huge selection of jackets, shrugs and hoodies to suit every taste. A denim basic is fine – and you can pick 3/4 sleeves, cropped or classic styles in every color of the rainbow. Hoodies are still super popular, owing to their versatility and overall comfort. Who doesn’t have a favorite sweatshirt? And then of course there are twists on the classic blazer. Like this striped 3/4 sleeve jacket from Hannah Banana. Vests are a great variation on this theme too, perfect with long or short sleeves–even over a tank!
6. Layered. Layered is in. And it’s a great way to express yourself with plenty of mix & match choices. Fall shorts are hot for a reason: she can wear them layered with tights or leggings, with longer shorts underneath, with knee-highs or bare-legged for the perfect level of comfort. And oh how cute! Like these schoolgirl shorts from Brums, shown here with a tee and blazer and over striped tights. Also looks fantastic over short boots with knee-highs or legwarmers and bare legs. And they are looking fantastic for fall! Wow! Look at all these shorts! Layering also works great with dresses, as you can pair a dress with long sleeves underneath or a shrug over the top and then add leggings, tights or legwarmers when things get cool.

Eliane Et Lena Navy Tina Jacket  *Preorder* Eliane et Lena Fall 2012

7. Boho. Bohemian is chic, and if your gypsy girl likes the details of flowers, beadwork and accessories, this look is perfect for her. Layers of pretty colors with ruffles and prints are fun and attractive. Don’t forget to top it all off with a pretty scarf like this Luna Scarf from Eliane et Lena.
8. Schoolgirl. Okay, I realize this is obvious, but skirts and knee-highs, plaid, pleats and peter pan collars really are cute for school. Mix & match styles for short or long sleeves, tights or bare-legs and boots or flats – everything comes together prim & proper and perfect for back-to-school!
9. Twirly Skirts. Feminine, funky or cute – short skirts are the perfect fall transition item. Whether they are gathered, dirndl style or tiered, skirts give her room to move and play (especially with Monkeybar Buddies) and look dressy enough for lunch with grandma. And they are definitely cute! Like this darling City Girl polka dot tiered skirt from Lipstik. Pair with a 3/4 sleeve top for a go-anywhere look that dresses up or down nicely, then with tights & boots when the weather gets cooler.
10. Ultra-high Sneakers & Boots. Comfortable and breathable canvas sneakers are ultra-hip in sky-high heights. Like these Penelope Wildberry for Ooh! La, La! Couture High Tops shown here with the Coco dress from Ooh! La, La! Couture. They are perfect for playground and they look fantastic with dresses & skirts, shorts and jeans.

The first week of school is so exciting, and kids really want to make a good impression and look their best. With these fall transition ideas, they can look fantastic without being uncomfortably hot. For more great back-to-school fashion ideas, visit

Retro-Prospective: Catimini Celebrates 40 Years

Catimini 40 AnsCatimini celebrates it’s 40th anniversary with a “retro-prospective,” the process of preparing the future from the interpretation of values.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the iconic French brand Catimini created 40 dresses designed by a wealth of different designers with some even inviting the wearer to color in the design for a personal, unique touch.

The making of Catimini

Since 1972, Catimini has been promoting its imaginative creativity and establishing its atypical world. With its childhood dreams still intact, for this anniversary, Catimini returns to basics with color and travel as the focus of the collection.

Catimini Showroom Paris

Catimini Showroom Paris - 40th Anniversary Showcase

As well as 40 extraordinary dresses – to color in, admire, create – and even to eat, an exclusive ‘Retrospective 2012’ presents Catimini’s cult clothes in the very heart of Paris in their flagship store, looking back over its creative flair within the industry. Catimini is also sponsoring a mother elephant and her baby in Laos, due in 2012, with the Elefantasia association. A photo shoot of the collection was also done in Laos to combine the special line of dresses and sponsorship.

The anniversary celebrations perfectly reflect the spirit of Catimini: offbeat, creative and decidedly optimistic!

And in the spirit of that optimistic philosophy, Catimini is fulfilling childhood dreams by sponsoring a mother elephant and her baby through Laos-based Elefantasia, whose mission is to protect the Indian elephant.


40 years ago, Monique and Paul Salmon had their own vision about kids fashion:  both were bored about the unimaginative and pedestrian clothes on the kidswear market at the time.  They wanted to create kids fashion in a high-quality and individual design.  In 1972, the Catimini label was founded and this year they celebrate 40 years of high-end children’s fashion.

Catimini means individuality and fun, not boredom and kitsch.  Not even adults want to wear plain clothes; that’s why Catimini uses inspiration combined with classical fashion design.  The collection shows trends like pattern mixing and funny animal prints in sizes from newborn to 12.  The bright, refined colors, highest-quality fabrics and versatile styles have brought this brand a very loyal following, with excellent quality at a price that is remarkably decent for a luxury brand.

While many brands have entered and left the market in the past 40 years, Catimini has weathered the decades successfully by keeping up with the needs and fancies of the fashion world and winning the hearts of adults and children alike.  Catimini’s attention to detail draws acclaim, and long-lasting quality earns loyalty.

A short history of Catimini:

  • 1972 – The brand is created by Monique and Paul Salmon.The Fiat 500
  • 1987 – Catimini expands.  The brand owns 50 boutiques and is represented in 40 countries.
  • 1988 – Love at first sight.  The Fiat 500 becomes the vehicle for the brand.  Alain Thiebault uses it as an advertising tool.
  • 1990 – Catalog Summer in St. Tropez.  Catimini travel.  A group of 50 Catimini Fiats drive around stores across France and around the world.  The brand has 50 stores and operates in 40 countries.
  • 1992 – Catimini has fun.  For its 20th birthday, in a collaboration with the Catimini RoundaboutRoyal de Luxe troupe of street performers, Catimini reinvents an offbeat, full of suprirses and magical merry-go-round:  The Magic Roundabout!  An invitation to travel through time, space and your dreams in the Big Adventure of the imagination.  A smoking steamship, a giant grasshopper, a hairy caterpillar, a rocket that rises 5m into the air through the canopy…Depicted at the center of the roundabout is an animated series of imaginary professions.  The migratory bird indicator, the cloud inflator….
  • 1993 – Catimini in Paris.  The 1200 m2 showroom in a post house in Rue Martel is opened to the public.  In the form of a roguish Parisian street of the 1930’s, it features a square, a bistro, bakery, bookshop, hairdresser…and many events like carousels and ice cream stands.  1993 is also the year of Catimini’s 100th shop.
  • 1994-1998 – Catimini conquers the globe.  From Belgium to Australia, Mexico to Tahiti, Saudi Arabia to the United Kingdom…  Catimini is an international brand, owning 114 boutiques all over the world.
  • 1997 – Catimini on the Champs Elysées.  A store concept on the Champs Elysées.  A magical place built on 313m2 with a story to tell : Interior design, tableware, bathroom linen, soaps, etc… Nursery corner, reading space, living room and bathroom.
  • 1993-2003 – Catimini grows up.  With the addition of new licenses (shoes, glasses, wallpaper and bed linens), Catimini extends its world and asserts its role as a children’s specialist.
  • 2000 – Catimini plays with the big ones.  The Zannier Group merges with Y2K and becomes the worldwide leader for children’s clothing.
  • 1998 – Catimini continues the adventure!  The brand gives a new look to its boutiques through the creation of the Haussmann concept store, a whole world steeped in embroidered adventure. Catimini develops its lines, increases its annual turnover…and defies the future!
  • 2011 – Catimini meets ElefantAsia.  Catimini adopts an elephant who will be giving birth in 2012!
    In partnership with ElefantAsia, association based in Laos whose mission is to protect the Asian elephant.
  • 2012 – Catimini celebrates its anniversary.

Catimini is now 40 but still revels in childhood dreams.

Happy Birthday, Catimini!

Happy Birthday Catimini

Spring 2012 Pre-Order: Catimini

Catimini loves designing clothes that feature bold prints, outrageous colors, and versatile looks. This spring they have wowed their fans again with their spectacular new spring line full of incredible prints, patterns, graphics, colors, and versatile style. Everything But The Princess is proud to offer Catimini’s new spring collection in their 25th year of children’s clothing with us!  This year Catimini will only be available in certain stores as it has recently decreased its presence in other outlets. Everything But The Princess remains one of Catimini’s favorite outlets and will continue to offer their amazing looks and styles. That means if you want to see and purchase the great new looks offered by Catimini you should head over to Everything But The Princess now for a sneak peak at the pre-order selections before they fly off our shelves!

Catimini Spirit Denim Graphic TankCatimini Spirit Denim Graphic Tank *Pre-Order*: This adorable and brightly hued tank is perfect for spring. The bow tied straps add whimsy and spring fun while the flowers and French saying make a graceful and beautiful statement on the front.

Catimini Spirit Denim Turquoise Dot LeggingCatimini Spirit Denim Turquoise Dot Legging *Pre-Order*: These turquoise leggings feature white polka dots and pair excellently with the denim graphic tank for a playful outfit fit for a great day at the park.

Catimini Spirit Denim Tropical Floral Skirt *Preorder*Catimini Spirit Denim Tropical Floral Skirt *Pre-Order*: Catimini is all about versatility that is why so many of their spectacular outfits can mix and match to create new incredible styles. This adorable tropical floral skirt pairs excellently with the denim graphic tank for a fresh spring style!

Catimini Spirit Denim Spirit City Black Tank *Preorder*Catimini Spirit Denim Spirit City Black Tank *Pre-Order*: What girl wouldn’t want to rock a tank with a girl rocker and guitar gracing the front. This bold black tank isn’t just about style it is about girl power! Now your little princess can enjoy wearing her favorite top while making a bold statement at the same time!

Catimini Spirit City Red Polka Dot Twirl Skirt *Preorder*Catimini Spirit City Red Polka Dot Skirt *Pre-Order*: This adorable and rock star quality skirt pairs incredibly with the black city tank. For a bold tough yet beautiful girl look, the two pair together to create a style all about power, fun, and freedom!

Catimini Spirit City Black Polka Dot Cherry Shorts *Preorder*Catimini Spirit City Black Polka Dot Cherry Shorts *Pre-Order*: Feel like pumping in some more classic girl style into your city tank? Pair it with these great new shorts. They have all the femininity and softness that you and your daughter love while still maintaining that fierce look!