Ooh! La La Couture – Get Bella Thorne’s Dress

Ooh! La La Coture and Disney Star Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Getting Her Nails Done at the Party

Bella Thorne, star of Disney’s new hit show “Shake It Up” wore one of Ooh! La La Couture’s Sequin Dresses at a recent party.

She looks absolutely gorgeous in the Ooh! La La Couture Sequin Dress. Sometimes it is hard to imagine what a dress will look like on a fourteen-year old when you see it on a three year old model. Bella shows fans and fashionistas, alike that preteen and teens will look fabulous in Ooh! La La Couture Spring 2011 Pre-orders. Ooh! La La Couture is not just for little girls.

Everything But The Princess has the same dress that Bella Thorne wore in stock. Pick from black, hot pink, and a soft pink. It will look adorable on any princess, no matter what her age is. Where it to parties, special evenings, and even just for fun days out on the town.

Ooh! La La Couture’s Spring 2011 Pre-orders have a little fashion for every type of princess.

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  1. stephanie

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!I love your dress and your show i think your a good acuter and your dancing amazes me i wish i could dance that good butr i can dance a littel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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